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Toronto airport conection and security

Ottawa, Canada
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Toronto airport conection and security

Anyone know why when you arrive in toronto from intnl flight and need to connect to domestic flight it is configured such that you must exit secure area after customs and immigration then must pass through security again, often very very lenghty lines making for potentially tight connections? maybe I'm missing something, but wouldnt it make more sense to have the option of remaining in secure area after cutoms in order to avoid the delays of passsing through security again. Just saying...

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Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: Toronto airport conection and security

The problem is probably partly due to the fact that a lot of terminals were built well before the current security procedures were in place and it's a question of where they can physically locate the security desks.

Ottawa, Canada
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2. Re: Toronto airport conection and security

actually, this is all within the brand new terminal building (teminal 1)which has both intnl and domestic flights built a few years ago. Strange, most other airports I have been to do not have this problem.

Portland, Oregon
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3. Re: Toronto airport conection and security

It's standard practice that if you arrive from another country and then fly onward, that you must clear security that meets the standard of your onward (local) departing country. That's not Toronto specific, or Canada specific, but it applies everywhere. Even if you are doing an INTL-INTL connection and not clearing immigration/customs, you would still need to clear local (in this case CATSA) security at the connecting airport.

The fact that you have to reclear security alongside YYZ originating passengers is an airport issue. You generally don't have that issue at YVR where there is a separate security channel for transit pax. Similarly, in the US, you have dedicated transit security at places like Seatlle, but not Chicago or SFO.

The only cases I know where this (having to reclear security when connecting from an INTL flight) is not the case is in Europe where some EU countries recognize the security screening procedures of other EU/EEA/EFTA countries as meeting their standards, so removing the need for the additional screening for flights inbound from those other countries.

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4. Re: Toronto airport conection and security

I can't think of many airports anywhere where you arrive from outside the country and they don't insist on you going through their security before letting you on a flight to somewhere else, whether that's domestic or another international flight.

To give you an idea why, earlier this month security at London Heathrow doing exactly what you're complaining about in Toronto discovered one connecting passenger with a handgun and another with a large knife in their carry-on baggage, off the same flight. The passengers had successfully passed through security in the USA in order to arrive at LHR. No country is going to trust the security standards of another totally, since they are going to be blamed if an incident happens on the connecting flight.

It may be that at Toronto they don't provide a separate security scan area for passengers connecting onto domestic flights, but dump them out into the open area of the terminal, other airports I know do provide this facility when there are lots of connections available.

Fredericton, Canada
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5. Re: Toronto airport conection and security

Yes, you will need to go through customs and then collect your checked bags, then put them on the "connections" conveyer belt and go through security again to your domestic flight gate. (At least one time we were directed upstairs to a different security area that is smaller and was much quicker than the main security at Pearson.) It's all very clearly marked and the stations are laid out logically one after another. Pearson is one of the easiest airports I've ever navigated.

Ottawa, Canada
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6. Re: Toronto airport conection and security

makes sense that one country would not want to give up on security matters, just seems that of all of the airports ive connected through in euro (e.g. munich, frankfurt, london, paris, amsterdam, etc) seems much more seamless, .. maybe just my imagination or caught them on good days... lol...oh well better safe than sorry.

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