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Jet Airways Buyer Beware!!!

Mumbai (Bombay...
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Jet Airways Buyer Beware!!!

Just wanted to do a quick post so others are aware of this issue. We bought Toronto to Bombay online with FlightHub, on Jet Airways. A day and a half before departure we noticed one passenger name had a typo. Instead of 'Artur' it was 'Arur'. Agreed we should have checked the tickets previously but we missed it. It was clearly a typo, probably the 't' key didnt get pressed hard enough or something. Its a code share with the first on Air Canada - a much hated airline in Canada. The fare was a refundable type flexi-fare so I called AIr Canada to correct it, and they said ok there is likely to be $50-100 fee associated with it, but upon transferring me to the next associate they realised it was a Jet Airways issued ticket, so I called Jet. They flat refused. The CSR wouldnt even talk to me, he said the ticket was unusable, and no he couldnt transfer me to the supervisor. Period. After about 15 minutes of my going WTH, i got the supervisor who wasted another 30 minutes and then proceeded to inform me that BOTH the tickets that were on that reservation would be cancelled (even though the typo was on one only)!!!!!! SERIOUSLY????? Are you kidding me??? He said there is nothing he can do and this is Jet Policy. I really didnt have any flexibility at this point in terms of rescheduling so he went ahead and booked two NET NEW tickets on the EXACT same flight with THE EXACT same seats etc at an incredibly HIGHER fare. I didnt pay, I told him I'd call back in an hour - he said then he wont be able to offer me this very high but 'discounted' fare. !!!!!!!! I called FlightHub and they said no problem there will be a small penalty for the change - but then after talking to Jet they said Jet refuses to correct the typo!! ANyhoo I ended up keeping the one ticket with the correct name(acc to flighthub what the Jet Supervisor told me was crazy talk - I agree) and ended up paying a lot more (but still less than the discounted goodwill fare offered by Jet) and got a whole net new second ticket issued. Now since the old ticket WAS flexifare - jet still keeps about 400$ of that too and I will see my refund of $1000 in about 2 months! Other than paying through the nose and getting the 'T' inserted in the name, everything else is the same - same last name, same DOB, same Nationality, same flights, same Seat even (oh they obliged). At the time I bought the new ticket there were several seats (about a dozen acc to my partners travel agent) available on the very same Jet flight! The flight was not even full less than 30 hours from departure!! Now I know why!

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1. Re: Jet Airways Buyer Beware!!!

Many airlines refuse to make name changes, even obvious typos. I agree that it's a rigid system but ultimately it's the passenger's fault if they enter the wrong name. There are plenty of chances to check and double-check details before confirming payment. There's a chance you would have gotten away with travelling, even with the typo, although I can certainly understand if you didn't want to take it.

Worthing, United...
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2. Re: Jet Airways Buyer Beware!!!


Isn't Flighthub an online booker, so that's who you should contact.

It always amazes me that so called poor passenger service airlines like Ryanair deal with problems like this free of charge and yet full service airlines make a real meal out of being unhelpful.


Nowy Sacz, Poland
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3. Re: Jet Airways Buyer Beware!!!

Yes. a) Jet are OK. Not the best airline in the world, but better than many. b) refusing to change names or making a charge is not unusual. c) You should have checked ALL the details before confirming your booking. d) your booking was with Flighthub, not Jet. e) Anyone will tell you that first and last names on your tivcket MUST match. f) You cocked up.

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4. Re: Jet Airways Buyer Beware!!!


I have to agree with #1... That being the onus of verifying correct passenger information falls to you the passenger and not the carrier..

My take is that I'm of a split mind..

I DO like the fact that some carriers allow for discretion ... however.. I also know that as it is with many aspects of large scale life, there is a small subset of the populous who will abuse that discretion...

That issue .. Plus I do think there is something to be said for consistency .. Whatever it is, be consistent across the system in its application..

So... I think there's got to be a balance, but unlike things that are objective in assessment (like baggage weight) it's hard to ascertain a "degree" or "amount" of correction a name change requires -- and what then would fall inside or outside of discretion.

I'm not a huge fan of making it a formal policy because it would end up like a baggage weight case .. That is if a carrier made it a formal policy that you get a (example only) 5kg "variance" over their 23kg allowance, then you can bet that some folks will just pack right up to 30 -- and still have issue if they're hit with overage if they scale at 31 or 32kg...

So to me this issue of discretion does kind of pose a risk to carriers -- to that end, I can see why some might take a uniform "no" position.

Travel Safe,

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Mumbai (Bombay...
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5. Re: Jet Airways Buyer Beware!!!

I contacted air canada first as i wanted them to add our frequent flier #'s to the ticket and they didnt think it was a big issue and suggested I call jet. so then i called jet and then flight hub. we have been calling all airlines that we generally fly with to check this policy issue, and so far air france, klm, emirates, etihad, air canada, american airlines, asiana, bangkok airways, thai, korean have said they charge a small reissuing penalty when the ticket is a flex fare. There is a bunch that we still have to call. typos are apparently fairly common for internet bookings and so far only jet treats the ticket with a typo as unusable when it is a Flex fare. Its only when you buy non-refundable tickets that changes cant be made. on speaking with flighthub again it seems if we wanted to make any other change - eg., date, time etc it would have been done by reissuing the ticket. this is obviously a cash grab.

London, United...
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6. Re: Jet Airways Buyer Beware!!!

A cash grab? Purchasing with them is fully voluntary, their terms and conditions explain it, the purchaser accepts that prior to purchasing and they have the option to check all details prior to confirming purchase.

If they them find they have screwed up, you can hardly accuse the airline of a " cash grab". Just check in future or pay the stupid tax. Or fly another airline. It's all about choice.

Leyland, United...
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7. Re: Jet Airways Buyer Beware!!!

<< Its only when you buy non-refundable tickets that changes cant be made. >>

and what about tickets that are non-changeable?

Mumbai (Bombay...
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8. Re: Jet Airways Buyer Beware!!!

the ticket was flex fare(higher fare than non refundable) with changes allowed. I was allowed to change dates of travel by paying fare difference for new dates - if any. only name correction was not allowed.

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9. Re: Jet Airways Buyer Beware!!!

It does seem pretty harsh to me, I would have understood a non flexi tariff but surely you pay more so that if something like this happens you will be able to change it albeit for a small fee. Anyway looks like there's not much you can do so best to leave it and put it down to experience and move on.

Travelling The World
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10. Re: Jet Airways Buyer Beware!!!

I agree with Chrella, especially as this is a flexible ticket.

What does the airline have to lose by having a policy that says name changes are allowed for a set fee, plus any difference in fare (to prevent people buying up tickets at lower prices and then selling them on when fares rise for less than the going rate but more than they paid for them)?

I really don't see a problem with that.