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Dreamliner flight upgrade.

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Dreamliner flight upgrade.

I'm thinking of upgrading my flights to Mexico on Boeings Dreamliner with Thomson, I've been quote about £330 each. Your opions will be most helpful.

Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: Dreamliner flight upgrade.

"I've been quote about £330 each" - That seems quite high to me, what exactly are you getting for your money.

Leyland, United...
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for Playa Blanca
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2. Re: Dreamliner flight upgrade.

£330 seems about middle of the road for a Dreamliner upgrade. The prices varies by date and route. Even upgrades on the same route can vary between £250 and £500 if you swap flight dates by a week. They also fluctuate like the flight price.

Whether it's worth it is an entirely personal thing. Lot's of people think it's a waste of money and would sooner have it to spend in resort, others won't fly unless they upgrade.

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3. Re: Dreamliner flight upgrade.

Slightly bigger seat, 4 course meal unlimited drinks and more luggage allowance.

Watford, United...
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4. Re: Dreamliner flight upgrade.

So do YOU think that's worth it tractorboy?

London, United...
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5. Re: Dreamliner flight upgrade.

As we don't know you, we can't tell you if it is worth it to you. If you can easily afford it, would like extra space ( who doesn't) etc etc,,then yes it's worth it, if not, well then,,,it's not.

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6. Re: Dreamliner flight upgrade.

On a holiday to Bali a couple of years ago we were walked through Business Class on a Malaysia Airways Airbus A380 (£1500 upgrade) 15 hrs later I would've killed for that seat. Just don't know what to expect for a 300 quid upgrade other than drinks and a smiley waitress!

Liverpool, UK
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7. Re: Dreamliner flight upgrade.

I certainly wouldn't compare Thomsons Premium Economy with Malaysia Business Class and you'll be very disappointed if that's your expectations.

I personally won't fly economy on a long haul flight and would upgrade simply for the few extra inches of legroom - the drinks are irrelevant to me and I expect the same level of service from the cabin crew regardless of cabin but £330 is not a lot of money for me but it might be for you.

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8. Re: Dreamliner flight upgrade.

If you can afford it , then do it!

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9. Re: Dreamliner flight upgrade.

we flew economy on the dreamliner to mexico and it was great for a long haul trip, we are both tall, hub is 6 ft 2 and we both had another 4 or 5 inches before our legs touched the seat in front, at the airport they were offering upgrades for £85 but only single seats and in resort they were doing it for £120 per couple but probably seperated seats, no way would i pay anything like £330, i can get a holiday for that

Avoca, Australia
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10. Re: Dreamliner flight upgrade.

How much extra is an exit row seat in economy?