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Etihad service

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Etihad service

Can you believe that its took more than 14 months but we still waiting for our compensation

This is our complain letter


We have problems with our bags.We took flight EY407/20OCT/EY55/20OCT from Bangkok to Brussels.

However, NONE of the bags we loaded during the check-in in Bangkok were appeared at the Brussels airport.

After waiting until the last baggage had come (at least one hour) and found none of the luggage, we contacted the Lost&Found office at the Brussels airport.

They checked our boarding passes and found no tracking number of the luggage.We were suggested that our bags might still be at the Bangkok airport.It might not even be checked during the our check-in.

How could it possible.Everything seemed to be alright when we did the check-in but none of the bags has come.

This situation caused us many difficulties.Apart from losing our time at the airport, we have to change the plan of the whole trip.

All of our belonging and necessity are in the bags!We have no cloths, nothing!

We cannot go on the trip as planed but have to be on standby waiting for news about our bags.

Still don't know when we can get our bags.We wish they will be found soon.

In this regard, we need the clarification about this problems.We didn't think that this could happen with your airline.What we experience seems unprofessional.

We also wish that this situation will be solved soon and your airline take the proper actions in order to recover our trust towards your airline

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Cala d'Or, Spain
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1. Re: Etihad service

Why did you not claim this on your travel insurance. After fourteen months, I would say that your baggage is lost!!!

Cardiff, United...
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2. Re: Etihad service

This has got to be a joke? 14 months?? Yes bags go missing but it doesnt sound as if you even reported the bags missing or have attempted to resolve the issue?? After 21 days of tracing in a Worldtracer system they are deemed as irretievably lost! Did you create a missing bag file on arrival at your destination? Did they take descriptions and contents if your three missing bags? Did you receive luggage receipts upon checking in? Have you been in regular contact with etihad in regards to the tracing? If you didnt then what an earth have you been doing for over a year?

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3. Re: Etihad service

you must have got luggage receipts with a tracer no. on it. If not, why didnt you query this on check in? Hmmh......

Edited: 1:48 pm, January 25, 2014
Paris, France
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4. Re: Etihad service

This story looks so strange to me that I really wonder...

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5. Re: Etihad service

We did everything that we can, filled on a form,send them. But the point is 14 months that they keep telling us that they still wprking on our case. That is the really excellent service from Etihad.

I'm truely disappoint with this.

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6. Re: Etihad service

Here the stories ,

November 21, 2012

Dear Mr. James Hogan CEO,

Managing Director, ETIHAD AIRWAY

With this letter, we would like to give you a feedback about the bad experiences of your airline, ETIHAD AIRWAYS. We were disappointed on your unprofessional services, particularly the check-in services, the baggage claim services and the customer services of your airline.

On Saturday, October 20, 2012, we took the flight EY407 travelling from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi and EY55 Abu Dhabi to Brussels respectively from our booking number YQB6DC. The departure time from Bangkok was 02:55 a.m. It was a 10-day trip to visit our friends who are living in Belgium. We planned to travel together in Belgium and around as well.

We went to the Suwannabhumi International Airport (BKK) in Bangkok and checked in at ETIHAD AIRWAYS check-in counter. Everything seemed to be alright and normal with the check. We checked in for a group of three persons. We were asked to weight our three suitcases that we wanted to load and checked through to Brussels. After checked in, we got the boarding passes and were informed about the gate. Right that time we were not aware about any problems until we arrived at Brussels International Airport(BRU), our destination. At the luggage belt, none of us found our suitcases. We wait for more than one hour and found no suitcase so we contacted the Baggage Claim Office. The officer at the Baggage Claim Office checked and couldn’t find any information about our suitcase. In fact, they couldn’t find a baggage tag so there was no tracking number for them to look for on the computer. It should normally be slicked on our travel documents but we didn’t get it at the check-in counter in Bangkok. The number of our suitcase on the boarding pass was ‘0’. They presumed that none of our suitcase in the same booking was checked and given the tracking number. Consequently, they could still be at the Bangkok Airport(BKK).

They then suggested us to give them the address in Belgium so they could send out suitcases to us when they were found. One of us went to the Arrival Hall where our friends were waiting for us. After getting the address from them, she went back to the Baggage Claim office to give the address and the contact numbers of our friends to the officer. We were suggested that they would contact us soon when the suitcases were found, probably by Sunday, October 21, 2012, morning. We informed them that we really needed our suitcases. All of our belonging was in our suitcases. We loaded everything because we didn’t want to be bother during the transit in Abu Dhabi(ABU). On Monday, we booked tickets to go to Paris and would be in Paris for four days so we needed our suitcases by Sunday as the latest.

We left the Baggage Claim Office and went to the Arrival Hall to meet our friends and took a train to Leuven. It was almost 17:30 hr. when we arrived in Leuven. We had to run from the train station to the city center before the shops would close at 18h00 to buy some necessities to use in the meantime while waiting for our suitcase.

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7. Re: Etihad service

Consequently, we lost the first day of our trip because we spent more or less three hours at the airport then had to run to buy the necessities due to the baggage problems. Anyway, we wished that we would get our suitcases on Sunday so we could really start our trip as planned.

Unfortunately, on Sunday 21st morning, we heard nothing from the Baggage Claim Office. We called to check with a friend of us who know someone at the ETIHAD AIRWAYS to ask for some help to check the status of our lost suitcases. We were informed that our suitcases were indeed left out at the Bangkok Airport(BKK). Anyway, they had already managed to send our suitcase to Frankfurt then from Frankfurt to Brussels. They would be in Brussels at 9 a.m. as the earliest. It was almost 9 a.m. in Belgium by the time we knew the status of our suitcase. After receiving the information, we called the Baggage Claim Office in Brussels. They confirmed us that they found our suitcases but there were not yet arrived in Brussels.

We were somewhat disappointed that we couldn’t get our suitcases still. We politely requested the officer to help urging the ETIHAD AIRWAYS, THE WORLD CLASS AIRLINE, Bangkok’s office to send our suitcases to us as soon as possible. We had nothing to use. We had to go to Paris the next day. Our train would leave early in the morning. The officer then suggested us that our suitcases might come in the evening. She said it’s “99%” possible. We were very happy. We asked for the exact time our suitcases might arrive in Belgium but she couldn’t tell us and suggested us to call her office again before 5 p.m. if we still didn’t hear from her by that time. We thanked her for helping us.

Actually, we planned to visit Bruges on that Sunday. However, we were afraid that it would be too far if they Baggage Claim Office called us informing about the arrival of our suitcases. Consequently, we went to Brussels instead. It took only 25 minutes to go to Brussels by train but 1 ½ hour from Leuven to Bruges so if we got a phone call telling that our suitcase had come, we could come back soon to Leuven to get our suitcases at home. We stayed at our friend’s apartment, not at a hotel. Our friends also went out with us so no one was at the apartment to receive the suitcases. We didn’t want the person who delivered our suitcases to wait for too long. Anyway, we went to Belgium to travel, not to wait for the lost suitcases. We were not supposed to just to be at the apartment but made a trip!

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8. Re: Etihad service

We lost the morning in trying to track for our suitcase online via the www.worldtracer.aero/filedsp/ey.htm with our Baggage Claim number BRUEY(607)12976 , so we started our trip late and arrived at Brussels at almost noon time. Therefore, we had half a day to visit Brussels.

During the trip, we kept checking our mobile phones but didn’t receive any call from the Baggage Claim Office. At 4.30 p.m., we called the office as suggested. We were shocked to learn that our suitcases were not yet delivered to Brussels but still in Bangkok! They would arrive in Brussels after 9 a.m. on Monday. We had to leave for Paris since 6.30 a.m. so it was impossible for us to be in Leuven to receive the suitcase. Worse was we had nothing for the trip! All of our belongings were in the suitcases. How could we travel! It was below 10 degree Celsius cold outside. We had no winter jackets, nothing! They were all in the suitcases! And all stores are closed on Sunday. We begged for the help from the Baggage Claim Office in Brussels but they didn’t give us any alternative but only said that they could do nothing.

We were very disappointed on ETIHAD AIRWAYS, THE WORLD CLASS AIRLINE, UNPROFESSIONAL SERVICE and your INEFFECTIVE PROBLEM SOLVING PROCEDURE! We couldn’t cancel the trip in order to wait in Leuven to receive our suitcases. The train tickets and the accommodation were booked and paid. The train tickets we bought were the fixed tickets, none-refundable. We were not certain that your airline ETIHAD AIRWAYS, THE WORLD CLASS AIRLINE, would pay the cost of the new train tickets for us. It would be at least 200 euros for four of us. Nothing guaranteed us that we would get the reimbursement.

We tried to contact the ETIHAD AIRWAYS Office in Bangkok. We looked for the contact number on the internet but no one picked up the phone. It was almost midnight time in Thailand. We had to bother our friend in Thailand again. We were informed that an officer in charge with this regard (baggage claim) would contact us.

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9. Re: Etihad service

We got a phone call from an officer afterwards. We informed about our problems and the fact that we would not be in Leuven on Monday, October 22 but had to leave for Paris since 6.30 a.m. and would be in Paris at around 8.30 a.m. We were suggested that In fact, our suitcase were checked for the flight from Bangkok to Frankfurt then Frankfurt to Brussels already but it was still possible to change to send our suitcases to Paris instead. They would send our suitcases with TG930 the direct flight from Bangkok to Paris operated by Thai Airways INSTREAD OF ETIHAD AIRWAYS, THE WORLD CLASS AIRLINE. We rent an apartment, not a hotel, in Paris so the suitcases shouldn’t be sent to our accommodation. We were suggested that we could pick them up at the Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG) when we arrived in Paris. Although we knew that it would be difficult for us to travel in Paris with the big suitcase but we had no other choice! At least it was good that we would get our suitcases and had the necessities to use during the trip in Paris. We accepted the proposal and thanked the officer for his help. We were suggested to contact the Thai Airways counter at the airport.

On Monday, three of us travelled with our friend, Ms. Kantima Thongkhao who lives in Leuven, traveled from Leuven to Paris Nord Train Station. Only our Kantima brought a travel bag, a small trolley bag for four-day travelling. We didn’t bring anything but the hand bags only because we were aware that we had to bring our suitcases, big suitcase weighted more than 20 kilograms each back from Paris to Belgium.

We arrived at Paris Nord Station at 8.35 a.m. We then went to the ticket office to buy the train ticket to Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG) WHERE IT WAS NOT A PLACE WE EXEXPECTED TO VISIT IN OUR TRAVELLING PLAN. As we would stay four days in Paris, we also bought four 3-day Paris visiting tickets and a set of 10-ticket for travelling in Paris at the ticket office.

We arrived at the Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport more or less 1 ½ hours later. We immediately went to the Thai Airways counter, located at Terminal 1, to ask for our suitcases. After checking for more than 20 minutes, we were informed that our suitcases had arrived and they were sent to Terminal 2. We were suggested to contacted Alysia at Baggage Claim Office of ETIHAD AIRWAYS.

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10. Re: Etihad service

Paris CDG Airport was pretty big. We had to take a tram from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 then walked for more than 15 minutes to reach that office. This office was located in the area where we had to get the permission from the Customs Officer to get in. However, when we arrived to Baggage Claim counter, we informed a staff there that we were there to get our suitcase. We showed her our reference number found in the baggage claim form we got in Brussels.

After checking something on her computer, we were told that our suitcases were sent to Frankfurt! We told her that it was not possible because we were informed by the Bangkok office that they would be sent to Paris with the Thai Airways flight. We asked her to double check. We said the Thai Airways staff told us that our suitcases had arrived and they were sent to terminal 2 to her office. Anyway, she just kept saying that the only information she could see on the computer was that the suitcases were sent to Brussels. We insisted to know where our suitcases were delivered and asked to see ETIHAD AIRWAYS, THE WORLD CLASS AIRLINE’s executive who can handle this incident, she then said she would call a representative from Etihad to talk to us.

We were so upset and exhausted. That lady didn’t seem to cooperate or help us. We didn’t know what to do so we called our friend in Thailand to let him know that we still didn’t get our suitcases because they were sent to Brussels. He told us that he would contact the ETIHAD AIRWAYS’s Bangkok Office for us.

A few minutes later, we got a phone call from Thailand. She spoke in Thai with us. She firstly introduced that she was from the ETIHAD AIRWAYS Bangkok Office then asked ‘Have you already got your suitcases?’!!! We were sure that she knew we didn’t get our suitcase yet otherwise she won’t call. We didn’t think it was coincidence! It was just a few minutes after we asked for help from our friend in Thailand. She knew it but how come she still asked whether we did get our suitcase! It’s not polite and not professional, not at all!

Of course, we told her that we did not get our suitcases. We explained what had happened and what we were told. She didn’t give us any advice just kept saying that everything was managed alright the suitcases were sent to CDG and the flight was landed, nothing could be wrong. She asked if we contacted Thai Airways Counter in CDG, we said we already did. In fact, it was not the moment to tell us again what she or her office did, but she should try to find out why the staff at CDG couldn’t find the status and the correct destination of the suitcases. We told her that she must check what could be wrong. She asked whether we were at the ETIHAD AIRWAYS Office, we said we didn’t then she asked if there was someone from Etihad around, we said no we were waiting for him/her now. Then she said, “hmm, I really want to speak with someone from ETIHAD AIRWAYS there. Do you have the telephone number of ETIHAD AIRWAYS Office?”!!! Why she did ask us! Didn’t she work for ETIHAD AIRWAYS, THE WORLD CLASS AIRLINE! We were not sure whether we were talking with a representative of ETIHAD AIRWAYS, THE WORLD CLASS AIRLINE. In any case, she shouldn’t ask us. We were in Paris for travelling, not living there to know things about Paris or CDG. She was supposed to help us and find a solution not to let us look for a telephone number for her. We were standing in a place where we were nobody and know nothing but she was sitting in her office with computer and telephone that ‘she didn’t have to pay!’ WE HAD TO PAY THE COST OF RECEIVING CALL FROM HER.

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