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Ghost company: airportlost&found

Lisbon, Portugal
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Ghost company: airportlost&found

Dear all,

I write to check if anyone of you was trapped by this fraudulent company:

http://www.airportlostandfound.com/ (this website is a ghost and fraudulent)

Only recently I realized that the official company is airportlostandfound.com/report-lost-property/

Here is my story:

Recently I flew trough UK and I lost a bag with jewelery and bijouterie. On 2 March 2014 I requested, online ( http://www.airportlostandfound.com/ ) , the services of Airportlostandfound (AL&F). The service was paid immediately through Paypal. Actually I was automatically redirected to Paypal. I never received any confirmation or welcoming email from the AL&F ( ghost website ). Only Paypal immediately confirmed, by means of receipt, the payment of 37 GBP. This was the price established online by the AL&F. In order to obtain confirmation also from AL&F, after payment through Paypal on 2 March, I sent and email to help@airportlostandfound.com.

I never got an answer from them.

On 4 March I was surprised by an email from AL&F ( ghost company ) saying that they didn’t receive any money from me and charging me more money again (47 GBP!!!).

As nothing happened I opened a dispute through PayPal, arguing that AL&F is a fraudulent, a ghost, company. The final decision was that PayPal declines responsibility for immaterial services, so they deny me the reimbursement of 37 GBP. I told Paypal that the decision is very bad for the Paypal prestige and that I will not rely anymore on Paypal for doing payments.

I have strong reasons to consider the behavior of AL&F ( http://www.airportlostandfound.com/ ) very suspicious and not reliable. I underline that AL&F never sent me a receipt confirming my request of services; the single email I got was an email requiring a payment of 47 GBP, this... after Paypal confirm to me that my payment of 37 GBP (as established in AL&F website) was complete.

So, I ask what should I do to advertise this and prevent other well intentioned travelers to be trapped in this fraudulent business?

Marta Ribeiro, from Portugal

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Kent, United Kingdom
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1. Re: Ghost company: airportlost&found

1/. Don't put jewellery and/or bijouterie into checked luggage.

2/ check your email "spam" box in case a communication has gone to you there.

Helsinki, Finland
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2. Re: Ghost company: airportlost&found

All of your links are for the one and same company site. It doesn't seem to have a good reputation: tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g1-i10702-k6483807…

How did you lose your valuables? Were they stolen, forgotten somewhere or did you left them in a checked-in bag? Did you try to contact the airport, the airline or the police when this happened?

I really don't comprehend why someone would pay for a company that is no way affiliated with any airport to "match a database". Wouldn't it be easier just to contact the airport/airline in question?

But still, so sorry you were scammed.

Edited: 8:50 am, April 21, 2014
London, United...
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3. Re: Ghost company: airportlost&found

I'm kind of lost as well, why do you not just go via the airports lost and found or the airline? It doesn't cost anything and is effective.

Also, I think you have posted a wrong link, you have posted the same company twice.

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4. Re: Ghost company: airportlost&found

http://www.airportlostandfound.com/ (this website is a ghost and fraudulent)

Only recently I realized that the official company is airportlostandfound.com/report-lost-property/


These are the same company.

Houston, Texas
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5. Re: Ghost company: airportlost&found

I'm confused as well, but thanks for joining today in order to report on your experience ;)

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