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Lost luggage - Lufthansa in Florence - help needed

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Lost luggage - Lufthansa in Florence - help needed

Please help...if you can...

My daughter, studying in Florence for the semester has had both her bags lost by Lufthansa Airlines. After completing the lost luggage form, she (and I) have been unable to get any help from Lufthansa. It has been 5 days. Repeated calls and emails from her to the Florence Lufthansa representative have gone unanswered. My calls to US Lufthansa have resulted in repeatedly being told that they "can not do anything. It must be handled in Florence." Even after I tell them that 5 days of attempted contact in Florence has resulted in NO response. The only advice given was that she should go to the airport DAILY to check on her bags. (Might be a little difficult and costly for a student)

Does anyone have a suggestion? Is there a different way to contact Lufthansa?

I truly appreciate any help you may be able to provide.

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1. Re: Lost luggage - Lufthansa in Florence - help needed

Luggage is only lost when 21 days have passed.

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2. Re: Lost luggage - Lufthansa in Florence - help needed


You can use that link to trace the luggage online. You'll need the reference number on the list luggage form.

There also should be a phone number on this claim form you should use to call to check status.

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3. Re: Lost luggage - Lufthansa in Florence - help needed

Thanks, tried both. The website just says, "Tracing...". The phone number does not let her talk to a real person.

Do you know of a way to talk to a human at Lufthansa in Florence?

Seattle, Washington
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4. Re: Lost luggage - Lufthansa in Florence - help needed

No, sorry. I am not sure speaking to a person would help; they probably can just access the same information you can. I have read reports of people going to the airport and finding their bags sitting there (wherever they place unclaimed bags).

Maybe your daughter can try that? Personally, I'd give it a few more days. Did you have travel insurance (I hope)?

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5. Re: Lost luggage - Lufthansa in Florence - help needed

My son also traveled to Florence on Lufthansa last year and his luggage was lost. His flight was not direct. He took a smaller plane from Frankfurt to Florence. His luggage along with many students did not make it on that smaller plane for a few days. He never called anyone nor did he track it but his luggage did show up. It was delivered to his school, not his apartment. He studied at FIA and that is where Lufthansa delivered it. Hopefully just a few more days.

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6. Re: Lost luggage - Lufthansa in Florence - help needed

Almost certainly the luggage was not lost by Lufthansa but rather by the airport employees who handle baggage. There is not much that Lufthansa can do until someone at some airport notices that there is luggage in the wrong place and reports this on the international luggage tracking system.

There is no point in harassing Lufthansa: its staff know only what is shown on the tracking system.

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7. Re: Lost luggage - Lufthansa in Florence - help needed

The best advice I can offer is to check the description that they have logged the missing bag as. I am assuming that this was not a direct flight, so imagine for this exercise, that the bags have turned up at an airport with the tags fallen off so nobody knows where they need to go

The tagless bag details are entered into the Baggage Tracing system and then missing bag details are also entered into the system and the computer matches them up and sends possibilities through to Lufthansa to check, this tends to be by bag type - eg BK20WH (if I remember correctly) is a Black trolley back with wheels and handle....it is not going to match with a Blue trolley bag....also if it is a black trolley bag, you can imagine that there are potentially millions of them going through the system every day so more details such as the correct brand help narrow down...if uncertain, do not guess at the brand as, if incorrect, it will hinder matching. You are likely to be waiting on a match to be found through Worldtracer rather than someone physically going hunting

info on Worldtracer http://www.sita.aero/product/worldtracer

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8. Re: Lost luggage - Lufthansa in Florence - help needed

I doubt that there will be an actual Lufthansa person at Florence just a handling company who deals with Lufthansa - there are not enough flights and it is a small airport.

Good luck with the search - i would possibly go back to the airport after a week and see if it has arrived , and ask the lost baggage to send another request .

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9. Re: Lost luggage - Lufthansa in Florence - help needed

Our bags were mislaid (not lost and we had a feeling they would not turn up when we boarded the flight) from Paris to Florence and we were told to go back to the airport to see if the bags had turned up. Also informed it would be quicker doing that than Air France sorting out a courier to our hotel.

We did just that and after 2 days if I recall rightly our bags (along with many, many others) were at Florence airport sitting waiting to be collected. No-one had got in touch with us to say the bags were there and to be honest the staff at the airport were really not interested in the slightest about it all, so perhaps your daughters bags are just sitting waiting hopefully

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