Please read: A note to property and business owners

In order to better serve businesses listed on TripAdvisor, we have a private Owners' forum where hospitality professionals can interact with and help each other, and provide feedback to TripAdvisor.

Please note that general site feedback may be posted in this forum, but questions or complaints about matters that pertain only to your business or property, or feedback that is relevant only to business or property owners, should be posted in the Owners' forum.

If you have registered as an Owner on TripAdvisor, you already have access to Owners' forum. This is how you find it:

1. Make sure you are signed on to your Owner's account

2. Go to the forum home page:

3. Below the green bar that reads "Welcome back <name>" are several quick links - one of them will read "Owner's forum" -- click that

If you have not yet registered with us as an owner or representative, you may do so via this page:

Please note that you will need to verify your owner account to access the Owners' forum or to make changes to your listing, whether you are registering for the first time or you previously registered. For instructions on how to verify your account, please see: ……

Edited: 5:40 pm, January 10, 2012