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What food/drink US Airways LHR-CLT-MCO & return

Hampton, UK
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What food/drink US Airways LHR-CLT-MCO & return

I have flights booked for Aug 2014 on US Airways flight from London Heathrow to Orlando int via Charlotte. It is for me my wife and kids who will be 8 & 11.

Out leave Heathrow 10:05, ticket says Lunch, Snack. The leaving Charlotte 16:30' says nothing guess internal has nothing.

Return leaving Orlando 15:30' internal so guess nothing. Then due to leave (really hoping the internal is not delayed with just 110 mins stopover) Charlotte at 19:05, this one says Dinner, snack.

I have booked through Flight Centre and asked for my meal to be Gluten Free, there is nothing mentioned on the tickets so hard to tell if they have actually passed this on. However not end of the world just intolerance rather then actual allergy.

What sort of food/drink are we likely to be given on the flights? I have seen various reports where people are critical of this carriers offering, but I do appreciate more people complain than praise.

Thoughts very welcome.


Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: What food/drink US Airways LHR-CLT-MCO & return

Internal flights wont include any free food but you should get a soft drink or tea/coffee and the possibility of being able to buy a snack depending on flight length but I'd try to grab something in the airport.

Transatlantic flights will be standard airline fare - nothing special but should suffice, more info here.


Romford, United...
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2. Re: What food/drink US Airways LHR-CLT-MCO & return

one other thing is that on internal flights, snacks etc must be paid for using plastic ie no cash purchases

Houston, Texas
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3. Re: What food/drink US Airways LHR-CLT-MCO & return

If you requested a special meal through your booking agent, I would contact US Air to confirm before you begin the trip. In addition, I would double check your request with US at the airport, as well.

Hampton, UK
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4. Re: What food/drink US Airways LHR-CLT-MCO & return

Just looked at receipt and refers to a website, not UU Airways, but it does show the special meal and also seats pre-booked! I'd say that is good service.

Chicago, Illinois
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5. Re: What food/drink US Airways LHR-CLT-MCO & return

People are critical of all airlines, at least all the major US airlines, food offerings, because they're all pretty mediocre at best. Remember it's an airline meal, not a gourmet restaurant. The people who complain forget that.As others said, you can always bring on your own food.

On the Transatlantic flights, typically you get the full meal within about two hours after take off. Usually they go around with the drink cart first, so depends how long it takes them to get through. Then you get the snack about an hour before landing.

Hampton, UK
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6. Re: What food/drink US Airways LHR-CLT-MCO & return

Thx Wes the timings are useful to know, we've never been on a long haul flight before. I really don't mind general plane food as a rule.

Nowy Sacz, Poland
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7. Re: What food/drink US Airways LHR-CLT-MCO & return

As a diabetic I have had some AWFUL plane food, but I stock up on things I CAN eat and graze on those, so if the plane meal is palatable that's simply a bonus!

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8. Re: What food/drink US Airways LHR-CLT-MCO & return

There is no more US airways,it has gone.The merged entity is now American Airlines,and you will now follow Americans rules.For food this is largely the same as the old US,but you may find the transatlantic food slightly upgraded.You will have a Buy Onboard menu for CLT-MCO,but if you have time I would buy something in the airport at CLT.

Remember you will now check in with American Airlines.Watch out for a possible terminal change in LHR between now and your flight.

Hampton, UK
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9. Re: What food/drink US Airways LHR-CLT-MCO & return

We'll have to wait and see on the AA front. I'm not so sure they will be able to start the full change that quickly. Firstly will Heathrow have the space to move them, it may well involve having to move another Airline the other way. Mind many are already scheduled to move throughout 2014 as t2 is reopening.

For me as long as they remain within T1-3 no problem to me. I live on local bus route that goes to the bus terminal that covers these terminals.

I guess you might be right about the food from the UK though as that is a cost saving, having fewer suppliers. Mind that caused one of BA's biggest shutdowns a few years ago. Gategourmey went on strike and BA had no food!

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10. Re: What food/drink US Airways LHR-CLT-MCO & return


Although the merger has been approved, the only change to US Airways is that during their boarding announcement they say "US Airways, part if the new American Airlines."

Right now, The gates are still US Airways, The flight attendants wear the same uniforms, the awful first class snack mix is still the same, the planes are still the same, you still get US Airways frequent flyer miles and frequent flyers on American Airlines won't be expecting any perks.... Everything is still the same. You will notice no other changes at this point as the merger really hasn't even started actually integrating the two airlines yet. There's no telling where they'll be in August in the process.

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