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premium econ

Hobart Tasmania
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premium econ

Off to the UK mid July. BA Sydney to Heathrow. Via Hong Kong. Is premium economy worth the extra and what was your experience of it? Thanks in advance.

New York City, New...
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1. Re: premium econ

Read the benefits. Decide how much you'd paid for those benefits. Is that more than what the airline are asking? If yes, it's worth it. If no, then it isn't.

Not sure why people bother asking if something is worth it.

London, United...
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2. Re: premium econ

You get this is a subjective question, right? That it will be worth it to some, and not to others? The fact if was worth it to someone else, does not mean it's also worth it to you,,,everything from your physical ability to deal with economy long haul through to your financial situation could and will probably be very different.

On top of this, one persons experience of it, is in no way going to mean you will have a similar experience of it. An example,,,ask 30 people in business class if the meal was good. I can absolutely assure you the answers, from the people who ate the exact same meal will range from "it was shockingly bad and I'm writing to complain" through to "it was excellent" . With many on the " yeah, it was fine" fence. On top of this, every flight pretty much differs in subtle ways.

Read the benefits, look at what the additional cost means to you and make a decision.

Hong Kong, China
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3. Re: premium econ

BA PE benefits:

-Extra legroom and wider seat with more recline and a footrest, but don't expect anything business class-like

-Small cabin = less noise, less disturbance, less chance of screaming kids

-Business class main course for dining

-Wine served in a proper glass

-Get on/off the plane before economy class = less waiting time

Only you can judge how much these benefits are worth.

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4. Re: premium econ

I presume you either mean BA (via SIN)??? or that you are flying to HKG with Cathay Pacific and then BA to Lon.

Vancouver, Canada
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5. Re: premium econ

To add to Sammy's post, flying in BA's World Traveller Plus cabin will mean more Avios and Tier Points as well. You will earn 90 Tier Points for each sector from SYD to HKG and HKG to LHR, so with those four sectors you will have earned Bronze status and be on the way to Silver.

Given the choice between WT and WT+ I would choose the latter every time.

Hong Kong, China
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6. Re: premium econ

BA PE is better than CX PE, at least software-wise.

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7. Re: premium econ

It is slightly better than WT (non exit row seats). Whether it's worth the extra depends how much the extra is partly....

I've flown PE/WTP) a few times to and from Cape Town (11 hours all overnight flights) and based on that it wasn't worth it compared with an exit row economy or an empty seat next to you, both of which I've had but are hard to score, obviously. For shorter legs on daytime flights (up to 6-7 hours) it's definitely better but the lack of legroom (and 38" seat pitch and the slightly better recline) still did not allow anything like sleep so for Oz that would put me off. Qantas PE is supposed to be very good, possibly best in this category - so if that's the same price that's what I'd consider.

(I should add I'm not bothered too much about food and IFE so long as they have some, purely seat comfort for such long haul travel, so tend to discount these factors).

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Augusta, Georgia
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8. Re: premium econ

I find BA's World Traveler Plus well worth the money. The extra room and service may not sound that extensive but they really are for a long flight. Also the point rewards are larger and that is always nice for up grading on your next trip. Either way you choose have a great trip.

Bossier City, LA
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9. Re: premium econ

Definately worth it for me. I flew WT+ from DFW to LHR for the first time last year and for me it is vastly better that WT. When I first went in the cabin I have to admit I was a little dissapointed as I thought the seats would more roomy and spaced out. But, for the first time in years I slept most of the night and arrived in England quite refreshed. Loved the foot rests, the few more inches in the seat & recline, the service was more attentive, so much quieter and getting off the plane quickly was great. I hope I never have to fly WT again.

Kusadası, Izmir...
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10. Re: premium econ

Let me put in a couple of tiny cents,if you ask this question,the price difference probably,only probably,feels significant to you,-then its not worth it. If you ask whether 38 inches vs somthing like 31 is a fairly major difference,then it is,although in my experience it will not make a huge difference to how you feel after the flight,for THAT,you simply need more.