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Cell Phones

Nashville, TN
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Cell Phones

No!! Please no!!

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1. Re: Cell Phones

Care to explain?

Nashville, TN
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2. Re: Cell Phones

The FCC is mulling a rule change that will allow cell phone usage (including calls) while in flight. Personally, I agree with the OP and it's a very bad idea.

Elk Rapids, Michigan
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for Lanai
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3. Re: Cell Phones

Super bad idea.

Being annoyed by someone yacking on a cell phone for hours on end about nothing.

please NO!!!!!!!!!!

Leeds, United...
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for Leeds, Bradford
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4. Re: Cell Phones

And here is a link to an article. I'm another who wouldn't want it to go ahead.


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5. Re: Cell Phones

This has been available on Virgin Atlantic for a while.

I've taken a few flights with them since it has been introduced and not seen anyone use the service. Not one. (Though this may be because the cost for a call is actually higher than non EU roaming charges).

I don't think that you will see people yacking for the entire flight, as it will probably end up costing them more than the ticket itself.

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for Israel
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6. Re: Cell Phones

I also do not want to see this. I fail to understand why people just don't want to relax on a flight.There is no need to be connected every second. Anyone who things they are "that" important is probably very delusional. Nothing is that important! -heads of state have contact but they also are not on commercial airlines.

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7. Re: Cell Phones

It really doesn't bother me either way.

I won't use it, but don't really care if other people do.

Whether or not people relax on a flight or talk is no concern of mine. Just put on a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

Magog, Canada
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8. Re: Cell Phones

I have no issue with it. I doubt that so many people will be on the phone all the time.

What is the difference with someone talking to his girlfriend on the phone or talking to his girlfriend in the next seat?

"...Anyone who things they are "that" important is probably very delusional..." Nice for you to have a relax and cozy job.

Salisbury, United...
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9. Re: Cell Phones

What is the difference? Because people always shout when on the phone and one sided conversations are SO annoying.

Chicago, Illinois
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10. Re: Cell Phones

"What is the difference with someone talking to his girlfriend on the phone or talking to his girlfriend in the next seat?"

The difference is it's noisy on a plane and a lot harder to hear the person on the phone than sitting next to you so you talk louder. I have a relative who insists on calling the person picking him up the minute we land simply to say we have landed. If I'm on the plan with him, I can hear him yelling into the phone 10 rows away. This is why texting was invented.