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Airline Food

Boston, MA
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Airline Food

I don't think the food on most airlines is very good, but for some reason, I enjoy it any way. Then again, I'm easily pleased, having only have ever flown peasant class. It's easy to get cranky while flying. I guess the food is something that lends a little joy otherwise cramped and boring flight.

I was pretty excited to receive a bag of Blue Terra Chips on JetBlue. Paying for a crusty ham sandwich? Not so much.

What airlines have the best food? How about beverages? Is this even important to you?

Detroit, MI
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1. Re: Airline Food

Not important to me. Really, how much can you do with pre-prepared meals, stored for hours little metal carts, cooked in tiny galleys at 39,000 feet?

Boston, MA
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2. Re: Airline Food

I guess it depends on the length of the flight. I know that the less I have to carry on or off the plane the better. If I don't have to stow food, I'm happy.

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3. Re: Airline Food

The best in-flight food is without a doubt Midwest Airlines' baked-onboard chocolate chip cookies! How much more Midwestern can you get--you smell the cookies baking as you snuggle into your oversized leather chairs.

Auckland Region...
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4. Re: Airline Food

I have been relatively happy on Malaysian, Singaporean and British Airways long haul flights food wise. Business Class makes a differece not just in comfort but also what you are served. I also prefer not to eat out of plastic containers and prefer real plates!

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for Coolangatta
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5. Re: Airline Food

hey all.

Im easy to please also.

Cant really say anything has stood out, EXCEPT for a gorgeous vanilla pudding cake thingy with a butterscotch toffee ontop of it with cream and ice cream I received in J class Qantas.Also, their sparkling wine,was very nice indeed.

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6. Re: Airline Food

So why is this topic on the Seat Guru thread? Has nothing at all to do with Seat Guru. Chuck...

Paris, France
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7. Re: Airline Food

Virgin Atlantic grub in monkey class is very good, United is filling but not so tatsy but I like the little boxes that they give you

Surrey UK
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8. Re: Airline Food

I remember about 18 years ago boarding a Thai Airlines 747 at London at midday. The smell of Thai curry wafting from the galley was really enticing.

Unfortunatly they made us wait over an hour while they served us pre lunch drinks. The combination of a large gin n tonic on an empty stomach and the wafts from the galley was overpowering!

Oh, that we could complain about such things these days!

I think attitudes to airline food is an age thing. Those of us who can remember what was served up in the 70s and 80s can appreciate the effort and imagination that goes into what is offered now.

Portland, Oregon
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9. Re: Airline Food

It's all pretty dismal when flying Economy, but is it really worth it to pay business class prices for a few glasses of mediocre champagne? I did learn one thing - never order the seafood entree for breakfast (Asiana Air - an excellent airline, but that breakfast was for the birds!) One of the best things I've had in coach was that pizza snack on Continental - pretty good (guess any airline with a hub in Newark would have to have good pizza!)

Hong Kong, China
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10. Re: Airline Food

Within the States, I usually fly AA in first class for business purpose. The grub there usually isn't very good either, and they tend to be the same thing for an entire week so it's how often can you eat a cheese pasta, or a dried steak, or some chicken salad?

Economy? They serve food in economy? :-)