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Poor Customer a Service...Lufthansa

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Poor Customer a Service...Lufthansa

Assigned seats mean nothing on this airline. Gate Agents in Munich were rude and unprofessional...Avoid!

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1. Re: Poor Customer a Service...Lufthansa


Wow, need details..

I am assuming - for any number of reasons - your seat request wasn't honored...

If so, in most all cases an airline has the absolute right to change your seat at anytime, for (nearly) any reason, and without the right to compensation.

I am also assuming that the GAs weren't able to get you a reacement seat to your liking.. That's unfortunate, but they too are working within some limits as to having access to other seats to assign you to.

Travel Safe,

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2. Re: Poor Customer a Service...Lufthansa

Well. That tells us.........nothing!

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3. Re: Poor Customer a Service...Lufthansa


Dear, oh dearie me......

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4. Re: Poor Customer a Service...Lufthansa

2 posts to date and both about the most minor of airline issues.

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5. Re: Poor Customer a Service...Lufthansa

Almost identical posts on 10 Nov and 21 Dec. Seems a bit childish but at least we haven't been told not to fly.....


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6. Re: Poor Customer a Service...Lufthansa

Wow, not much you can say really,,,,other than we heard you the first time?

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7. Re: Poor Customer a Service...Lufthansa

No airlines guarantee seat assignments.

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8. Re: Poor Customer a Service...Lufthansa

Why is it always when someone doesn't get what they want or expect that the staff are rude. There has to be two sides and I expect the customer was also rude. We hear this time and time again on hear.

Not a lot of sympathy to your short post. Read the T & c's and I'm sure you will find that seat requests are just that, a request not a right and not guaranteed. Is it really such a big deal you got to your destination safely.

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9. Re: Poor Customer a Service...Lufthansa

Smudge, there are a number of us on this forum who work or have worked in customer service for many years, and most, if not all of us would agree with you. It is in the eye of the beholder, and if you were to believe the many -often first time posts- about rude airline employees, you would have to conclude that all airline employees are rude, and that is obviously not the case.

It all goes back to people trying to pass the buck and not accepting responsibility for their own actions, and blaming others when they don't get what they want.

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10. Re: Poor Customer a Service...Lufthansa

While I agree that Munich check in and gate staff cannot be considered friendly (mainly Aerogate staff), Germans generally are not service orientated, they do a job but give no service. Many airlines will notify you with your seat reservation that seats cannot be guaranteed. This applies to economy and to premium.

Keep this in mind for your next flight ex Munich or ex whichever airport.