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Possible Ash cloud disruption

Sunderland, United...
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Possible Ash cloud disruption

Going to San Fran very soon and a lot of news is coming through about possible disruptions due to volcanic activity in Iceland, we have booked a flight and hotel via British Airways, if this was cancelled or delayed do we get a full refund.

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1. Re: Possible Ash cloud disruption

Firstly, at the moment there has been no eruption. Apart from scare mongering from the press the Icelandic Authorities have issued this as a warning only. I think this is in part as a reaction to the way they handled the event in 2010.

We are due to travel in September, but until I see news footage of the thing in full eruption it will be business as usual. Check your travel insurance policy with regards to natural disasters, and keep your fingers crossed.

Liverpool, UK
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2. Re: Possible Ash cloud disruption

I'm due to fly in October and an not worried about any eruption as it's outside my control. In addition to any possible coverage by your travel insurance then your flights from the EU are covered by EU Regs 261/2004 in the event of delay/cancellation.

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3. Re: Possible Ash cloud disruption

Well, nobody knows when it is going to erupt (bound to eventually but might be ages away), how violently it will erupt, how long it will take to melt the glacier that it's underneath, and what sort of material will come out into the atmosphere when it does.Then there's a question of which directions the wind is blowing at different heights.

Until all this is known nobody can predict what effect it will have on flights. More is known about the effect of volcanic ash on aircraft than in 2010 though so airspace closures are likely to cover smaller areas and for less time.

As to whether you'll get a full refund, that depends on what exactly you booked and the conditions attached.

Dis you book an actual holiday through British Airways Holidays, or choose to add a hotel booking to a flight booking made on the BA website?

Edited to add - as it's BA the EC261/2004 regulation covers you for flight delays and cancellations in both directions.

Edited: 3:15 pm, August 20, 2014
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4. Re: Possible Ash cloud disruption

If your on twitter follow @subglacial he is working/studying the events and tweeting from the scene plus input from experts. Latest professional opinion and not scaremongering like the press

Sunderland, United...
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5. Re: Possible Ash cloud disruption

I booked the hotel and flight with BA at the same time @andyw33,

Sunderland, United...
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6. Re: Possible Ash cloud disruption

Now following @subglacial on twitter very interesting adrob86

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7. Re: Possible Ash cloud disruption

Yeah I'm not into that kind of thing normally but looking at his tweets frequently. Think you will be best served listening to him more than bbc/sky as the reports from them today were very much worst case scenario

Salisbury, United...
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8. Re: Possible Ash cloud disruption

The media seem to be doing a good job of painting a bleak picture. No one knows what will happen so why worry, there is absolutely nothing anyone can do. What wil happen will happen. It's nature.

I'm not too sure what anyone can say, so I find these posts odd.

Phoenix, AZ
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9. Re: Possible Ash cloud disruption

I need to start booking flights over Iceland. Last time, I missed the ash cloud by a day, while others in our group were stranded for two weeks. Think that I'll book Paris, so when stranded, I will just kick back and enjoy - though I might be visiting a laundry during the time...

Thanks for the H/U


San Francisco...
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10. Re: Possible Ash cloud disruption

Being stranded in Paris doing laundry isn't going to be terrible at all.

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