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Swiss Airlines alert!

Littleton, CO
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Swiss Airlines alert!

Be aware that Swiss Airlines won't let you fly from the USA to Switzerland unless you still have at least 3 months left before your passport expires from the dates of travel. I still had more than a month left and they stranded me at a layover in Chicago until I went and got a new passport in downtown Chicago. And yes the passport agency in downtown Chicago does get you a new passport in a few hours if you show up in the morning when they open and have your proof of travel on that day or day after.

Watford, United...
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1. Re: Swiss Airlines alert!

It is clear on their website. You stranded yourself to be fair.


Portland, Oregon
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2. Re: Swiss Airlines alert!

This is not an issue with Swiss Airlines. It is the requirement for all countries in the Schengen Area. You would have had the same issue with any airline flying to any country in the Schengen area.

A salient reminder to always check the entry requirements of all countries you plan to visit well before traveling.

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3. Re: Swiss Airlines alert!

Most places ask for 6 months of passport validity beyond date of travel including the good ole US of A...

So count yourself lucky that you could get this resolved "on the spot"....

In other places you have to have a pre-booked appointment with the Passport Office, can't just turn up "on-spec"....

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Dallas, Texas
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4. Re: Swiss Airlines alert!

You travel and you learn.

East Sussex, United...
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5. Re: Swiss Airlines alert!

Yet another case of ' I didn't bother to to do any research/homework/read the t & c's etc ' , but did manage to find TA in order to type a post blaming someone else for my failings. Zzzzz.....

Dubai, United Arab...
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6. Re: Swiss Airlines alert!

I think the title should be "lack of preparation alert".

Anyway, maybe next time you check visa and passport requirements before travelling.

Also before complaining, would you have preferred Swiss letting you board and then being denied entry at the border and send back home on the next available flight?

London, United...
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7. Re: Swiss Airlines alert!

To be fair, as everyone has pointed out, it's nothing to do with the airline, it's the entry requirements for the country,

Maybe you should delete your post, as it's misleading, sorry. Most countries have some entry requirements depending on traveller nationalities. I'm a little surprised in this day and age some people would still not know that.

If airlines transport someone to a given country that does not have the documentation that meets the entry requirements they endure quite a heavy fine. As such, the airline was behaving correctly. You would simply have been turned away at immigration and had to fly straight back home, and Swiss air would have been fined.

Immigration would simply not have let you enter the country,

As such, they airline actually did you a really big favor.

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8. Re: Swiss Airlines alert!

"Most places ask for 6 months of passport validity beyond date of travel including the good ole US of A..."

SOME places do. The USA isn't one of them, at least not for citizens of visa waiver countries. Validity requirement for us is "length of intended stay" (check it out for yourself on Timatic)

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9. Re: Swiss Airlines alert!

Most places ask for 6 months of passport validity beyond date of travel including the good ole US of A...


Incorrect for many countries including all of Europe, your passport just needs to be valid for the period of your visit to the USA.

Littleton, CO
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10. Re: Swiss Airlines alert!

Actually I'm very prepared but to be fair, the Swiss airline agent said there's no way I would've known about this because my passport was more than a month from being expired so there's no reason to check the Swiss airline websites or any other websites for entry into foreign countries. Also my originating airline was Untied and then I picked up Swiss Air so technically United should've done the passport check before I left my home airport. I can't seem to change the title of this post to just "passport alert" or "travel alert" from my phone. Also, this post was written not to complain but to help people out so they don't get in the same situation I had to deal with.

Edited: 12:09 pm, February 27, 2014