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Best airline/route from east coast US to Sydney

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Best airline/route from east coast US to Sydney


I'm very early on in planning a trip to Australia,not even sure of timeline yet,just this winter/spring(US). Ive looked at prices,and Im just curious if anyone has any reviews of which airlines/flights give you the most for your money,which are the most comfortable,etc. I would probably fly ot of one of the NYC airports,but could do Boston if prices are favorable. Ive seen layovers in California,which is no big deal,but also saw packages with layovers in UAE,Hong Kong,Thailand,etc. Any tips on these? (IS UAE even safe???)


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1. Re: Best airline/route from east coast US to Sydney

the most direct routes are with qantas (aa), united, delta and virgin australia (delta) thru LAX/SFO. air canada flies direct from vancouver. air new zealand flies via auckland. there is also a qantas flight from DFW to sydney via brisbane. all have there plusses and minuses.

www.airlinequality.com has reviews.

my personal preference is united's economy plus.

"but also saw packages with layovers in UAE,Hong Kong,Thailand,etc."

these are all pretty big detours esp uae. the flight is long enough without adding another 10 hours or so. i have done lax to sydney via seoul (with asiana) and via singapore (sia) but only because of ff points redemptions. unless u want to see a part of asia these long flights are a trial. would not be my normal choice.

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2. Re: Best airline/route from east coast US to Sydney

You can't beat Asiana Airlines - they do give a free hotel in Seoul when your transit time exceeds 8 hrs (must be requested after booking). See their reviews at the airlinequality site.

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3. Re: Best airline/route from east coast US to Sydney

It's such a long trip in my opinion it's best to get there the quickest possible way. Lien's covered the quickest and easiest routes via LAX/SFO. To me the airline I fly on during the overnight 14 hour flight from the us west coast to sydney is the most important - I don't care so much about who I end up on from NY to LAX (whether it be codesharing or otherwise).

My preference is Qantas out of that list. I think their service is better than the others - but if there was a major saving on any of the others, I wouldn't hesitate to go with it if the connection times were decent. You don't want to be hanging around LAX for 8 hours or something adding to your jetlag.

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4. Re: Best airline/route from east coast US to Sydney

We flew V Australia in May 2011. The plane was immaculate, the AVOD was brilliant and while a 13 to 14 hour trip (especially when LAX is involved) will never be memorable - except for the wrong reasons - the V Australia return trip was almost a pleasure.

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5. Re: Best airline/route from east coast US to Sydney

Class of travel?

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6. Re: Best airline/route from east coast US to Sydney

<<<(IS UAE even safe???)>>>>>>>

What????????? You do realise you are talking about Dubai. Home to mega shopping for millions of tourists every year let alone thousands of expat Australians, American and European business people???????

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7. Re: Best airline/route from east coast US to Sydney

Friends who have done this fly from New York (or Boston if cheaper) to LAX and then spend the night there before their next leg. Get some good sleep, have a meal or two and a nice shower and you are then really ready for the next leg instead of arriving Sydney looking like Grendel waiting for Beowulf.

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8. Re: Best airline/route from east coast US to Sydney


I'd say either Emirates from JFK-DXB-SYD or American from JFK-LAX and QF from LAX-SYD on the A380.


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9. Re: Best airline/route from east coast US to Sydney

Don't go via Seoul if you can help it. It added approx 16 extra hours to our round trip just to save a few dollars. Stick to flying via LA which is the shortest and most direct. Everyone swears by Qantas.

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10. Re: Best airline/route from east coast US to Sydney

+1 with Lien re United Airlines.

You will have your own set of criteria which will ultimately determine which airline/airport combo you choose. Is it class of travel, leg room, in flight entertainment, price, connections, baggage allowance or food choices?

Leg room is very important for me hence I choose United's economy plus which is about 5 extra inches of legroom.(can't afford business or PE).

I have flown the SYD - East coast trip (IAD) 4 times in the past few years on United in E+ and cannot really fault them. Prices have always been cheaper or very close to cheapest, and have never missed a connection at either SFO or LAX. I also like United because of the dedicated terminals and ease of transfer in the US and the schedules are good for my trips.

Their trans-Pacific planes are not the latest models but they will get you and your baggage there in 1 piece and mostly on time.

If time is a constraint I would suggest flying direct via West coast of the US. I don't think the trip is particularly onerous in 1 hit and you will arrive in Sydney early in the morning having departed the East coast around 4-5pm 2 days before (you lose a day flying East to West) with 2 or 3 hours in either LAX or SFO (Make any allowances for daylight saving etc)

As I said at the start of this post, determine your most important criteria and go from there re airlines. You will get lots of different opinions which will give you plenty of food for thought.