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edit my review

Leicester, United...
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edit my review

can i go in and edit a review i have written and if so how do i do it ?

Thanks Dawn Fowler charnwoodgirl

West Grey, Ontario
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1. Re: edit my review

Hi Dawn;

For future reference, the Support Forum is available for general "How To" questions and assistance using the TripAdvisor site.


Once submitted, you can NOT edit your review. You have two options available to you;

1) Leave the review as-is.

2) Ask TA staff to remove your review, correct it, and then re-submit your review, by using this link.


If I may ask...

I don't see a review posted under the user ID "charnwoodgirl". Do you have another TA account ?

Best Regards

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2. Re: edit my review

... moved to TA Support Forum.


TripAdvisor Support Team

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3. Re: edit my review

It would be nice if contributors could edit their reviews. It was just pointed out to me that my last review contains two minor typos. I would like to be able to correct those.

Portland, Oregon
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4. Re: edit my review

Even if the had an easier way to edit a review, (other than deleting and resubmitting) it would still have to go through the vetting process again. And I can see it causing problems with people trying to keep an ongoing commentary about a business instead of a report of an actual visit. Some people do not realize you can submit additional reviews of additional visits to the same business - so they would use editing to try to accomplish that.

On the whole - it would be nicer if it was easier - but it would still have to go through vetting, etc. As it is now - you could write the review on your computer and take as much time as you want to edit it- before submitting it to TA.

Oregon Coast
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5. Re: edit my review

Oh gosh Peter, most readers don't worry about a couple of typos ;-)

You can always write your reviews in your Word program and spell/grammar check it there before pasting it into the review submission form. That method has the added bonus of ensuring that you keep a copy of your reviews in case a computer communication glitch occurs - as they do on occasion.

Dallas, Texas
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6. Re: edit my review

charnwoodgirl-----a misspelled word here and there is not a big issue. Most readers know we are not experts when it comes to typing and posting. While the traditional options have been listed on some replies, there is another and that is to post on another travel site. Some of those sites permit instant editing and you have total control over your postings.

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7. Re: edit my review

I can see that a typo here and there isn't the end of the world, but I would still like to be able to correct them. Ah well, a resubmit it is.

It's a tad ironic that I can edit the post that says I'd like to edit my reviews :)

Edited: 1:59 pm, September 26, 2012
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8. Re: edit my review

I cringe when I see the typos in some of my reviews - they are embarrassing and I want to be able to fix them - it is such an issue that it deters me from writing as many reviews as I might

Vancouver, Canada
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9. Re: edit my review

Mack ~

The easiest option is to prepare your reviews in a Word doc and save them. Run a spellcheck, sleep on it and check them over the next day or two. Then when you're happy submit them.

Except when you're writing on an iPad. Then you need Pages, or similar. Anything that keeps you from submitting directly. On my iPad, I hate it when I forget to tap on the blue highlighted word for the spelling that I want and push the space bar to get something like Ceased salad. It's worth the effort to sleep on them. Words like desert and dessert won't be caught by spellcheck though, those ones need leeetle grey cells. You could even email your review to yourself to deal with when you get home.

Brighton, United...
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10. Re: edit my review

I agree that there should be an option to edit a post.

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