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Taking food through Customs

Cambridge, United...
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Taking food through Customs

Hi Can anyone tell me what I can take through customs foodwise. As we are on as tight budget this year, I want to make some sandwiches at home and take them through customs with maybe some crisps and fruit (apple, etc). I know you can't take through liquids which is not a problem but we usually buy sandwich at duty free once through securiity/customs but as i say on a budget so just wanted to check

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1. Re: Taking food through Customs

If you are talking about when you are leaving the UK, then you really do not have too many things that are not allowed, Sandwiches/crisps etc are no problem when leaving the UK.

If you are talking about coming back into the UK then you should look at the website as the list is long.

Same deal if you are talking about taking food into another country.

London, United...
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2. Re: Taking food through Customs

Although the liquid rule also applies to gels and pastes, if it's in a sandwich, it's fine, I don't think there is anything you can't take through in terms if sandwiches, fruit or crisps, biscuits, snack bars, chocolates etc.

Just make sure it's not stuff that goes really smelly ,,like egg, strong cheeses, garlic, fishy stuff,,,out of respect of your fellow travellers.

Some things are weirdly smelly when you don't expect it,,,for example my husband likes those pea nuts in a shell with paprika on or whatever and eats them at the cinema. The smell seriously turns my stomach every time. Eugh:-((

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3. Re: Taking food through Customs

Customs is when you enter a country, not leave it. So no customs issues on exiting the UK.

So if you are talking about what you can take through security, then nothing that's liquid or jel like, let's say for example a jar of peanut butter or jam or a container of margarine. That could go in your checked luggage if you have any, the issue is with stuff you carry on the plane yourself,ie hand baggage. Anything that's in a home made sandwich would be fine though you'll have the problem of keeping it cool for potentially many hours.

One tip with that is to make them up the evening before and put them in your freezer. Take them out just before you leave for the airport. Then by the time you are on the plane they should have thawed. If you are flying on a charter or the likes of Ryanair or Easyjet you'll see lots of people who brought their own sandwiches.

Upon entering a country it depends which one. But if it's sane hitches to eat on the plane only it doesn't matter and in Europe there aren't any restrictions you are likely to hit.

Liverpool, UK
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4. Re: Taking food through Customs

You shouldn't have any issues taking food through security on departure (no customs involvement) but be aware that you'll need to eat it or dispose of it before you arrive at your destination as customs regulations in some countries can be very strict.

Cambridge, United...
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5. Re: Taking food through Customs

LOL - thanks for your help! No i was not thinking of eggs, prob just beef or ham, maybe mild cheese (depending on weather on day!)

Thanks also for the tip about freezing the day before joeintheuk; had just been thinking about a fold down cool bag but your idea sounds good. We may well end up eating them in the airport anywaty as OH has 'up and down' appetite!!

Lytham St Anne's...
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6. Re: Taking food through Customs

Don`t put sandwiches in the freezer.

There is NOTHING worse than cold sandwiches . I hate buying sandwiches from a chiller. I always have to leave them to warm up.

Make them at the last minute before leaving home. !

Have no worries about taking them through security.


Cambridge, United...
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7. Re: Taking food through Customs

Thanks Graham am going to have a chat to OH as I've feeling he won't want 'warm' sandwiches on day!! Probably depends on weather - we are flying early afternoon on 30th June). I would be making 3-4 housrs before flight (taking into account journey to and time at airport).

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8. Re: Taking food through Customs

There is NOTHING worse than cold sandwiches


Au contraire, there are many things worse than cold sandwiches. Being eaten by a lion for example.

However, if you dont have a lion handy, you can let the sandwiches warm up to the optimum temperature for you, its hardly rocket science.

Berkshire, England
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9. Re: Taking food through Customs

We take individually wrapped mini cheeses, some Melba toasts, individually wrapped cake bars (Mr Kipling does them), mini cheddars, crisps and shortcake biscuits! We pack them in a Tupperware type box.

London, United...
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10. Re: Taking food through Customs

I will second joe on this, being eaten by a lion would , in my humble opinion, be worse than eating a cold sandwich.

As such, motion passed. It's now officially worse.:-))

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