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Virgin Australia

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Virgin Australia

Hi, I will be travelling on Virgin Australia from Auckland to LAX (with a transit in Brisbane) in November. On Tripadvisor, Yelp and Facebook most of the reviews about VA seem to be negative.

I was just wondering if anyone has had any positive experiences flying this airline, I am now very nervous to fly with them!

Thanks in advance :)

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1. Re: Virgin Australia


Brisbane, Australia
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2. Re: Virgin Australia

Flew with Virgin Australia MEL - LAX, I have not one bad thing to say about them!

I had done that leg with qantas previously and much prefer Virgin for better service, in-flight entertainment and they allow you to take 2x23kg luggage each.

Flights were on time, food was fine, they have self serve snack zones on the plane with potato chips and nut mixes.

We flew economy. I had read really bad reviews about uncomfortable seats so was a bit worried pre-flight myself, but the seats were fine!

On the way there we had only our Ian seats, but on the way home on the overnight flight we were lucky to have a row of seats to ourselves so I laid down and slept most of the flight.

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3. Re: Virgin Australia

I have read these too - thanks.

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4. Re: Virgin Australia

AnneAus, thank you for your reply. Hopefully we have a positive experience as you did!

Was the baggage allowance on your flight 2 x 23kg checked bags??

Melbourne, Australia
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5. Re: Virgin Australia

I don't have first-hand experience of their international service but also have read what seems like a disproportionate number of negative reviews. You need to remember though, that people are more likely to come online & post about negative experiences than aboit positive ones. Pretty much all airlines will have someone who has had a negative experience so don't be surprised!

Virgin Australia have always had a focus on providing good passenger service, particularly on their very comprehensive domestic services. They're currently still in a bit if a transformation phase from being a budget carrier to a sort of hybrid domestically between budget and full service. The international service I imagine should be just like any regular full service airline.

Remember too that you're dealing with an Australian airline, as opposed to one based in Panama, Mali or Nigeria.... my point being that if you do have an issue, you should have recourse to numerous channels through which you can try and have your problem sorted (their head office address actually exists!), plus they are subject to Australian safety standards.

So basically I wouldn't worry too much, go in with a positive frame of mind, especially if you managed to get a good price for your tickets. There are probably far more complaints here about airlines like United and Emirates, who by all accounts don't seem to take complaints and feedback very easily.

Last of all you can always check out Skytrax for a (slightly) less skewed account of each airline's service.

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6. Re: Virgin Australia

On Tripadvisor, Yelp and Facebook most of the reviews about VA seem to be negative.


That is because people are more likely to post a review if things haven't gone particularly well. If a flight is a non event and goes to plan folk tend not to review.

Don't overthink things. Don't listen and worry about everything you read. People are different, people exaggerate, people embellish. People have different expectations.

Relax and enjoy your flight.

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7. Re: Virgin Australia

Robol, thank you for your reply. Yes, you are probably right about most people going online to post negative reviews rather than positive ones!

We will definitely go in with a positive frame of mind and hopefully we will have a positive experience.

Thanks for the reference to Skytrax, I will check this out.

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8. Re: Virgin Australia

Thanks MrMarcoos, yes I suppose you are right. We are not picky people but do hope for a decent experience. We will definitely try to relax and enjoy our flight, Thanks!

Phoenix, AZ
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9. Re: Virgin Australia


<<Robol, thank you for your reply. Yes, you are probably right about most people going online to post negative reviews rather than positive ones!>>

Just an example of this - AnneAUS, who posted of a positive experience with the airline, above, had not posted of her experiences on the airline with similar route before she replied to you. I am another example, in that we flew SFO-SYD-LAX last July, but on UA, and had a great experience - but other than to comment in two threads about UA and West Coast, USA flights to SYD, also did not post of our lovely flights. Since TA does not have an Airline Discussion/Rating Forum, one needs to sort of filter through the responses that a Search might bring up - same for most sites, and even ones that do focus a bit more on airline ratings. It's almost too bad that TA does not have an Airline Review area, like they do for restaurants, hotels/resorts and attractions, but one would still have to filter. Taking the last two years, we have had about 190 flights, and all but a very small handful have been on UA. I have had reason to be a bit porky on perhaps 3, and even then, the issues were really tiny, though they did affect me. In that time, there have probably been 50 "United Worst Airline on Earth - Do Not Fly!" Maybe even more. Were those folk wrong? I hardly think so, BUT they were more vocal, and that's all.

I hope that your experience goes as nicely as AnneAUS, and wish that I could help you directly, but we fly UA to/from SYD, so I'm no help at all.

Travel safely,


Down Under
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10. Re: Virgin Australia

We have used them a few times and will again on our next trip to the US.in a few months time.

Never had a problem and much prefer VA to Qantas .

I don't think you will have any problems at all.

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