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Buying Travel Insurance - is that truly necessary?

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Buying Travel Insurance - is that truly necessary?

I just booked my 2014 European Tour with Expedia and was faced with the dilemma of should I or shouldn't I, buy the travel insurance for $83. I didn't.

Far as I know about my health insurance is that if I get sick abroad, I will pay and they will reimburse me.

What are your thoughts on this? I have 24 hours to cancel my trip and re-book with the travel insurance coverage.

Thank you.

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1. Re: Buying Travel Insurance - is that truly necessary?

I would never, ever buy the insurance from the likes of Expedia. If you feel you need additional coverage (or don't have any at all) shop around and buy the insurance independently.

Check what you are covered for so you don't buy more than you need and make sure what you do buy actually does cover you for what you think it does.

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2. Re: Buying Travel Insurance - is that truly necessary?

What about if you need emergency medical repatriation? private air ambulances are not cheap? search and rescue expenses but to name just a few things it's useful for

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3. Re: Buying Travel Insurance - is that truly necessary?

Get the travel insurance. It will cost a lot more than $83 to get home should you get ill or have a serious accident. And if you don't know you should check what your health insurance will pay for even after the event...you could still be faced with a big upfront bill.

And if you have bought non-refundable airline tickets and the airline changes the schedules to something you hadn't bargained for you will be stuffed without travel insurance.

These are MY thoughts. Sorry if they are a bit blunt.

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4. Re: Buying Travel Insurance - is that truly necessary?

Many people use the site http://www.insuremytrip.com to compare rates and coverage. I never used to get trip insurance until my relatives got older and I was worried about having to cancel or cut a trip short. In addition, there is the possibility of the need for medical evacuation. Make sure you know what is covered under your health plan.

Only you know what your risk tolerance is. Now for anything other than just flights to visit someone in the US, I purchase some type if insurance.

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5. Re: Buying Travel Insurance - is that truly necessary?

Also note that if you have a pre-existing condition you have a limited window for purchasing insurance that will cover it.

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6. Re: Buying Travel Insurance - is that truly necessary?

Nemor, if you have extended medical through your employer then you shouldn't need excess insurance beyond that, as it is very good coverage over and above the standard MSP plan.

If you don't have extended medical then you will need insurance, but don't buy it from expedia.ca. Try BCAA for a trip package. You need not be a member, but will be offered a 5% discount for booking on line. Their rates aren't bad, with coverage that is almost as good as most employers' extended packages (eg with Pacific Blue Cross).

A number of Canadian credit cards have travel insurance packages as perks for the (sometimes hefty) annual fee. Unless you have a bare bones credit card with no extras, see what's offered with that card as well. Usually one needs to book and pay for the trip with that card for coverage to be offered, so read the details at the card provider's website.

Again, though, if you've got extended coverage you should be in fairly good shape.

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7. Re: Buying Travel Insurance - is that truly necessary?

Personal I wouldn't travel without travel insurance (not taking any risk). However, I would not buy from the likes of Expedia. As other stated do a bit of research (especially if your a pre-existing condition). Remember, the cheapest is not always the best, and neither is the most expensive. Check for the exclusions etc. before buying it.

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8. Re: Buying Travel Insurance - is that truly necessary?

I think that Expedia's insurance just covers trip cancellation/baggage issues etc.

My credit card covers me for those things so I don't buy it but IF I didn't have that coverage I'd buy from Expedia or the airline or the cruise line etc.

My medical insurance also covers me if I travel so I don't feel the need for extra coverage.

It is true I won't have coverage for being flown home but that is all that I am missing.

I think it all depends on what you already have in terms of coverage, where you are going, and your own wallet size. The $83 is not very much if compared to the whole cost of the trip.

Truro, Canada
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9. Re: Buying Travel Insurance - is that truly necessary?

It sounds like you have extended medical coverage - just check to see what it covers you for. I like the extended medical coverage because, in other countries, it seems that medical bills can be an infinite amount. However, I don't always get travel insurance, because my trip costs are a finite amount and I'm ready to risk that. But I always get the extended medical (through work), which for me, includes the medical evacuation and everything associated with that.

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10. Re: Buying Travel Insurance - is that truly necessary?

You really need to check what your medical coverage covers when you are overseas. You also did not say where you are going. If you're going to a location without decent hospitals nearby and fall and break a leg and need a helicopter to evacuate you, or a couple of last minute first class air tickets for you and a travel partner and a nurse to accompany you, that's tens of thousands of dollars. It does not even have to be that dramatic. All it would take is something simple like getting hit by a car while crossing a street. The bills could add up really quickly.

I know in the US it is hit or miss whether your health insurance covers you while abroad. Not sure what is typical in Canada.