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Etihad freezing planes

Brisbane, Australia
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Etihad freezing planes

Just had a 3 plane journey on Etihad from Australia to Uk.

2 of the 3 planes were soo cold inside people were wearing hoodies.

Be warned...take warm clothing.maybe if enough people make a point of mentionong it they will make it less cold. I can only assume it is a cost saving measure as heating the plane uses moee energy...more energy is more fuel.

Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: Etihad freezing planes

In my experience the issue of on board temperature on board is a no win situation for the airline regardless of the temperature setting - some will always say it's too hot whilst others will say it's too cold.

Having said that there are some seating areas such as those near exit rows which I find to be colder than other parts of the plane.

I personally doubt it's a cost saving measure.

Sunshine Coast...
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2. Re: Etihad freezing planes

I don't think it's just Etihad planes.

I find most planes too cold after a few hours - except when they are too hot!

When flying I always dress for a cool temperature but use layers so that I can remove extra clothes on the rare occasion when it's too hot. I also take a scarf or sarong (depending on the season and destination) to help keep me warm.

Brisbane, Australia
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3. Re: Etihad freezing planes

I have learnt a valuable lesson.

Layers are the way to go next time ;-)

Dubai, United Arab...
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4. Re: Etihad freezing planes

Cabin temperatures are an old topic. Some people find it too hot, others too cold and some just fine. As I am part of the people having rather too cold, I always have a light jumper with me.

Non-smoking does save money. The cabin temperatures not really. If you heat up air from -50/-60C to +20C or +23C does hardly make any difference. More important is the amount of fresh air and how many a/c packs are actually used.

The air flows from front to back so you will have a slight temperature difference (a tad colder and fresher air in the front and a tad warmer and less fresh in the back).