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How to enjoy a 12-hour flight?

Surrey, Canada
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How to enjoy a 12-hour flight?

I have a 12-hour flight coming up, leaving midnight, and arriving in the morning local time. It's gonna be dark for the entire fleet, but there will be meals provided. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to enjoy this 12-hour flight. I usually try to sleep on flights but rarely works out.

So other than sleeping, watching movies, and reading, what else can I do to enjoy this flight? I really dislike watching movies on airplanes. I am not bringing a tablet or a laptop because I travel light.

The only ideas I have right now is to talk to people or the FA's, but I doubt many people would want to chat when it's 3am.

But anyways, what do you do on a flight to pass the time?



Milford, Ohio
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1. Re: How to enjoy a 12-hour flight?

"The only ideas I have right now is to talk to people or the FA's, but I doubt many people would want to chat when it's 3am."

I suggest you take something to read or watch. No one is going to want to entertain you even if it's not 3:00 AM. Or, take a sleeping pill and pass out! There's not really many options when flying for 12 hours overnight.

Good Luck!!

Elk Rapids, Michigan
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for Lanai
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2. Re: How to enjoy a 12-hour flight?

Deck of cards maybe? Depends on what your seatmates are like or want to do.

Bingley, United...
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for Edinburgh
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3. Re: How to enjoy a 12-hour flight?

Do something, do nothing until you can't bear it, repeat

Or take something AFTER THE FLIGHT TAKES OFF that knocks you unconscious

Cookham Dean...
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for Prague, Bohemia
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4. Re: How to enjoy a 12-hour flight?

I usually pop out for a smoke

Vancouver, Canada
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for London
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5. Re: How to enjoy a 12-hour flight?

I suspect you're flying AC33 to SYD. If you don't want to watch the IFE, you will have the option to listen. There are a sizeable number of albums available (can one create a playlist as with BA?) as well as 15 satellite radio stations from which to choose.

As another who rarely sleeps on any flights, I've found that listening to music is more relaxing than trying to watch a film, so give it a go and see what you think. Another option is to simply enjoy the time away from the pressures of life, simply sit back and have a good think.

Surrey Public Libraries very likely have a few paperbacks for sale; buy one or two for 50 cents, read one on board then leave it for another person after you disembark.

Houston, Texas
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6. Re: How to enjoy a 12-hour flight?

<I usually pop out for a smoke> LOL :)

I read, work, sleep, eat/drink, and watch movies - ALL of the above.

Portland, Oregon
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for Air Travel
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7. Re: How to enjoy a 12-hour flight?

There are plenty of suggestions in the Top Question "Tips for long haul flights" - tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g1-i10702-k4171899…

Atlanta, Georgia
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for Atlanta
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8. Re: How to enjoy a 12-hour flight?

With the iPad mini and the iPod touch, traveling light and bringing entertainment are not mutually exclusive. I like to kill time by doing sudoku puzzles or crosswords.

Don't sleep much the night before so you'll be tired, and hopefully you'll be able to sleep on the flight. If not, perhaps a sleeping pill or a couple of drinks will knock you out.

If the others on the plane want to sleep (and they will) and have to listen to you chat, you will not be very popular. Please be aware of whether you're disturbing others if you talk to seatmates, FAs etc.

United Kingdom
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9. Re: How to enjoy a 12-hour flight?

When you board the aircraft, set the time on your watch to the current time in your destination city.

Try and eat, sleep and drink at times appropriate to the time at your destination. OK, we know that's going to be difficult, but at least stay well hydrated and avoid salty or sugary foods. A couple of drinks , red wine etc, might help you nod off, but I don't recommend any other sleep aids, pills etc. During natural sleep you tend to move a little bit. If you are zonked out with pills, your immobility makes you more prone/ liable to DVT.

Don't want to sound like Nanny, but the easier and the more naturally you make it for your body to adjust, the easier it will.

Look after your skin on long haul... Take a small bottle of good skin moisturise and slather it all over your face and arms. No-one cares what you look like in the middle of the night, and you can always do a repair on face/hair job just before the crew serve you breakfast etc.

Some people find that if they want to sleep, a few drops of Bach's Rescue Remedy Sleep Formula helps them, although it doesn't put you to sleep, it just relaxes you.

Finally, if you really want to sleep.. EARPLUGS!!!

Colorado, USA
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10. Re: How to enjoy a 12-hour flight?

I like to do needlework, so why don't you take up cross-stitch or embroidery?