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Travelling on BA 175

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Travelling on BA 175

Hello again, Looking for some information please.

We (family party of six) travelling to Florida early April 2014 via JFK.

We are booked in WT class on BA175.

The last time I travelled BA to New York from Heathrow (late 2010) was when they were still bussing passengers out to the aircraft. Am I right in assuming that the JFK flights now operate

out of T5 'B' and if so does it take long to get out to the satellite gates?

I have scrolled through numerous previous posts re 'pre-booking seats' and I seem to gather that the general opinions lean towards waiting until OLCI rather than forking out extra cash to book a seat.

We do not have any youngsters under 11yrs so I am a little concerned that we could be split up, although WT on our flight shows loads of free seats. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks and Happy New Year to your all.

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1. Re: Travelling on BA 175

"I have scrolled through numerous previous posts re 'pre-booking seats' and I seem to gather that the general opinions lean towards waiting until OLCI rather than forking out extra cash to book a seat."

You don't say when in April but with Easter falling on 18 - 21 April you could see busier flights if you are around that date - if sitting together is not important you could wait until OLCI and hope for the best or pay in advance if seating is an issue.

One factor to consider is how long you have for the connection in JFK - sitting near the front of the plane will reduce the wait time at JFK Immigration if you have a short connection time at JFK.

You can always make dummy seat bookings to see what's available before deciding to buy or not.

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2. Re: Travelling on BA 175

There are still bus gates at T5, and it's pot luck if you're unlucky enough to get one (A10 is one ...I think A4 may be one too).

I was on the 175 in November and it went from the B gates, if you have access to a smart phone or tablet you could download the Heathrow app, which amongst other things tells you departure gate numbers .....see how many times it departs from each satellite.

As far as paying for allocated seating, only you know how important where you sit is, if your party includes children BA usually allocate seats for you 5 days before your flight, this only guarantees that each child is adjacent to an adult in the party, it does not necessarily mean you will all be seated together.

I am sure there will be someone along who has travelled in a group who can give you more information, all the info above is from the BA website

I think that a child is defined as under 12.....

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3. Re: Travelling on BA 175

Since 2010 T5C has opened, this has reduced the bussing gates significantly but I still get them from time to time. There's no set gate for any departure but just prepare yourself for a T5B or T5C departure.

Loads of free seats doesn't mean anything, only a percentage of people pre-assign seats. If being seated together is of critical importance then stump up, if it isn't then don't.

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4. Re: Travelling on BA 175

Cheers folks. Replies do help, thank you.

For info, we are flying out of Heathrow on April 3rd and have a 3hour transfer time at JFK before our Jet Blue flight down to Orlando. Our seats on that flight are all 'requested' .. free of charge :-)

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5. Re: Travelling on BA 175

Your plane (747-400) has 3-4-3 seating in WT. Would you want 2 3-person rows one behind the other? You could increase your chances of getting that by pre-booking the two aisle seats if you don't want to pay for all six. Or book window and aisle seats if you want even more security.

I will admit we always pre-book our seats ( just two of us) as it is small in relation to the cost of the flight. So I have no idea how difficult it is to get good seats R the OLCI point.

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6. Re: Travelling on BA 175

If the flight is full then booking window and aisle only out of three seats isn't going to be any good.

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7. Re: Travelling on BA 175

The BA 744 is configured 242 at the back

You could try for those, but others may have the same idea

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8. Re: Travelling on BA 175

As no one else has answered what I assume is a question about getting to the "toast rack" buildings - getting from T5A to T5B/C is done underground by an automated train thing. If you miss on it can be frustrating as it feels like you could walk quicker if you were given the option (which I'd prefer anyway). Having said that I don't see why the time it takes would be an issue unless you're legging it for the gate!

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9. Re: Travelling on BA 175

Think the original question was:

Am I right in assuming that the JFK flights now operate out of T5B and if so, how long does it take to get to the gates?

The answer being that destinations tend not to have per determined gates, so no one knows

London, United...
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10. Re: Travelling on BA 175

Wow you folks have been so helpful. I know understand that it is most likely we will leave from the T5 b or c gates and to do that we need to catch the transit trains - thank you for that info.

Secondly I have valued your opinions of the pre-paid booking of seats. Sitting together is important to us so perhaps we'll decide to 'pay up front'. We've always travelled in PE with VS but are a tad disillusioned with them for several reasons, so decided to give BA another shot.

On this issue - seats are available to pre-book in rows 34 & 35 ABC. Has anyone sat in row 35 and found it troublesome because it is the penultimate row before the loos? I ask because once booked exit seats on Virgin Atlantic and virtually throughout the entire journey, we had people standing in front of us waiting for the loo or even kids playing board games by our feet. The little cabin of four seat rows 3-4-3 across directly behind WT+ looks pretty cool but I can see the loos are behind row 36 on both sides.

Any thoughts on this would be most welcome please.

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