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Allegiant Airlines

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Allegiant Airlines

The flight I was on had a mechanical issue, so we all had to deplane and go back into LAX. They said a rescue plane was coming from Vegas. We waited over 7 hours for that plane. I sat in LAX all that time on Halloween. They ended up cancelling the flight after waiting all that time. I had plans to attend a big Halloween event in Waikiki, and then the flight was canceled. I had to deal with crying kids who weren't going to get to go Trick-or-treating and about 200 angry passengers. Especially angry were the parents of those kids who were ready to trick-or-treat. I had to pull my car out of long term parking which messed up my parking agreement and raised my parking fees with the Hilton. The airline said to come back the next day for a 9 am flight. Then they couldn't get me a hotel voucher in time because they couldn't figure out their computers, and it was getting late. I was sleepy and the passengers were an angry mob, so I had to use gas to drive back home in 15 MPH Los Angeles traffic and I got home very late because I live far. I had to get up early the next morning and fight traffic again using more gas to make it to LAX (I live 55 miles from LAX). There was a shooter in the terminal at my gate on Nov 1st...need I say more? It was terrifying to see people running out onto the tarmac and police with guns drawn as we were pushing back and getting ready to taxi not knowing for 5 hours what happened. Everyone on my flight was worried. I was not served a beverage of any kind until the very end of the flight. The attendant looked right at me and walked on by without asking if I wanted anything. There was a screaming toddler right behind me the whole way. While in Honolulu, I was on hold for over 60 minutes on the phone to change my flight (I have the phone record). Then they wanted to charge me $25.00 to come back later even though they are the ones who caused the delay in the beginning that prompted me to extend my trip. I also had paid for trip flex. Then after I told them what I'd been through, they seated me in the aisle next to the bathroom. So I got to the counter and told her I was an Active Duty member flying home for Veteran's Day and they stamped my ticket Gold line, but still sat me in the aisle by a smelly toilet for 5 hours (there were other empty seats they could have put me in). I was unable to sleep due to people constantly congregating next to me to go in and out of the toilet and staring at me giving me no privacy on my electronic device because they tried to read what I was typing or doing as they stood over my shoulder. They were hitting me with their bodies and slamming the bathroom door. The flight crew hit me with their cart and bumped me while trying to open the overhead bin. The flight crew chose to use that bathroom to throw buckets of ice into the toilet, which was very loud, and a kid got stuck in there and was screaming and banging on the door. There were two babies crying in front of me. Two kids were playing by the toilet, and I had just bought a coke (yes you have to buy the soda on this flight). They bumped me and I spilled my coke all over the guy next to me. Their compensation for all of this was $100.00 that I have to use on one of their flights.

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1. Re: Allegiant Airlines

Paragraphs are your friend.

Worthing, United...
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2. Re: Allegiant Airlines


The problem was in the first line.

The plane was broken!

I have parked a car in Hilton long term parking but had to take it out and return it later the same day because of a change of arrangements. No charge, so that point is basically untrue.

The rest is bluster and nonsense.


Worthing, United...
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3. Re: Allegiant Airlines

As an addendum


Most of this rant was about Halloween, before we all start dressing up and trick or treating, having parties and making this a real event think of all the problems the OP had. Let's just stick to Christmas, a lump of chocolate at Easter and the odd birthday tea and we will all be happier.

Mrs Misery

Nashville, TN
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4. Re: Allegiant Airlines

You want cheap, you get cheap and all the problems that come with it.

Seattle, Washington
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5. Re: Allegiant Airlines

Did you just make all this up?

Dallas, Texas
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6. Re: Allegiant Airlines

You get what you pay for end of rant.

sarasota, florida
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7. Re: Allegiant Airlines

Alegiant's track record is pitiful, their back-up plans non-existent, as is customer service. We have tried three times, really giving it a chance. Good fares, good routes, but only if they work! We have been given lots of credit on Allegiant that we will not be using. I am not talking about a couple hours of delay, I am talking about whole days and days. Its an awful airline.

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