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Air Rage 2014

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Air Rage 2014

Yes I'm sorry to say that this behaviour is again raising it's ugly head and the general public are returning or adopting to behaviour that was common pre 9/11. There definitely was a period post 9/11 and the few years after that saw many airline collapses when there was remarkable change in attitude to flying and respect for the flying crew however many passengers seem to have become complacent and are again directing grievances and abuse to airline crew and many campaigns against "air rage" seem to have ceased. Many airlines have adopted strict policies now but passengers are again returning to taking frustrations out on cabin crew. I have witnessed several yellings and verbal abuse at crew, non compliance of directions and complete disregard to instruction. We seem to have forgotten yet again where we are when we fly by plane. Remember, airlines don't waste money to train crew for 8 weeks then twice yearly every year to just serve coffee, that person serving you is trained to save your life in the air where no other help is available be it a heart attack (much more common than you think), provide you comfort during an epeliptic fit, help you through a diabetes episode, even to just comfort you when feeling unwell. Also to deal with incidents beyond anyones control if it was to happen. Respect for Flight Attendants seems to have been lost again. Many lives have been saved due to the quick actions of Flight Attendants in flight where no other assistance has been available. On a recent flight the flight attendants dragged a passenger into the aisle and began working on him, he wasn't well. Two rows back the passengers asked the flight attendants for more drinks, I have never been so disappointed in humanity and experienced such selfishness and then for the rest of the cabin to complain they didn't get breakfast. What have we become? To witness this behaviour was embarassing. I don't know what happened to the guy, paramedics came on board but the crew were amazing and obviously did what they could. Unbelievable selfish response from fellow passengers and complete admiration to the crew on that flight.

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Houston, Texas
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1. Re: Air Rage 2014

I tried a couple of times, but couldn't finish. The post resembles one huge run on sentence.

Paragraphs are your friend. Sorry.

Travelling The World
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2. Re: Air Rage 2014

To summarise:

After a period of improvement post-9/11, people are behaving as badly as they were before 9/11.

On a recent flight the flight attendants assisted a passenger because he wasn't well.

As this was happening people were complaining they weren't being served drinks and food,

Other passengers selfish, crew admirable.

Not sure where air rage comes into it.

Helsinki, Finland
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3. Re: Air Rage 2014

Don't forget my countryman!


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4. Re: Air Rage 2014

Yes I could have paragraghed it better. Just saw the most amazing display of disrespect today towards a Flight Attendant and it got me "raged" up. I thought about it tonight and remembered the times when they have been great. might have got a bit carried away with my post. But I stick to it.

Liverpool, UK
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5. Re: Air Rage 2014

Sorry but I simply don't see any link between the rude and/or inconsiderate behaviour of individual passengers with 9/11 - air travel is simply a form of public transport and you'll encounter all types of human nature if you fly frequently enough.

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6. Re: Air Rage 2014

Tom, there was a distinct change in attitude towards flight crew after 9/11, be it sympathy, comapassion, respect or courtesy, it happened and lasted for years. Much of it was appreciation. My point is it seems to have been forgotten now.

Magog, Canada
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7. Re: Air Rage 2014

This is a contrast with a recent post about the crew doing nothing about some people being sick resulting in 2 deaths on one flight.

A good friend's wife is a flight attendant. After hearing some of her stories and seeing her attitude, I think that she is not fit to serve the public. But many are very good as well. There are all kinds of people in the world.

United Kingdom
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8. Re: Air Rage 2014

There have been rude, ignorant, selfish,stupid people on board aircraft since long before 9/11, and indeed, ever since..

I don't see what point you are trying to make here...

Destination Expert
for Bangkok, Air Travel, Thailand
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9. Re: Air Rage 2014


I see the relationship, though I think it's a bit less than direct..

In the post 9/11 air transport world, the notion of security has become a much more prominent issue - be that process and procedures as well as perception.

What in the pre 9/11 world may have been overlooked, or dealt with locally, today can now be a major event involving outside players.

That said, I don't think the "rage" issue is any higher or lower than in the near past ...my opinion here..

What I do think needs to happen, and more often when it merits such, is the consistent application of (speaking for US sectors) existing Federal Law when/if behavior becomes disruptive and diversions need to happen, physical restraints are deployed or safe operations are endangered.

I am not a fan of more regulations per se, but rather the better and full use of the laws that are already "on the books"

It's my opinion that if the local Assistant US Attorneys would be more aggressive in bringing federal criminal charges when warranted against alleged offenders, suspect some of this would go away.

Travel is "hard" today and looks only to remain as such going forward-- and yes, carriers bear some of the "fault" if you will, in either making it hard, or at minimum, not doing more to make it easier...

However, that alone isn't a "pass" for bad passenger (or crew) behavior that reaches a point where diversions, restraints and such become necessary.

Travel Safe,

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10. Re: Air Rage 2014

mondial my point is it needs to stop. This attitude of rude, ignorent, selfish and stupid (in your words) needs to stop when dealing with people who you may ultimately rely on to save your butt. The Air Rage i'm talking about is the complete disrespect shown to on board crew.

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