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Boarding Pass SNAFU

Utrecht, The...
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Boarding Pass SNAFU

My wife and I are taking a trip with some friends to Morocco in a few months, flying via RyanAir. My friend booked the tickets for us, but made an error on the boarding pass. She thought my wife has a hyphenated last name, but it's not in her passport. Her boarding pass reads "First, Maiden Last", but her passport only has First and Last. So the boarding pass has the correct last name, but too much information. Ryanair is a pain to change this sort of thing with, so I wondered if anyone has had a similar problem? BTW, we're flying from the Netherlands. Thanks!

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1. Re: Boarding Pass SNAFU

"Ryanair is a pain to change this sort of thing with"

A simple name change is usually OK. You need to call them though. If she is already checked in she will need to be unchecked in for the change to be made.

Call them. Don't risk it as the first and last names need to be exact.

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2. Re: Boarding Pass SNAFU

If you're flying in a few months you can't have checked in won't have any boarding passes yet. Ryanair are very good at changing minor errors free of charge, but whether they think its minor or a name change is up to them. Just ring them and politely explain the mistake

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3. Re: Boarding Pass SNAFU

You had better work out whats a boarding pass and whats not or you are going to get stung with a very expensive bill when you rock up at the airport !

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4. Re: Boarding Pass SNAFU


I love comments like this "Ryanair is a pain to change this sort of thing with".

One minutes research shows that of all the airlines, with the exception of Easyjet, Ryanair are great at sorting out typos.

So a call to Ryanair with your booking reference and it will most likely be sorted for free. Do this with a full service airline or a travel agent and you would be in bother, but not with Ryanair.


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5. Re: Boarding Pass SNAFU

I'm actually up against a similar issue, but mine is with United. My Mileage Plus account is in my married hyphenated name (i.e. "Jane Doe-Smith"), but my passport is still just "Jane Doe." This is partly because my company continued to book international plane tickets for me under "Jane Doe," so I didn't want to be without a passport that matched.

Unfortunately, I booked a Mileage award ticket for Christmas eve LAX-Copenhagen (routing thru Houston and London Heathrow) and, of course, that ticket has my hyphenated married name on it (Jane Doe-Smith). We are about 4.5 weeks away from travel and I know I can pay the $$ for an expedited Passport name change (and just pray I don't have to travel to Canada between now & then), but it's not my favorite option. I called United Mileage Plus and the agent told me she isn't ALLOWED to change the name on my ticket at ALL. Really? She said I "might" be OK if I bring my marriage license with me, but couldn't guarantee it would be accepted in London and Copenhagen.

Anyone had a similar issue?


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6. Re: Boarding Pass SNAFU

I did (Doug-Douglas) but I got the name changed on my account before I booked any awards tickets, so not much help in afraid.

Try starting a new thread with an informative title like United MP name problem or something. You might get a better response. Lots of UA frequent flyers here.

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7. Re: Boarding Pass SNAFU

Thanks, Douglas! Sorry to hijack the thread. Just seemed similar. Thanks.

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