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Cape May, New Jersey
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Just curious. Anyone cancelling flights / holidays to Africa?

Sydney, Australia
Destination Expert
for Train Travel
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1. Re: Africa

If you are referring to the Ebola outbreak, I don't think that Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are major tourist destinations. There is no reason to avoid the entire continent.

Cala d'Or, Spain
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2. Re: Africa

I don't have flights booked to Africa, if I did, I would take a sensible view and would not travel to an infected area, which leaves 99% of the continent free of the disease.

Portland, Oregon
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for Air Travel
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3. Re: Africa

Africa is a (huge) CONTINENT. There are plenty of countries in Africa unaffected by the Ebola outbreak and other issues.

It's like saying "anyone cancelling flights / holidays to Europe" because of the Ukraine situation, or "anyone cancelling flights / holidays to Asia" because of a bird flu outbreak in Hong Kong or threatening words from Kim Jong Un ..... or .... "Anyone cancelling flights / holidays to AMERICA" because of drug wars in central American countries.

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London, United...
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4. Re: Africa

Where in Africa? As usbt says Africa is huge. From egyot to Nigeria to Mauritius to Cape Verde. You need to narrow down your question .where are you going and why are you asking?

Greater Sydney...
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5. Re: Africa

I did.

But that was 3 years ago due to ill health. :)

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6. Re: Africa

Ebola is not the only disease in Africa that could ruin your holiday.Wherever you go it pays to take precautions.

Cape May, New Jersey
posts: 1,232
reviews: 36
7. Re: Africa

Only curious as to effect on travelers opinions.

Lewes, United...
Destination Expert
for Road Trips
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8. Re: Africa

If Ebola is your concern, then you ought to be concerned about visiting every single destination outside of Africa where you can get a non stop flight from the countries that are affected by Ebola! This would include quite a lot of the rest of the world, too, including USA!

One traveller's opinion is likely to be different to the next. How would that help? Or am I missing something here?


Calgary, Canada
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9. Re: Africa

I am not cancelling anything.

DH and I are going to Hungary (borders the Ukraine) and meeting his parents (who fly out of JHB international, an African hub of sorts) there, in September.

I feel a teeny-tiny frisson of trepidation ;)

I lived in Southern Africa for 32 years, but very little could compel me to visit West or North Africa - no matter what was going on.

Dearborn, Michigan
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10. Re: Africa

Will the airlines take any extra precautions if they have connecting flights with those countries affected by Ebola such as sterilization of the bathrooms, trays and arm rests? Just wondering...