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Jet2 Disability Discrimination

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Jet2 Disability Discrimination

Travelled from Palma, Mallorca to Manchester on 29/08/2014. Absolutely appalling customer service throughout. During our holiday my 17 year old daughter was involved in an accident and seriously injured her foot, requiring an emergency operation and a stay in hospital in Palma. We received no help from Jet2 and although the resort rep seemed pleasant enough on the phone as a company Jet2 did nothing. We had to arrange our own alternative transfer arrangements as my daughter was too disabled to get on the pre-booked coach transfer. Jet2 were not interested. We were provided with a letter from the surgeon who strongly recommended that my daughter travel with her injured foot elevated but Jet2 informed us that all extra legroom seats were already prebooked and were only available to able bodied passengers anyway because of their location on the plane. It was suggested by Jet2 that my daughter could sit with her injured foot, in staples and cast protruding out into the aisle of the plane! Nice bit of Health and Safety there Jet2! On arrival at Palma airport, the wheelchair (only thing Jet2 promised they would do) was not waiting for us as they promised it would be! Jet2 staff at the airport said they knew nothing about it, so we had to arrange for a wheelchair ourselves directly through the airport services, leaving my poor daughter sitting on a suitcase! Spanish airport staff were fine but the problems recommenced as soon as we were handed back over to Jet2. We were told that because of my daughter's disability she, along with 3 other passengers would be first to board the plane. We were called to the plane but when we reached the aircraft we were unable to board as the cleaners were still working on board. We had to wait ten minutes while they finished their job, by which time the rest of the passengers had been sent down the tunnel to board also! The first air stewardess was extremely surly and unhelpful and totally disregarded my daughter's disability. We were not helped or directed to our seats and after much struggling to get my daughter sat down were informed by another equally unhelpful stewardess that we were in the wrong seats. We then had to struggle to get my daughter out of the seat, to much eye rolling and huffing from the stewardess, who offered no help or concern whatsoever. Meanwhile the rest of the passengers were boarding and it was extremely stressful for my daughter who badly knocked her injured foot in the narrow aisle in her haste to get into her seat. Throughout the journey the stewardesses were extremely offhand and unprofessional. Throughout the flight we were bombarded with loud incoherent messages over the speaker system and the only time the hostesses showed any flicker of interest was when they were peddling their overpriced wares on the trolleys they constantly trundled up and down (Good job by daughter didn't have her leg in the aisle as Jet2 suggested) After an extremely difficult flight my daughter was helped from the plane by very pleasant (non Jet2) Manchester Airport staff, while the stewardesses remained unprofessional, surly and quite sarcastic . My opinion of Jet2? Possibly ok and acceptable if you're an able bodied passenger, don't mind a scruffy plane and have earplugs to block out the dreadful announcements, but if you have a disability you will be treated disrespectfully, made to feel like you're an inconvenience and will not be accommodated on the flight or anywhere else controlled by Jet2. My advice would be to steer clear of this company which discriminates against disabilities and take your custom elsewhere, we certainly will in future.

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1. Re: Jet2 Disability Discrimination

Did you consult your travel insurance whilst you were out there, they may well have looked at alternative flights that could have accommodated you better

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2. Re: Jet2 Disability Discrimination

Did you have travel insurance??

If so did you contact them??

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3. Re: Jet2 Disability Discrimination

Was this a Jet2 Holidays package with flights on the Jet2 airline? If so I'd have hoped for more help from the resort reps than the OP's daughter received.

The procedure in Europe is that special assistance such as wheelchairs is provided by the airport (or a contractor working for the airport) not the airline, but you request it through the airline. Clearly Jet2 back in the UK did know you needed assistance or nobody would have been waiting for you in Manchester.

Whether this message was passed onto Jet2's local handling agents in Palma, and if it was whether they actually did anything about it, like tell the airport, we don't know. Equally they may have told the airport assistance office but that message didn't reach the people on duty that day - that's an unknown too.

There are no Jet2 airline employed staff at Palma Airport - the people on the check-in desks and departure gates are local contracted handling agents who also work for other airlines, and ought to have known about assistance requests. There will also be Jet2 Holidays reps, who genuinely won't know anything about what the airline has arranged for individual passengers, and are just trying to get their charges checked in and then walk round to arrivals to collect a new set of customers. This isn't much help to anyone trying to find someone to help them.

I do agree with previous posters, this type of situation is exactly what travel insurance is designed for, and if the policy covers repatriation (they almost always do) then the insurance company's helpline staff will provide flights that meet the medical requirements the doctors have laid down, in some cases this might involve a specially chartered ambulance flight.

United Kingdom
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4. Re: Jet2 Disability Discrimination

Did the OP and family have travel insurance? I guess not, but we haven't been told.

Would like to hear more from the OP about their travel insurance, or lack thereof.

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5. Re: Jet2 Disability Discrimination

>>> Did you have travel insurance??

If so did you contact them??<<<

I suspect the answer to both questions is no but I hope I'm wrong. My sympathies to the OP and her daughter for this unfortunate incident and I hope she makes hhh a full and speedy recovery. I can't see anything in the rant that suggests any discrimination has taken place though.

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6. Re: Jet2 Disability Discrimination

You seem to have expected or be blaming the airline for an awful lot here. Your travel insurance should have covered you. Your child is your responsibility and it's your responsibility to ensure you have adequate insurance to ensure she and you are adequately catered for in emergencies..

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7. Re: Jet2 Disability Discrimination

You keep referring to the problem as a disability, but it's not - its an injury.

As the others have said. Travel Insurance could have helped you in this situation, but I'm not seeing Jet2's obligation to help you with special seats etc, just because of a doctors note. If you wanted that - you should have booked another ticket (insurance) on a more comfortable and helpful carrier....or waited a while until your daughter was more mobile (insurance) to travel home.

Edinburgh, United...
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8. Re: Jet2 Disability Discrimination

It's not Jet2's responsibility to provide you with free travel insurance. Calling it discrimination is ridiculous and more than a little insulting to people that are actually discriminated against.

Salisbury, United...
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9. Re: Jet2 Disability Discrimination

Having a severely disabled daughter I do take exception to you using the term and referring to disability. Your daughter hurt her foot on holiday and hopefully she is going to make a full recovery. She may have had a temporary injury but she is not disabled. I trust you are able bodied and would have been able to help her.

Just imagine what it is like to have a permanent disability and all the time you are faced with these problems, This is how many people live their lives, it is not easy having to fight for so many things.

If you had adequate insurance this would have addressed many of the problems you had. Why do you think that she should have been treated as someone special? Why did you not buy her an extra seat. It was not Jet2's problem that she hurt her foot.

I'm sorry this sounds harsh but it hits a nerve when someone whinges like this when they are suffering a temporary problem. Next you will be wanting a blue badge. If I was you I would remove this post.

Edited: 4:48 pm, September 04, 2014
United Kingdom
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10. Re: Jet2 Disability Discrimination


I entirely agree with your view.

The on-board sales and the cabin announcements would be the same regardless of whether a pax had an injury or not!

If this had been a case in which I was was the responsible Emergency Medical travel Claims Consultant, on behalf of a wide panel of travel insurers ( a job I've done for almost 27 years) I would have obtained medical reports from the treating hospital abroad.

I would then have ensured that the patient was actually FTF ( fit to fly) and not at risk of DVT due to a lower limb injury. I would have approved and required DVT prophylaxis if there was an elevated risk.

Subject purely to the medical findings and the medical needs and requirements of the pax on their journey home I would probably have arranged wheelchair assistance at both ends of the trip home, an extra legroom seat, or an extra seat for the injured pax, to elevate their leg, and a taxi to the home address in the UK or to the nearest A&E for check X-Rays to ensure that the treatment abroad had been appropriate .

But hey, who could ever possibly need travel insurance?

Travel safe folks...