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Best airline to Bangkok

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Best airline to Bangkok

I am travelling to Bangkok next March. It is the first lang haul flight I have ever taken and although I don't want to fork out an arm and a leg for a flight, I'd rather pay a little bit more for a comfortable journey. Can anyone reccomend an airline flying from London to Bangkok. I'm not bothered about where I have to stop en route. Emirates has already been suggested as quite a good one. Has anyone any advice? Thank you :0)

Stockport, England
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1. Re: Best airline to Bangkok

if it's your first long haul flight, I would have suggested a direct service as opposed to having to change planes on route (as you would have to do with emirates)

Direct services tend to cost a little more, people like Thai Airlines, British Airlines and Qantas tend to be equally priced, however there are some tricks you can use to get better prices. Thai offer a package with 2 nights hotel in Bangkok that works out cheaper than going flight only, but the best price will be with an airline called Eva Air, they fly direct from heathrow to bangkok and undercut the other 3 airlines, prices inc tax start from £538, thats £30 cheaper than BA!


Stockport, England
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2. Re: Best airline to Bangkok

p.s. i believe that Eva also will provide, free of charge, tickets on national express for you, as i see your on the south coast!

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3. Re: Best airline to Bangkok

id definetly go for Thai.

based on reviews and word of mouth. look at airlinereviews and airlinequality.

Maidenhead, United...
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4. Re: Best airline to Bangkok

We flew Thai Airlines and they were excellent - plenty of legroom, great food, friendly staff.

They didn't, however, have seat back TV's just ones mounted on the cabin roof every few rows so you didn't get any movie choices just what is being shown. That seemed to bother a couple of people on the flight - not sure why because it was made clear on the website this was the case - but to be honest it was fine.

The legroom, food and the fact it was a dircet flight more thanmade up for not being able to change movie channels!

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for Coolangatta
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5. Re: Best airline to Bangkok

have to agree with Mightywease, savings and only going without a seat back tv, not too bad, and great service to go with, not too bad if you ask me.

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6. Re: Best airline to Bangkok

I agree with previous posters that Thai is definetly the best airline - if you want to cheaper option try Qatar with transit stop in Doha.

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7. Re: Best airline to Bangkok

Thai airways has good legroom for economy if that is the most important thing for you. But if inflight entertainment is important to you as well to help you through a longhaul flight I could barely see the large screen and the choice of movies was very poor. Emirates was good as well but the flights I have had with them varied greatly on the size of the plane- the airbus was cramped but the larger planes very spacious.

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8. Re: Best airline to Bangkok

I fly to Thailand twice a year. I've done about 8 motorcycle trips over there now.

I recommend Thai Air. I've flown Thai Air mostly, but also Quantas / BA and Eva Air. The BA / Quantas deal was good when you could include some accommodation in with the flight price.

Eva air I found, was a bit cheaper than Thai Air, but a bit stingy on the drinks.

It's worth paying just a tad more for Thai Airways, as any slight price premium is more than made up for in a few G&Ts!

Sample price guide - just booked flights for Nov 06 with Thai Air, LHR to BKK to CNX (Chiang Mai) return, with Thai Air. £492. Best price I've ever had.

Bournemouth, United...
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9. Re: Best airline to Bangkok

Hi there, fellow south-coaster....

One thing to remember is that one mans upgrade cost is another mans complete waste of money, but at 6' 8" - comfort is important to me.

All of the above airlines offer a reasonable service, but EVA do lead the way in a 'premium' economy flight to bkk which will set up back about £750 return.

You can get business class tickets for about £1500 with EVA to bkk, and 1st class with Emirates for £2,300 (our favourite) with occasional discounts down to as little as £1,700 per person. It sounds a lot, but includes return limo transfers to LHR/Gatwick and my wife can get through £300 worth of Dom Perignon each way!

We'll be flying out there next march too, and will be waiting for around mid september when some of the deals start to come through.



BMT, Central...
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10. Re: Best airline to Bangkok

I fly this route, return, at least twice each month.

Forget BA, Air France/KLM - Thai Airways is by far the BEST.

The cabin staff care about the passengers and seemingly little escapes their TLC. They clean the toilets incessently, they actually walk the cabins seeking to be of service. The food is good (Air Canada is actually feeding instant noodles, now!) and quite sufficient.

Compare this to the other carriers whose crews hide in the kitchens chatting away or the 'superior' attitude of BA staff who think the fact they allow you to board is a 'privelege' - for you.

The flight is 12 hours, with arrival around 06.30H.

And the unique Thai touch - an orchid for every female passenger!

(Not that Emirates doesn't have superior service - if the fare is comparable a break in midlfight isn't a bad idea, if you need it.)