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Air New Zealand car seat width 777-200

Brisbane, Australia
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Air New Zealand car seat width 777-200

Travelling Brisbane to Vancouver next week with Air New Zealand on a 777-200. We have a 2 year old who has never slept anywhere but her crib or a car seat. We want to bring a car seat with us as the flight is overnight and the hope is that she will sleep most of the way. Problem is that Air New Zealand has very specific dimensions that the car seat must be, 43 cm (17 inches) wide and 65 cm high max. I have searched far and wide and am almost positive that a seat of this width does not exist in Australia. Booster seats are not allowed. The seat we have is only 2 cm's wider.

I've called Air New Zealand a couple of times, each time the person on the other end recites what I have in front of me on the internet. No idea weather there is any flexibility with size.

I have looked into the Cares harness which is an option but I'm really not sure if she will sleep in it, plus 110 dollars for a harness seems a bit excessive.

Has anyone else had any experience with this? Seems uncommon for anyone to take a car seat with them on the plane but makes perfect sense to me if you have a toddler who is pretty hard to control at the best of times but settles well in the car seat not to mention safety issues. I don't even see how we will keep the lap seat belt on her if we don't have the car seat, she will figure out how to unlatch it in about 2 seconds then be climbing on my head!

As far as I can tell at this point, Air New Zealand has a policy that says you are welcome to bring a car seat on board as long as you can find one with dimensions that don't exist.

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1. Re: Air New Zealand car seat width 777-200

I don't have personal experience with this but I know on some ANZ planes the arm rest does not rise fully, so 2 cm may be hugely significant in terms of getting the car seat installed and then getting the arm rest down again.

Looking at the video of installing a car seat on an airplane seat on this site (http://www.faa.gov/passengers/fly_children/) I'm picturing the contortions required if you don't happen to be at the first row of seats. How does someone with a seat in front of them (now behind their backside) put their knee into the car seat and fiddle about with the plane seat seat belt. Also for safety and evacuation reasons I wonder if it would have to be installed on a window seat (further increasing the gymnastics required)?

Hopefully someone has done this and will be able to help.

Brisbane, Australia
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2. Re: Air New Zealand car seat width 777-200

The arm rests will fully retract from what I understand, not sure if they will be able to go back down though if over this size. I'm sure this is the limiting factor. We'll be in the seat beside but I guess it's a question of how strict they are that the armrest must be down. Not a criticism of air new zealand, size of the seats are obviously dictating their policy

Auckland, New...
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3. Re: Air New Zealand car seat width 777-200

The maxi-cosi axiss fits your size requirement (63x42.5cm). I am not sure about availability in Australia however.

Brisbane, Australia
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4. Re: Air New Zealand car seat width 777-200

Thanks so much for that, I'll look into the availability over here. Cheers

Edinburgh, United...
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5. Re: Air New Zealand car seat width 777-200

I thought the axiss is the one that spins 90 degrees to make it easier to get the child in and out. If so, it's a pretty chunky piece of kit as that's what I've got in my car.

We bought a britax eclipse for my wife's car which we used on a Thomson charter flight in Europe. That fitted easily and made such a huge difference. I'm not sure how the away dimensions on Thomson compare to NZ but it was a pretty cramped journey as thomsons aren't exactly generous with space.

I do remember it being a huge pain trying to find a seat that worked with the dimensions on the Thomson website and anybody I spoke to at the company seemed pretty clueless about it. From memory, the Britax prince also would have worked.

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6. Re: Air New Zealand car seat width 777-200

Hi. The Britax Eclipse is aircraft approved :-)

Brisbane, Australia
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7. Re: Air New Zealand car seat width 777-200

Thanks for that, from what I can tell both are over the 42 cm width requirement. The only one I have found which seams to be under is called a Combi Coccoro which isn't readily available in Australia. Just going to take the car seat we have and see what happens. If it's an issue we'll just check it and go without. I'll re-post afterwards with our experience in case it helps anyone else in the future.

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8. Re: Air New Zealand car seat width 777-200

Yes please post how it goes! I am worried about this same thing for an upcoming trip :(

Brisbane, Australia
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9. Re: Air New Zealand car seat width 777-200

I ended up finding a used one that was very narrow. It was an older safe n sound compaq, not sure if it is sold outside of Australia. I only bought it for the plane as I had a better one already there for the car. No problem at all getting the seat on the plane. Our daughter still didn't settle very well so in our case I'm not sure if it would have been better without. It was a pain to carry the seat around when we were off the plane as expected. Flying back next week so we are going to try it again. They didn't have any full cream milk on the plane and no way to warm milk quickly so we weren't as prepared as we should have been. Also the last couple times we flew air newzealand let us keep our pram on the plane but wouldn't this time so was a huge pain in transit and immigration at vancouver. Buying a cheap umbrella one for return leg. Good luck!

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