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Ryanair tips

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Ryanair tips

So I'm thinking of taking a couple of Ryanair flights in Sept (KRK-STN and then STN-BVE or LIG). I've read some random Ryanair threads in the past and their T&Cs. I never thought I would fly them, but for this route there aren't a lot of other options that are reasonably priced.

Anyway, what I've figured out is the following:

1. Book a seat in advance so I can check in online and print boarding passes before I leave home.

2. Pay for checked luggage in advance and keep it under whatever weight I book. (Shouldn't be a problem as the most my bag has ever weighed was 26lbs (11.8kg).)

3. Make sure carry on is under the size/weight restrictions. I do have a question about this. My usual carry on is a student size backpack. It will be under the size limit, and has always fit under the seat in front of me, but it isn't under the "smaller bag size" of 35x20x20. I don't see a way to book priority boarding, but it seems this is included with a prebooked seat? Does it matter if I book the premium or regular seats? I don't really care where I sit, just want to be able to take my carry on with me (medications and electronics) and print my boarding pass in advance. Have there been a lot of problems with the 90 bag limit? I could try to figure out a way to put a bunch of stuff in pockets and have a smaller carry on for the netbook (which won't fit in any of my pockets).

4. Go to the Document Check desk before security to have boarding pass stamped.

Am I missing anything I need to know?

Do Ryanair prices go up and down randomly like other airlines or get more expensive closer to travel like Eurostar?

AFAIK, they don't overbook flights. Do they cancel flights often (I know any flight can be cancelled, but since I'd be trying to do 2 separate flights I was wondering what the likelihood was since they don't offer many flights a day.)

How long of a layover do you recommend in Stansted between 2 Ryanair flights? I'd be arriving around 8 or 9 am, I think, but my flight out would vary depending on airport and day of the week, so I'd like an idea of the minimum recommended time. There's only one flight a day to either Limoges or Brive, so if I miss it, I'm out of luck until at least the next day. (Assuming there would be seats on the next flight.)

Finally, I'm not sure this is Air Travel related, but would you recommend this option or easyJet to CDG and then train from Paris to Limoges (which would probably require an overnight in Paris due to the flight arrival times)? I haven't figured out any other reasonable ways to get from Krakow to the Dordogne.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice.

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1. Re: Ryanair tips

Never buy any Ryanair scratchcards.I have never seen a winner.

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2. Re: Ryanair tips

I never buy any scratchcards. I never win anything that involves luck.

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3. Re: Ryanair tips


Rather than trying to "connect" with RyanAir at Stansted (you don't connect as FR doesn't offer connections), have you considered flying easyJet to Paris (CDG) and taking the train to Limoges from Paris?

You'd have to transit across Paris to get to the correct rail station. But that would entail just one flight and perhaps be less stressful than having to (non) transit at STN.

Just a thought.

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4. Re: Ryanair tips

Actual USB that is what the OP was asking. I think a much better idea. I see there's a TGV direct from CDG at 18:59. I guess it depends on what time the EasyJet flight gets in to CDG at. From what I can see it varies day to day.

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5. Re: Ryanair tips

"Never buy any Ryanair scratchcards.I have never seen a winner."

Someone once won 20k Euro on a flight I was on to Edinburgh.

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6. Re: Ryanair tips

Dunno about rail, but if you are set on the Stansted route, I'd say you've done your homework so you're better prepared than most Ryanair newbies- as Lexexpress often posts elsewhere, Ryanair are great as long as you obey their T&C.

You should have no trouble connecting at Stansted if you leave 3 hours between landing and take-off to allow for an (unlikely) inbound delay, and in fact you could risk it with less. We've done that a couple of times although as Ryanair don't do through ticketing, you'd have to throw your onward fare to France away if your first leg was cancelled or significantly delayed. The risk of that is slim. I've only ever had one flight cancelled (due to a French air traffic control strike), one or two slightly delayed- and most of the 60+ flights I've enjoyed with Ryanair have been on time or a bit early.

We manage within the 10kilo carry on limit, but even with checked baggage you should clear in less than an hour, and as the twice-weekly flights to Brive are afternoon ones, your problem will be killing time. Although as Stansted is a relatively user-friendly place, that's no problem. The single-space and high ceiling makes it less claustrophobic than other airports and the eateries are varied and generally tolerable.

The daily Limoges flights timings vary a bit more so while I might avoid the day they fly at 10.40am, or even the 11.40 one, the others are fine

The major snag seems to be that while onward flights to France are very cheap, the price of flights from Poland to Stansted is outrageously high- even in Sept. Might make the rail option be more viable (look at seat61.com?)

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7. Re: Ryanair tips

As best I could tell the Easy Jet flight gets into Paris between 4PM and 6PM, so if I leave 3-4 hours (not sure how much time to leave - I guess a little less than if coming from the US), the TGV wouldn't get to Limoges until 12 or 1AM, which may mean it's just easier to spend a night in Paris. I don't see any other affordable flights to Paris.

I was getting about £69 (€84, $112 or 335PLN) for the Easyjet flight and €35 for the train.

For Ryanair in mid Sept (9/15 to be exact) I get 211 PLN (68 USD) for Krakow to STN and £35-41 for the onward flight to France. I'd just have to pick the days carefully to get the times right. My main concern is that if there's a problem with the flight there aren't a lot of other options. Maybe I'd be better to just deal with the overnight in Paris.

I looked on bahn.de for trains, and the shortest travel time I came up with was just under 26hrs on a train. That's a lot of time on a train.

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8. Re: Ryanair tips

#1 tip....don't fly Ryanair...

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9. Re: Ryanair tips

Ryanair prices go up the closer you get to your travel dates so book as early as possible.

Keeping to the regs is really all you need to know.

As for the advice not to fly Ryanair, we have flown with them several times and never had a problem, no delays, no hauling us up for not keeping to the regs - because we actually do keep to the regs rather than trying to get one over on the airline, which is a pretty stupid thing to do seeing as it inconveniences other travellers who have kept to the regs and do not appreciate being kept waiting whilst some smart alec has it out with cabin crew.

Am no fan of O'Leary, but am equally no fan of any of the other large corporations that run airlines and have just as many complaints made against them.

I just go with the cheapest option because otherwise we couldn't travel half as much as we do.

Relax btgm, you look like you have it covered.

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10. Re: Ryanair tips

I flew ryan air last april and was pleasantly surprised! Had a good seat pitch and it was comfier than expected. I would rather fly ryanair than monarch!

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