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China southern !!

Banbury, United...
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China southern !!

Flew to Phuket via China ! Flight was cancelled twice 2 weeks before holiday so had to fly a day later ! All ok !! Airport at China was bad Guangzhou ! I was asked if o wanted to return a day later i said no as i had to work on the Monday !

So got to Phuket airport ! Checked suitcase ! Got boarding pass etc ! Waiting to go through immagration when a guy had a sign with my flight number on it ! We all got told after an hr that we were to sent to a hotel in Phuket for 4 hrs as the Airport shuts at 2am and my flight had been de

Ayed for 7 hrs with NO explenation ! Got nack to airport ! Told not to worty about conne ting flight to London from China as we would get it !!

Landed in China NO flight cancelled due to "bad weather " it was sunny very hot no wind ! Blatant lie ! Was told next flight 0930 monday morning ! It was 11am sunday ! Argued that i had to get home as you do and was offered a flight to Paris then Air France to London to get to Heathrow at 11am Monday morning ! Took that offer and was put on a mini bus to a hotel near the airport with a £4 meal allowance ! Hotel was kinda ok ! Air con not working ! No water ! Ate a plate of western rice ! Slept a bit had to pay on credit card for some water £2 a bottle and brought some for another couple with me i met at airport in same position ! Staff were horrible ! Got nack to airport 12 hrs later flew to Paris then to london ! Was told by many people China Southern cancel flights alot without giving any reason or information as to why ! Crap airline ! Even crappier staff and a real bad experience ! I will NEVER fly with them again and i will tell anyone who suggests them ! not to !! I also got very very bad food poisoning from that plate of rice i ate at the hj grand hotel ! Was sick 4 times on plane and very bad diarrehea and when i asked for water from air hostess was given a very small amount and had to keep asking for more !! Jesus an average adult should drink 2 litres a day ! Had to keep waking the hostesses up to get a drink ! Very very bad service

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Cala d'Or, Spain
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1. Re: China southern !!

Pay a bit extra next time and use a decent airline.

Houston, Texas
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2. Re: China southern !!

Weather! at the location! can have nothing! to do with the fact that the flight! is delayed by weather!

Nowy Sacz, Poland
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3. Re: China southern !!

And does this! terrible! EXPERIENCE also account! for your excessive! use of the exclamation mark?????!!!

Just taking one point - bad weather is not necessarily at the point of departure - it can be anywhere along the route. You don't want to fly into a tornado 2 hours af6ter take off!

Milford, Ohio
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4. Re: China southern !!

#3 - you! said! whatI I! was! thinking......!!!!

Houston, Texas
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5. Re: China southern !!

" it can be anywhere along the route." - or where the plane was flying to/from 20 hours ago.

Silly things... they don't keep still!!

Edited because I forgot the obligatory !!!

Edited: 9:24 am, June 10, 2014
tucson, az
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6. Re: China southern !!

On a more serious note, there is no way you can know for sure that your gastric issues had anything to do with the western rice; food poisoning can take days if not weeks to manifest itself.

Oh, and !!!! because I am supposed to?

Hong Kong, China
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7. Re: China southern !!

Jeez, you like the exclamation mark, don't you.

Most Chinese airlines are crap. While your story is unfortunate, I'm not surprised.

Next time fly a good Asian airline-- Cathay, Singapore, Thai etc

London, United...
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8. Re: China southern !!

I'm sorry, I could not make my way through it, I was seriously distracted by all the exclamation marks. Usually I can persevere quite well, but this one did for me. I had two shots at it, but still couldn't make it. Sorry.

Banbury, United...
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9. Re: China southern !!

I hear you loud and clear ! I usually fly Qatar ! Just letting others know about China Southern

Banbury, United...
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10. Re: China southern !!


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