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under 2s on Thomson long haul flights

Derby, United...
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under 2s on Thomson long haul flights

Our granddaughter is 21 months old? & will be travelling with us to Orlando. Will she be served any food or drink

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1. Re: under 2s on Thomson long haul flights

Usually in my pretty extensive experience toddlers aren't served any food unless you have booked them their own seat.

Be prepared to share or come prepared.

Also consider how you are actually going to eat if your grandchild is travelling as a lap child. With them on your knee, you won't be able to bring your tray table down so expect to have to eat in shifts and discuss this with the cabin crew in advance.

Leyland, United...
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2. Re: under 2s on Thomson long haul flights

Meals are not provided for infants, unless you've paid for her to have her own seat. Depending on when you're travelling drinks may be complimentary (from November) but if it's before then you can buy drinks on board, or air side at the airport.

Derby, United...
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3. Re: under 2s on Thomson long haul flights

Thank you...not thought about when we eat lol...think that can be the parents problem :-)

Watford, United...
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4. Re: under 2s on Thomson long haul flights

Always take food on board for an under two year old... Something that they enjoy and are comfortable with. Anything that will make the journey as smooth and comfortable as possible for her and you.

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5. Re: under 2s on Thomson long haul flights

MrMarcoos--using words like smooth and comfortable when taking a 21 month old as a lap child is oxymoronic.

dutchess---rethink getting her a seat. It is not only more comfortable for EVERYONE, including her and the people in front of you ( whose seat you have to make sure she doesn't kick and who may just decide to lower their seat meaning the person behind them no longer has an accessible lap! ) BUT, more importantly it is much much much safer. If G-d forbid, there is severe turbulence you will not be able to hold the child securely.

Salisbury, United...
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6. Re: under 2s on Thomson long haul flights

Have you tried sitting with a 21 month old on your lap for 8+ hours? Try putting 2 dining chairs in front of a wall and then get you grand daughter to sit on your lap for a length of time. Try eating, drinking and swapping her around. Not easy, in fact pretty awful.

Good luck!

Derby, United...
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7. Re: under 2s on Thomson long haul flights

Well I went on the plane with my granddaughter & I needn't have worried about the replies I got telling me it was going to be nightmare. No she didn't get a meal (which was the question i asked) but as regards the flight it was lovely both ways. We went to Florida on the Dreamliner & she could sit on my knee with the laptable down no trouble. Probably wouldn't have been so lucky on a standard plane though? There were spare seats so she was able to sleep on one. Thomson flight from EMA was brilliant with accommodating cabin crew who made our flight perfect ... Thanks Thomson!!

Phoenix, AZ
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8. Re: under 2s on Thomson long haul flights

Thank you for reporting a good trip.

While I would probably have gone with the extra seat, I am glad that things did go smoothly for you - you are a better person, than I am.

Fly safely,


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9. Re: under 2s on Thomson long haul flights

Thanks for taking the trouble to report back, not many do.


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