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Do you sleep on flights?

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Do you sleep on flights?

Many posters seem unable to sleep on flights, presumably anything above Economy is a different story, but that has never stopped me getting 40+ winks. I can sleep without fail on both long & short haul. Just a coat over my head and within 10 minutes Im asleep! My partner is like sleeping beauty. I used to accompany her on short haul from Leeds (Manx, as were) & Mter (Flybe) to the IOM and she could be asleep whilst we were still taxiing. Even turbulence fails to wake her. These days I sometimes take my noise cancelling headphones and an eye mask and can sleep from AMS to the west coast of CA, asking cabin crew to wake me up for the main meal. On the eastbound leg I skip food and sleep for a solid 8 hours, even without alcohol.

Is it just me?

Romford, United...
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1. Re: Do you sleep on flights?

Ditto-not unusual on an eight hour flight (even in coach) for my first recollection of the flight to be the "we land in 20 mins" announcement-got to be the most boring person to travel with,like you don't drink alcohol before or during a flight

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2. Re: Do you sleep on flights?

Not everyone can sleep sitting up.

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3. Re: Do you sleep on flights?

I don't sleep well at all even in Business/First although that's largely due to people snoring!

But so long as I can doze or nap in comfort I'm not too bothered.

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4. Re: Do you sleep on flights?

I rarely sleep much in any class and have long given up trying to.

Berkshire, England
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5. Re: Do you sleep on flights?

I find it almost impossible to sleep even when I have been in Business Class on a "bed".

London, United...
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6. Re: Do you sleep on flights?

i can usually get a couple of hours when in business, but it does take a couple of glasses of wine before it happens,,,:-)

New York City, New...
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7. Re: Do you sleep on flights?

It's about how you prepare for the flight. Admittedly I fly business/first longhaul but for shorter flights without optimum timings it's important to do certain things to help sleep too. If it's a short overnight flight then getting up very early on the day of the flight and going to bed late the night before helps. That way you're only on a few hours sleep so can nod off more easily. Also picking flights that depart nearer normal sleep windows helps. On longhauls where you may cross 8+ timezones that's not always easy but depending upon how thick/thin the route is you've typically got flight options that work with you.

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8. Re: Do you sleep on flights?

i usually sleep. but we usually fly before midday, which, with the recommended 3 hours three hours at the airport. 1 hour to park the car, a 3 hour drive, means we get up before 3 a.m. on a 12 hour flight, i usually sleep for 6. i can sleep bolt upright, and often do.

i have to say - stress makes me sleep; i have nodded off in the dentist's waiting room.

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9. Re: Do you sleep on flights?

At different times I sleep like the dead or just doze, but sitting up makes no difference to whether I sleep or not.

Newmarket, Canada
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10. Re: Do you sleep on flights?

I don't sleep particularly well on flights, and that includes when I'm in a flat bed pod. For me, it's a combination of the noises and light in the cabin that make it difficult. Eye shades and headphones or ear plugs can block that out, but it just doesn't feel natural to me. So, I generally end up lying very comfortably and sleeping a bit, but it's not normally a very deep sleep. The only times I've had a restful sleep on a plane was when I was travelling home after a very long and busy workday, and probably would have crashed just about anywhere.