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ryanair flight

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ryanair flight


I have a flight with Ryanair from stansted 45 min after I landed with a domestic flight with a different airline. If I have to go through the security check again, will I make it in time or will I lose my flight? Is there a corridor for connecting flights where I woudnt have to do the security again?


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1. Re: ryanair flight

You have precisely ZERO chance of making your next flight. You will have to pass through security again.

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2. Re: ryanair flight

I think you already know the answer to this, unless you have been living in a cave with no media access since the year dot.

No chance. You have already lost the flight.

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3. Re: ryanair flight

Where are you originally flying from and heading to?

Alan is correct. Your chance of making the RyanAir flight is somewhere between zero and 0.000001%.

So, back to the drawing board. Where do you want to fly from and to? We can possibly help.

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4. Re: ryanair flight

I'm not disagreeing with Alanrow, I think a 45 minute "connection" onto Ryanair is impossible, not least because they require you to be at the gate at least 30 minutes before scheduled departure, and enforce this.

However someone arriving on a UK domestic flight isn't required by government to go through security again before boarding an outbound flight at a UK airport providing they remain in the sterile area because they've already had a UK standard security check.

Is it just that Stansted lacks a Flight Connections channel to route such domestic arriving passengers into the departure lounge without going landside or getting mixed up with transferring passengers off international flights before these have had a UK security check? Heathrow and Gatwick can manage this (within the same terminal, at least) and as all three airports were laid out to BAA specifications you'd expect the facility to be there.

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5. Re: ryanair flight

There is no "flight connection" concept at STN. The only exit from a domestic flight is to the "landside" area. You will miss the second flight.

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6. Re: ryanair flight

< providing they remain in the sterile area >

No sterile area at Stansted - and if OP has checked luggage they would have to collect and recheck it THEN pass through security.

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7. Re: ryanair flight

If your flight from Edinburgh is on time and you have no checked bags you will make it.

But you will have to run and splash out £5 for the premium security line (and hope you aren't pulled for extra screening). The premium line is at the far end from arrivals and last time I was through in three minutes. Then run to your gate.

This nonsense about gates closing 30 minutes ahead is just that. The aircraft isn't even scheduled to be there until 25 minutes before departure. So unless the inbound is very early they will still be boarding 15 minutes before departure and even later so you have every chance of making it.

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8. Re: ryanair flight

Fabio, please post back and let us know how you got on.

Why did you not ask this question before you booked the flight?

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9. Re: ryanair flight


I travelled with Easyjet thirty minutes ahead of time from Marseille in August, the flight was in early, and everyone who was at the gate more than 30 minutes before the flight was boarded and the gate closed right on time.

Last month my flight from Prague to Gatwick left about twenty minutes early and a flight from Reykjavik in January also left early but can't remember by how much.

A flight connection with only forty five minutes is crazy. It can take twenty minutes to get off the plane never mind get round Stansted which is by no means a small airport.

Either buy another Ryanair ticket, just one way, or catch an earlier first flight.


Travelling The World
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10. Re: ryanair flight

Yes flights Ryanair can arrive and leave early. So could his inbund for that matter, giving him then 75 minutes. If your flight is later in the day you have every chance that knock on effects will have kicked in and the flight from STNwon't be early.

As I said, under normal circumstances, if you are at the front of the arriving aircraft, don't hang about and pay for premium security you are almost guaranteed you will make it. Airlines schedule 45 minute connections, even with security, at airports the size of Stansted all the time. Most people make it.

Even though this is not an official "connection" I think you will make it too all things being well. But it will only take one thing to go pear-shaped (late inbound or the Ryanair flight being so early that they can close the gate early) and you will lose your Ryanair flight. It just depends how risk-averse you are whether you want to try.

But I don't agree that what you are proposing is impossible - it's just risky.

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