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Cheapo Air(cheapoair.com) is just that

Dallas, Texas
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Cheapo Air(cheapoair.com) is just that

I booked a flight to San Diego using this aptly named booking service back a few months, thinking I was headed to a class reunion. When I found out that the reunion was cancelled, I tried desperately to reach the company to 1. Either use the ticket to fly to another location, or 2. to obtain a credit or refund. I have never been able to reach the company, having sent repeated emails, made several phone calls( where there was NO answer, and generally experiencing a great deal of frustration.)


Unless you are not needing any customer service response, do not use this website.

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1. Re: Cheapo Air(cheapoair.com) is just that

The warning is in the name of the company Cheap! ! A quick search on here before you parted with your cash would have revealed numerous horror stories.

Edinburgh, United...
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2. Re: Cheapo Air(cheapoair.com) is just that

To be fair, even if you had gotten a hold of them, it is unlikely your ticket would have allowed for a change in destination or a refund.

London, United...
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3. Re: Cheapo Air(cheapoair.com) is just that

Ultimately it could all be moot anyway, because the ticket you bought was very likely non changeable non refundable. You should read the ticket terms and conditions you agreed to at the time Of purchase, But yes. The warnings are out there on this company, they are simply a third party reseller, and a very poor one at that, and far, far from a full service agent.

The clue was in the title.

London, UK
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4. Re: Cheapo Air(cheapoair.com) is just that

But why would you expect exemplary customer service from an outfit that calls itself 'cheapo' anything. The clue is definitely in the name. 'Slightly more expensive but with great customer service travel agents' isn't quite so catchy. But as Lexexpress points out, the cheapest flight tickets are usually non-changeable and non-refundable, whether bought from a shonky online agent or the airline themselves.

Watford, United...
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5. Re: Cheapo Air(cheapoair.com) is just that



But you never saw the warnings yourself CSamSmith. Why would anyone else?

Book with the airline directly for the rescheduled class reunion. Then you can nominate yourself for the 'most improved cabbage for a brain award'.

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