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USAirways and the guidedog

Nowy Sacz, Poland
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USAirways and the guidedog

After 90 minutes waiting on the tarmac, the dog got shuffly. The FA ordered the dog and the blind guy off. The other passengers followed!


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Dubai, United Arab...
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1. Re: USAirways and the guidedog

“Our hearts of stone become hearts of flesh when we learn where the outcast weeps.”

― Brennan Manning

Buffalo, New York
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2. Re: USAirways and the guidedog

Good on them. Kudos, fist bumps, and high fives to the other passengers. And a nice piece of steak for the dog.

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3. Re: USAirways and the guidedog

Disgraceful treatment from US airways, I hope the guy gets a load of compensation as well as a public apology.

Dubai, United Arab...
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4. Re: USAirways and the guidedog

I think his biggest compensation was that other people stood up for him.

As to which degree this is worth cash / legal action will depend on the allegation of him having been verbally abusive. We have not been there and newspaper report a lot and not always fact based.

But in the US there are enough lawyers jumping with pleasure on such a case if it is worth money.

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5. Re: USAirways and the guidedog

I think if he's been verbally abusive the other passengers wouldn't have stood up for him like they did, I'm sure he must have protested but who wouldn't. but you're right about newspapers so let's wait and see how it all pans out.

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6. Re: USAirways and the guidedog

I'm surprised there's no cell phone video yet. It seems like people video everything (even though phones are supposed to be off) on their phones. That should clear things up. That's a big dog to stay under an airplane seat for that long.

Portland, Oregon
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7. Re: USAirways and the guidedog

Here's the FlyerTalk thread on this. Follow the link in post #5 and it gets interesting.

(Rizzi) - "I said, 'We're not going to get to the point where you tell me I'm being argumentative, so you can throw me off the plane.' "


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8. Re: USAirways and the guidedog


Here's my take... First, I agree that there's probably a fair bit that's not been disclosed or has been disclosed in a less-than objective form..

I get it, from a human perspective, I suspect few will side with US over the passenger .. There's some emotions built in there .. But to me, an analysis of the "right" and "wrong" really should be done absent this idea - to the extent practicable..

Here's my base thoughts ... I bet -- in hindsight -- that there was *probably* other solutions possible, but for whatever reason they either weren't thought of, brought up or explored..

Yes.. It is right, fair and accurate to say that those accommodation rights afforded to qualified passengers do not and can not supersede or upsurp prevailing safety or security laws in place.

So, IF -- and that's saying IF -- there was a security or safety non-compliance case at hand, then safety and security rules prevail.

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