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Junction, Texas
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In posts re: what to wear on long flights I have seen references recommending shoes with laces. Is there a reason for them instead of slip-on shoes? Thank you.

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1. Re: Shoes

Many people experience swelling in the feet and ankles on long haul. The laces can make it easier to get shoes back on or adjust them for comfort's sake.

Depending on the type of shoes yours may be just as good.

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2. Re: Shoes

I wear slip-on Sketchers because of the need to take them off all the time for security. It would be more convenient packing-wise to be able to wear my hiking boots but by the time I had finished faffing about taking them off and putting them back on, the plane would have probably left without me.

I think it comes down to whatever you're comfortable wearing with a nod to convenience. I see people wearing thongs (flip-flops, jandals, etc.) but, without wishing to incite panic, if I needed to beat a hasty retreat then I like to have shoes that wont fall off or hamper me exiting the plane.

Possibly people recommend lace-up shoes because you can loosen the laces if your feet swell during the flight.

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London, United...
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3. Re: Shoes

The only time I wear shoes with laces is when I am in the gym. Past that, no thanks...:-))

I wear ballet pumps to travel. Take them off on plane before departure and put flight socks on. Just scholl ones from the chemist, but they do an excellent job in prevent my feet and ankles swelling, something I did used to suffer from, so personally I would recommend them.

I think laces is so they are adjustable if your feet do swell up. I prefer to prevent my feet swelling in the first place, rather than deal with the symptom afterwards....

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4. Re: Shoes

I also recommend flight socks to stop swelling.

We usually fly to warmer climes from here in the UK so I wear trekking sandals with Velcro fastenings which takes care of any swelling and they are perfect for days out sight-seeing too.

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5. Re: Shoes

Just make sure you put your shoes, laces or not, back on before you visit the loo!

I'm often aghast when I see people heading to the toilets in stockinged feet. Yuk!

Nowy Sacz, Poland
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for Poland
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6. Re: Shoes

As a diabetic with Neuropathy, my clinic said never wear anything with compression - always wesr "baggy" socks because anything tight can restrict circulation which is already damaged. And yes, I wear oversize trainers and a couple of pairs of socks to fly

Worthing, United...
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7. Re: Shoes

Marks and Spencer foot glove leather shoes with a Velcro fastening. Lovely


Junction, Texas
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8. Re: Shoes

Thank you. Appears quick and comfortable is the important combination ... and not barefoot to the outhouse!

Yorktown, Virginia
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for Machu Picchu
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9. Re: Shoes

When we had a hiking trip in France (with three pre-trek days in Paris), my luggage was lost for nearly four days. As I hadn't been wearing a type of shoes I could have hiked in, we spent the better part of a day in Paris (Sunday, when most stores are closed) trying to find a suitable pair of shoes I could hike in. Ended up with a very expensive pair of Nike running shoes that I did not need except for the hike. And I really wanted to do more touring than shopping that day!

Since that time (and had a previous similar lost-luggage situation), I always wear my hiking boots on the plane if I must have them on the trip. In fact, I carry on or wear everything that is absolutely essential to that trip (just no spares except underwear). Yes, it takes a little longer to unlace and re-lace the boots at security, but only a minute or so at most. Once in my seat on the plane, I usually loosen the boot laces - or even take the boots off entirely. No problems - and a lot of peace of mind!

My travel rule of thumb the past through years is to plan as if my luggage would be lost or re-routed. For that Paris trip, I had a non-stop flight. Either my luggage never got off the plane & traveled to other destinations without me, or some baggage handler set it aside at CDG instead of putting it on the baggage carousel. The proper shoes and my medication are the most important items for me to have upon arrival!

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10. Re: Shoes

johnb, that's interesting. I need to look into that.

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