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shopping in Airports

new jersey
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shopping in Airports

I love the whole airport experience. I find it very exciting to look at all the shops, restaurants, and lounges in some of the nicer airports. It actually is not bad to arrive early and shop, pick up a book for the flight have a bite to eat (forget airline food).

Jet Blue took over a spot in Newark airport and i must say it looks very nice. There are some upscale stores, and shopping there.

new jersey
posts: 1,360
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1. Re: shopping in Airports

sometimes when i am returning from a trip, i realize i forgot a souvenier. The airport is a great opportunity to buy the last minute forgotten sovenier! (saved me the last trip I took). Duty Free too!

Glen Morangie
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2. Re: shopping in Airports

It's not such an exciting experience at JFK, unless I was in the wrong building.

The Bakery
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3. Re: shopping in Airports

My favorite airport for last minute shopping is Schiphol. That is a GREAT place to shop - and they have this chocolate store there where a buy a bunch of Neuhaus everytime I fly through. Paris DeGaulle is pretty good but tough to get service in.

Calhoun, Georgia
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4. Re: shopping in Airports


I actually find that some of the airports have the best choice of souveniers. The Santiago Chile airport has many jewelry stores that sell lapiz lazuli jewelry. The stores sell the best quality whereas in the shops in Santiago you have to sometimes look through a lot of poorer quality to find the nicer pieces. I just don't like doing that anymore. I plan on buying a bracelet and ring next time I go. I'll probably find what I want at the airport.

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5. Re: shopping in Airports

I belong to the Worldpoints Club with BAA - British Airports - and you get a point for every dollar you spend, and there are specials that award you 250 - 500 points every now and then. With 500 points (or thereabouts) you can get a half price HEX ticket. So I find it worthwhile.

London, United...
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6. Re: shopping in Airports

MMM, you sound like me, only my shopping is often via AA.com, specials all the time, sometimes 5 pts per dollar spent on American. I do most anything that will get me more miles!

I love the airports with good bookshops and stores like Brookstone in them, the time while waiting for flights goes by so quickly!

Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: shopping in Airports

I also love airport shopping, and totally agree with R/R about Santiago airport for jewellery. I recently flew there and was so disappointed to find that the airport had much better quality jewellery than the shops in the city. I had already brought my jewellery......so I missed out buying something really special.

Madrid Airport is also great for shopping, I had a delayed flight so I took advantage of buying clothes 50% sale at Zara....hubby was not happy but it took away the hours just sitting and waiting for a plane.

The only thing I find frustrating is that in most O/Seas countries airport newsagents, you cannot buy English magazines, so I usually buy heaps before leaving Aussie.

Manchester N.H.
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8. Re: shopping in Airports

I'm so glad you started this thread. I thought I was the only woman in the world who LOVES airports! I love the excitement, the people watching, and of course the knowledge that I'm on vacation!! so far my fav has got to be Orlando. Have you been in that crazy shop that sells everything for $10.00?

I know some of it isn't even worth $5.00, but I have to go in there anyway, and it's soooo funny to watch all the ladies shopping, and all the husbands "skulking" and rolling their eyes. Don't even get me goin about the nifty new chair massage kiosks. Luv em, and worth the money. Two years ago, my flight was delayed for 3 hrs becuz of thunderstorms, and I was thrilled! Yayyy, more time to shop, and chug down another latte at Seattle's Best. Can't quite put my finger on why airport shopping is so much fun. I guess it's part of the "not quite in reality mode" either starting or ending the vacation.

I agree with you about Jet Blue. They are great, and I hope they expand and keep their quality. Party on, ponytail girl!

new jersey
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9. Re: shopping in Airports

thanks moose.

I agree i've always loved airports because i just felt like it made the world accessible and this was the starting point. I always like how in movies they made it look so exciting and fun.

Maybe in my next life i'll be a flight attendant.!

poodleville TO
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10. Re: shopping in Airports

The one thing I'm glad to shop for is food. Our short haul flights on Air Canada don't supply any food. You can purchase for eg. pre made Subway sandwiches, but I now buy my food at the airport for the flight. I also love to buy magazines that I normally wouldn't buy and junk food.