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Carry on question

Toronto, Canada
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Carry on question

Hi, I have a quick question with regards to carry on. I'm flying via KLM from Toronto to AMS to Kili. KLM has a carry on weight restriction for my flights of 26.5lbs as well as a size restriction. I have two bags, one with my clothes which meets the size restriction and one with my camera gear which is much smaller than the size restriction. My combined weight though is 30lbs.

I'm doing online check in and will be printing my passes. Is there some point at which someone will check if my bags meet the carry on requirements or will they only do so once I try to board the plane if I look really over? What happens at that point, do they check the bags? I'd like to do just carry one if I can but will do check in if absolutely necessary.

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Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: Carry on question

If you have no checked bags and complete OLCI then the only place you'll encounter a check on your bags is at the gate - in most cases this is a size check as I can't recall seeing scales at the gate area.

If you are caught then they could ask you to check one of the bags.

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Toronto, Canada
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2. Re: Carry on question

Is this done just prior to boarding? How would I then check the bag? Do I have to go back out and check it or just hand it to them?

My main bag fits their carry on exactly, 10 x 14 x 21.5 and my backpack camera bag is 11 x 8 x 18.50. Do you think I'm cutting it too close and won't be able to get both as carry on? I figured I could put the clothing bag in the overhead and the backpack under my seat.

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3. Re: Carry on question

When I flew KLM AMS to Nairobi last year with only a carry on they were doing the size check post security at the gate, not the weight check.

On the way home, they did weigh everything in DAR, but I was checking my bag anyway so it didn't matter.

I didn't witness anyone having to gate check their bags so I can't speak to that procedure.

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for Cape Town
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4. Re: Carry on question

I really think you should abide by the regulations. Please consider the other passengers who will also have carry-on bags. If you and a good few others decide their need is more important then the overhead bins will be full and others will have nowhere to place their bags. The restrictions are there for a reason !

From your own point of view, extra weight costs airlines money so they are all becoming far more weight/size particular and whilst you might get away with it, there is every chance you will have to check one bag and charged a hefty fee for it.

newcastle upon tyne
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5. Re: Carry on question

Why does the OP want to take on board more than the permitted baggage weight ?, Why not check some luggage in like most people do ?

Is there any point an airline stating a maximum carry-on baggage weight if people just ignore it ?

Toronto, Canada
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6. Re: Carry on question

The reason I want to just do carry on is because once I arrive in Kili I have a long way to go and am trying to save some time even if it's 30-40min only.

I'm not trying to get away with anything. I'm simply trying to determine if KLM is very strict or flexible. If they are flexible with their carry on requirements then your whole argument goes out the window because otherwise they would be strict about it. I wouldn't be taking up two bins because one bag would be under my seat. I'm not trying to take anything away from someone else.

Like I said if I have to check my bags that's fine but I would rather not if I have that option being slightly over the weight restriction. Right now I did a repack and am down to 29lbs which is 3 over the limit.

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Leyland, United...
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for Playa Blanca
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7. Re: Carry on question

I'm can never understand why people ask if airlines or strict, or is it ok to be overweight. No, it's not ok. Stick to the rules like other people do, and stop trying to buck the system.

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for Israel
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8. Re: Carry on question

They may be very very lenient today and tomorrow they may decide to be strict. You can't ignore the rules on the basis of leniency or strictness. You have to follow the rules and then we won't see you back here with a rant.

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9. Re: Carry on question

Are you not allowed one carry on and one personal item like in the USA? The camera gear, if it is as small as you say, would be your personal item.

Wales, United...
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10. Re: Carry on question

Just follow the rules. It doesn't matter what has happened to anyone else. For every 5 people who say they have had overweight luggage, you'll probably get another 5 who were charged or checked. It won't help you if you are one of the latter to say 'but so and so said you were flexible on an internet forum!

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