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qantas a380 with toddler

Las Vegas, Nevada
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qantas a380 with toddler

I'll be flying qantas from Lax to Australia with an 18 mobth old (who I have booked a seat for)and am wondering what the best seats would be on the qantas a380. The bulkheads are already booked so those aren't an option and the baby is too big for the bassinet anyways. I still don't know if I should bring a carcarseat or not either, I don't want to cart one around if he would not want to sit in it for 15 hours and then I don't know what I would do with it on the plane.

Anyways I was looking at the seats in row 80k since there is no seat in front for baby to kick but does anyone know if that is a noisy place being so near to the galley? Any suggestions appreciated! I just want a happy trip so that we don't disturb other people!

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1. Re: qantas a380 with toddler

Since you baby has a seat I would definitely bring the car seat. There are multiple reasons for this

A. ( and it is a biggie) he is much, much, much safer in the car seat than he is in just the seat belt!

B. he will be contained in something familiar. Somewhere in those 15 hours is his nap time and night time. He will just sleep.

C. The option of not sitting in it ( versus seating in just the seat) is not an option that should be offered to him.

It is nice of you to be considerate of others in looking for him too have a seat that he can't kick others.

Based on what my nephew does when traveling with my grand niece ( who has done 4 round trip 12 hour flights in her 21 months--she is in the car seat and they load an ipod with her favorite shows. She is more than satisfied. ( when she isn't sleeping) They also deliberately fly night flights and she sleeps most of the time.

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2. Re: qantas a380 with toddler

I'm a bit confused by what you imagine your toddler will be doing if he's not sitting in his car seat?

When you get on the plane the car seat is locked into place in his seat (similar to locking it into your car) and then he sits in it. While he will need a few visits to the toilet and the occasional walk around the plane (accompanied by one of his parents/carers) the rest of the time he will be in the seat. There's no where else to be on a plane?

As rdglady said he is much safer in the car seat. Would you consider travelling in a car without it?

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3. Re: qantas a380 with toddler

I think a car seat would end up being a nuisance. while we need to take into consideration safety, you are less likely to need this kind of restraint in a plane. plus if he does fall asleep, you can have him lying down across your lap. much more comfortable than sitting 14 hours in a car seat with little movement.

car seats would be good for a short flight, but Lax to australia is a very long flight.

Coffs Harbour...
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4. Re: qantas a380 with toddler

Have to agree with some aspects of post 1 and 2, however we have done this exact trip a few times recently.

1. The car seat is a total pain in the neck to carry around with you in addition to everything else

2. While I do agree that the child will feel more familiar in the car seat (as he/she would in the car), one important fact is forgotten. When he/she is in the car, you are not seated right next to them. Your child will see you next to them for 15hrs and not want to be strapped into the seat.

3. in regards to safety, of course the car seat is a safe option, however the benefits of said safety is outweighed by the practicality. I fully understand the view of extra safety, but in actual fact it would be compulsory if statistics showed a meaningful risk.

4. If your child refuses to stay in the child seat, then you will have him/her on your lap, because there will be nowhere to stow the car seat when not in use.

Don't overthink the trip. the on-board entertainment is more than enough to keep your child occupied and give you brief bursts of freedom.

Have a great trip.

BTW, I think 80K is a good choice as is 71D.

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5. Re: qantas a380 with toddler

I am absolutely freaking out how anyone can think that the benefit of safety is lower than that of ease or practicality. BTW your child will NOT be able to lay across you when the fasten seat belt sign is on, He will have to be in his seat!

Also, I do not know if you realize that if you, G-d forbid, end up on a flight with serious turbulence your child would be a projectile flying around the plane if not in a car seat. He is too small for the plane's seat belt and you would be physically unable to hold him.

Here are some u-tubes taken on planes with severe turbulence


You are also welcome to read this article


Usually we are convincing people to buy their under two year olds seats. You are buying the seat, yet doing nothing to make your child safe. I do not get it!

millie--my aforementioned grand niece is in a car seat for the Tel Aviv to NY portion of her flight and the short NY to Boston portion. It makes no difference!

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Coffs Harbour...
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6. Re: qantas a380 with toddler

Please do not misunderstand my previous post. At no stage am I suggesting that you forget the safety of your child. What i am saying is that life is all about doing the best we can with what we can practically do. If indeed these extreme turbulence issues were so rife, then airlines would make these seats compulsory (for insurance reasons alone). Of course we can wrap our children in an inflated bubble when we go for a walk (but we do not do so, for practical reasons).

in relation to the infant not being allowed to lay on you when seat belt sign is on, this is true. however you can either seat them in their allocated seat, or request an infant lap belt so they can also be attached to you.

in the end, this is not about 'I am absolutely freaking out how anyone can think that the benefit of safety is lower than that of ease or practicality', it is about options/choices/practicality and your choice to do what you think works best.

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7. Re: qantas a380 with toddler

I do agree with Douglass4.

The car seat is going to be a real nuisance to travel with.

You won't be able to use it in Australia unless it conforms to the very stringent

Australian standards and most car seats from other countries don't.

I can't imagine an active toddler sitting in a car seat for a 14 hour TRANSPAC flight.

For the most part, the seatbelt sign would not be on and your child would be more comfortable sleeping across two seats, head in your lap. I always brought a big pillow along. A bit like a mini mattress. The favorite 'blankie' always came in the flight too.

For safety, something like the CARES harness would be better than a car seat. http://www.caresaustralia.com.au

Brisbane, Australia
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8. Re: qantas a380 with toddler

I have to agree about not bringing the seat ... yes, it's safe but balance that up against an 18 month old strapped into a car seat for 14 hours, that's just cruel. What would be the reaction if we all had to be strapped down for that length of time ... I'd take the chance on a bit of turbulence. Also as Eva said ... imagin all the stuff you have to juggle and a tired child and a bl@@dy car seat!!!

I would also suggest a trip to the $1 shop and stock up on cheap toys ... a new one every few hours can be a godsend.

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9. Re: qantas a380 with toddler

I stand by what I have said. a car seat is not necessary. there is no way a toddler will sit still in this for any length of time.

I also think you may be over thinking this.

travel with a toddler will be difficult. I do not think you need to make it more so. I have travelled with toddlers & yes they can lie towards you with their head on your lap & still keep their seat belt on.

I think you need to think about how you are going to keep this child entertained for 14+ hours. have you thought about ear pain. last month I was on a plane from doha to melbourne (12 hours) where the 10 month old cried all the way because of ear pain.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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10. Re: qantas a380 with toddler

Thanks for all the suggestions. I am sure I am over thinking it but that's just me I guess. To say I am doing that and then to follow with have I thought about ear pain though is a bit silly.....so I'm over thinking it but have I thought about one more thing!??

As much as I am concerned with my sons safety I really don't feel that a car seat is the end all be all on a flight, if the plab is going down a car seat or lack thwre of will make zero difference. I am more concwrnwd about a) him staying confined when need be b) him and therefor all around him being comfortable for 15 hours as I don't think it is reasonable to think a child his age could ve restrained that long. I am leaning towatds gwtting the cares restraint and not bothering with a car seat.

My real question remains, what's the best seat on the a380 with a toddler? Bulkhead seats are no longer available so just wondering if anyone had suggestions.

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