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Do Not Trust ANA Airlines with CC Info (Scammed at LAX)

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Do Not Trust ANA Airlines with CC Info (Scammed at LAX)

I traveled to Japan with my girlfriend on November 1st, from San Francisco to Tokyo. Unfortunately, that happened to be the day of the shooting at LAX. As you might imagine, flights got off track and there was a flurry of rescheduled and canceled flights. Originally, we were to fly with Malaysia Airlines but they rescheduled the flight until the next day due to all their employees going home and not returning, save one poor girl.

We didn't want to stay in LA, we wanted to get as much time as we could out of Japan. So, we called around to other airlines looking for something sooner but affordable. We lucked out with ANA, who quoted us $950 a person. We hadn't asked for a refund from Malaysia Air yet, so we got a confirmation number and eventually got things squared away.

We arrived at the ANA desk at around 10PM, having flown into LAX at 9.30AM. We gave our confirmation number, paid $1901.30 and received our tickets. The night manager on duty, was the only one who can process a credit card counter-side, so I believe every thing after this point would be her responsibility.

We got in the security line only to be called back to the ANA counter after five or so minutes. We were told there was a mix up with tickets and please sign here and here (for anyone not familiar with buying a ticket counter-side, as I was, there are three or four signatures needed for each ticket). They gave us the new ticket and hustled us through the security checkpoint. Upon arriving at our gate, there was the ticket agent we had previously dealt with, along with another ANA rep. Once again, they had messed up, the itinerary was wrong. Again, we signed the paperwork and, again, we were given a new ticket. Our plane took off around 1AM, November 2nd, about 12 hours earlier than our original Malaysia Airlines flight.

We went on our trip and it was amazing.

Got home and saw a double charge on my credit card. Had AMEX investigate but they sided with ANA because they had two separate receipts with my signature on them. Looking at the receipts, they are both my signature, but the time stamp is almost 30 minutes apart. And the first one is swiped while the second one is manually entered. So, while we were told we were resigning for renewed tickets, we were being bamboozled.

That's $1900 we were swindled and I don't even know why. I did get ahold of ANA's nighttime manager at LAX - though not the one I encountered on November 1st - who had an extreme case of cognitive dissonance. According to her, there is no way we could have left the counter with two tickets and only paid $1900 because everything is automated, yet she then goes on to say we were called back to the counter, explained there was a pricing error and readily ponied up another $1900. Even though the 30 minute difference on the receipts would put the second signing at the gate. Even though the second receipt is manually entered (in my industry, in California, saving card numbers is a big no-no). Even though I never could imagine a situation where I'd pay - or be able to afford - $1900 to gain 12 hours of vacation.

Since there are two signed receipts, AMEX has determined everything was valid (I thought they were my credit card company, I guess not). ANA has a very different story were we all held hands and set fire to money.

I did email their corporate office and got a canned response about how they are looking into it. That was over a week ago. I feel like I have been silent too long so now I am hear to tell you DON'T TRUST ANA. They stole my money, lied about it, and, now, refuse to even acknowledge the situation.


Was quoted $950 per ticket for two people. Paid $1901.30 at the counter in the LAX airport and got two tickets. Using my previous card authorization, manually entered my credit card information, and had me sign another receipt under the guise of wrong itinerary thirty minutes later.

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1. Re: Do Not Trust ANA Airlines with CC Info (Scammed at LAX)

Does not sound like a Scam to me. More like a misunderstanding (which is possibly yours).

Then again, even $1900 to gain 12hrs in Japan is a decision only you can make.

You may have been better off staying in the presidential suite at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel overnight while eating at a 5 star restaurant with hummer limousine transfers and diamond encrusted cookies for breakfast for less than that cost

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2. Re: Do Not Trust ANA Airlines with CC Info (Scammed at LAX)

I doubt it was "under the guise of the wrong itinerary," because what, you think ANA manufactured a scam to personally bilk you of $950? The night manager didn't keep that money. Obviously it's an error, and they should fix it, unless the error was YOUR misunderstanding of the actual cost of the flight. But suggesting that this was an intentional scam is not going to help your case.

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3. Re: Do Not Trust ANA Airlines with CC Info (Scammed at LAX)

Does not sound like a Scam to me. More like a misunderstanding (which is possibly yours).


That'd be my guess. What paperwork and fare basis information do you have from ANA. I'd like to know what fare class and itinerary you specifically paid for. Can then cross reference that against fare tables.

Amex are very good with this kind of thing. I've had issues with charges before and they've universally sided with the consumer in cases where I was dealt a wrong'un. My guess is you didn't realise what you were buying.

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4. Re: Do Not Trust ANA Airlines with CC Info (Scammed at LAX)

I don't think this is a scam. Why don't you deal with offices both in the US and Japan? If the night manager can't handle the case or solve it, it is better deal with bigger guys with wider authorities. It sounds quite obvious to me that it was genuine mistake.

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5. Re: Do Not Trust ANA Airlines with CC Info (Scammed at LAX)

Did you fly home on ANA or Malaysia Airlines?

Oakland, California
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6. Re: Do Not Trust ANA Airlines with CC Info (Scammed at LAX)

I don't think ANA did it personally. My best guess is someone messed up, though we had three different employees (the phone operator, the rep at the counter and the manager that ran my card) confirm the original price. And perhaps it was a genuine mistake. I work service industry and I can understand that. But if they had been straightforward about it instead of claiming wrong itineraries and - I just got an email from corporate - "did not have the correct credit card authorization code", I would have been upset but I wouldn't be out $950. If everything was transparent, then why not ask for my card again and swipe once I have been explained the issue? Manually entering the number thirty minutes later is the shadiest part of all this to me.

Again, I don't think ANA systematically charges a thousand here and a thousand there on unsuspecting travelers, but someone within the LAX employees (supposedly only a manager could process a charge) is acting unscrupulous. One bad apple spoils the bunch, and so on. Without calling them out, it is possible this could happen to someone else.

Toronto, Canada
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7. Re: Do Not Trust ANA Airlines with CC Info (Scammed at LAX)

You need to take a systematic well thought out approach to solving this. I am sure you are correct in that ANA is not in the business of bilking client's on credit card transactions. Errors in posting payments can happen, and they do happen and it can be frustrating in getting to the bottom of it.

Document everything in writing. Make notes of every phone conversation and confirm by e mail as required. Some of these types of issues take many months to resolve, but they can be done.

If at the end of the whole process you feel you still are right, and they are wrong, then sue them in small claims court and present your case there. However, there normally should be no reason to go that far to get resolution.

Just don't use words such as "liar", "scam" , "stole" etc. That may be your opinion but using those words in a formal setting only discredits your argument.

Brooklyn, NY
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8. Re: Do Not Trust ANA Airlines with CC Info (Scammed at LAX)

I don't think you know what "unscrupulous" means. You're suggesting that an airline employee purposefully stole a thousand dollars from you - and gave it to their company. That makes no sense, which is why I assume you don't know what "unscrupulous" means. The word you want is "mistaken," or possibly even "incompetent" if you're going over the top. But not "unscrupulous."

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9. Re: Do Not Trust ANA Airlines with CC Info (Scammed at LAX)

I agree with Brooklyn Bridge.

If this was a transaction where the person who did the transaction got the money then suggesting it is a scam could be true. But why would an employee do this and then give the money to ANA?

It is much more likely to be a mistake - either by the OP who didn't realise what they were paying or by ANA who can't work out what happened.

But a note to the OP and others reading - whenever you are asked to sign duplicate credit card forms you MUST destroy the originals or keep the receipt where the first transaction is credited. The essential problem here is that the OP signed 2 forms and so now is liable for both payments.

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10. Re: Do Not Trust ANA Airlines with CC Info (Scammed at LAX)


Agreed that is a low odds case of scam as there appears to be no outward self-enrichment; and commonly that's a key part of the claim.

Many carriers do have to print several copies of paperwork - but only one gets signed- these other copies can be copies for "revenue accounting", "station copy" or similar ..

So, I can see -- and have had to do so - cases where I've had to either re-print or charge again, for a part transaction... but .... When I've done so, the carrier does remind personnel to please destroy old/earlier signed copies to avoid any possible mix-ups later on.

Travel Safe,