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Liquids in hand baggage

Leeds, United...
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Liquids in hand baggage

Can i use a urine sample bottle to squeeze some sun cream in to to take in my my hand luggage. They are small and i can get loads for free i don't have any other tiny bottles and i don't want to have to buy any. Also if a put some free sample moisturiser sachets in my hand luggage will it be confiscated i know they are funny about liquids these days and its 9 years since i last flew.We are only going from Leeds to Belfast

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Leyland, United...
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1. Re: Liquids in hand baggage

Moisturiser is a liquid, whether in a sachet or otherwise so it will have to go in your liquids bag. You can use whatever bottles/jars you like as long as they're no more than 100ml. They also have to go in your liquids bag. Sealable clear bag max size 20 x 20 cm and no more than 1 litre in total in the bag.

Singapore, Singapore
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2. Re: Liquids in hand baggage

The rule is 100ml max for the container, and they must fit in a transparent resealable bag of not more than 1 litre capacity, 1 bag per passenger.

In the USA, it is known as the TSA 3-1-1 rule: 3.4 ounce, 1 quart, 1bag

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Miami Beach, Florida
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3. Re: Liquids in hand baggage

From the US, any bottle 3.2 oz or less in a one quart clear ziplok bag, no problem. Other countries have different rules. The Cubans once let us carry on a gallon jug of water!

Cape May, New Jersey
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4. Re: Liquids in hand baggage

Sachets? Are these like wipes? Then it's not liquid. If you can pour it, it's a liquid.

London, United...
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5. Re: Liquids in hand baggage

No a sachet is a little square which contains the fluid, you get then free as samples at make up counters,,that sort of thing,

Cape May, New Jersey
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6. Re: Liquids in hand baggage

Right. We call them 'wipes.'

San Diego
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7. Re: Liquids in hand baggage

Wipes don't have to go into the liquid bag. They don't pour so they are not "liquid".

I have wipes for hand cleansing and mosquito repelling.

Phoenix, AZ
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8. Re: Liquids in hand baggage

If you do use the urine sample bottles, just make sure that they are new and unused.


Yorktown, Virginia
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9. Re: Liquids in hand baggage

Also be sure those urine sample bottles are small enough (no more than 100ml.) and that all will fit into the one liter bag. I haven't seen urine sample bottles that small here in the US, such that several would all fit easily into that small plastic bag - but then I haven't been looking at a lot of urine sample bottles!

Vancouver, Canada
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10. Re: Liquids in hand baggage

If your C&S containers are like ours in Canada then they are quite sturdy plastic and have lids that seal quite well: mysynergylab.com/uploads/…SterileUrineCup.jpg They hold 60 mL and can be used for all sorts of specimen collection.

I've taken liquids through Security using these containers and no one has commented.

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