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virgin airways to cuba

Romford, United...
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virgin airways to cuba

on board the vs63 flight to havana cuba with virgin airways on the 25th november 2013 after approx 3 hours into the flight the aircrew announced the alcohol was all gone and yet we had another 6 hours to fly, on the return leg of the flight vs64 we were in premium economy and you guessed it, after approx 3 hours flying on an 8 1/2 flight the alcohol had run out again, so we were not impressed with virgin service, they are not as good as firstchoice/thomson.

New York City, New...
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1. Re: virgin airways to cuba

I've read many similar reports about VS flights, appears VS either cater to boozehounds or employ really stingy accountants.

Liverpool, UK
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2. Re: virgin airways to cuba

"appears VS either cater to boozehounds or employ really stingy accountants." - I think it's the former based on my last flight with Virgin where some passengers seemed to be trying to drink the plane dry in the shortest possible time.

To be honest I wouldn't be concerned about alcohol running out as I'm more concerned about arriving safely with my luggage.

Berkshire, England
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3. Re: virgin airways to cuba

Totally agree with you TomC. Does it really matter if the alcohol runs out as long as you get to your destination safely?

Watford, United...
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4. Re: virgin airways to cuba

6 hours without alcohol. It must have been a complete and utter nightmare. I truly hope you never have to suffer that horrific experience again.

London, United...
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5. Re: virgin airways to cuba

They should know the average route demand though and stock accordingly, not run out a third of the way into the flight,

Although I agree it does not matter, safety is everyone's priority obviously, on a long flight, many people, inc myself, like a couple of glasses of wine, it just makes it more pleasant, and to be honest it can help you sleep.

I've flown dry airlines and it's not my first choice and can make the difference when all else is equal on who I chose to fly with, and I would expect the airline to get quite far through the flight and have enough stocks.

So, it may be booze hounds, but I would also suspect poor inventory management is playing a part here as well.

Note thought,,are the drinks free? If not, it's a profit driver to ensure they have enough stock. If they are it could be cost management,,,,,

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6. Re: virgin airways to cuba

I'd be annoyed if they ran out of booze!

Dubai, United Arab...
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7. Re: virgin airways to cuba

I would not know how I would react. On one side missing a drink for myself. On the other happily avoiding a flight were too many people drank too much and will get loud at best and disruptive and violent at worst.

Ayr, Scotland
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8. Re: virgin airways to cuba

Sorry but I'd be gutted too! Bet they would never run out if you had to pay for drinks on board .......

Brisbane, Australia
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9. Re: virgin airways to cuba

Personally, i dont drink alcohol when flying, but for those that enjoy it, it would detract from the overall experience if they ran out.

Bristol, United...
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10. Re: virgin airways to cuba

Being someone who gets hideously dehydrated on flights, I'd rather they run out of booze than soft drinks and water. It's not massively good for you to drink alcohol when flying long haul anyway.