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Please help passport issues

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Please help passport issues

Hi there, I live in New Zealand and I need to return to Nigeria to get a new passport I only have 4 months left on passport and they do not have a embassy here and they visually need to see you for new E passport, so I brought a flight at the beginning of the year to leave 30.11.2013 for me and my Nz partner and two children to fly with Qantas to Bangkok transit air side for 10 hours then on to Nigeria Abuja with Ethiopian Air.

I have just been informed that Qantas will not carry me as Thailand has a strict 6 month rule to ENTER Thailand and my passport expires in 4. I have explained that I am not entering Thailand I will be staying air side to catch my connecting flight in 10 hours as Thailand is visa free for 12 hours for transit and they still refusing to carry.. Is there anything that I can do if they won't carry I will be stuck without a passport in Nz.

I thought when buying a ticket that this wouldn't be a issue as I am returning to my home country and thought if I wasn't entering any other country it would be fine... by they still have a problem..

Please help with any information.

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1. Re: Please help passport issues

Well if Qantas say no to taking you to Thailand why not ask them to route you through the Gulf and connect with Ethiopian there?

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2. Re: Please help passport issues

Are you eligible for a NZ passport? You could check in with that - and then enter Nigeria on your home passport

3. Re: Please help passport issues

What do you mean by Gulf? we have looked at flying to Dubai and then on to Nigeria but they still have that 6 month rule to enter. Only other option is Europe but we don't have the money to buy new flights to Europe.

4. Re: Please help passport issues

I have 2 Years left to become eligible for a New Zealand citizenship and to get a passport. I really thought you had the right to return to your home country as long as your passport was valid and you aren't entering any other country on your route to home country but Qantas is having serious issues with this.

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5. Re: Please help passport issues

Yep see your problem, see that Dubai also requires minimum of 6 months as well, only thing I can suggest is you contact the Chinese Embassy in Auckland and see what the minimum requirements are for Hong Kong as not entirely clear what it is for Nigerian Passport Holders in transit and if it's allowable then contact Qantas to re route as it is a connecting point with Ethiopian

6. Re: Please help passport issues

@289jumper- good idea I looking into it today, will have to wait for embassy to open Monday to find out rules for Nigerians, but flights definitely work.

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7. Re: Please help passport issues

I have no idea if this is possible - but can you get to the Nigerian High Commission in Canberra? Their website suggests that they can issue Nigerian passports. I am presuming you are a permanent resident of New Zealand and that may allow you to enter Australia with only 4 months left on your passport but I'm not sure.

Worth investigating perhaps? Good luck.


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8. Re: Please help passport issues

the online info seems to only cover Oz, US and EU passport holders which seems to indicate that only requirement is one month validity left at end of visit but nothing on Nigerian Passport Holders, if it is ok to travel at worst you may still need a visa(even for being in transit???) and it looks like it will cost HK$84

9. Re: Please help passport issues

@HarleyB- I was planning on this as I have Australian residents as well. But I need a guarantor from nigeria nd I dont have somebody that can do this for me in NZ. I also need original birth cert which I dont have one as I was born on a working field so I would need conformation letter from local state government as to my birth. This takes time.

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10. Re: Please help passport issues

Timatic states the following for a transit at Hong Kong (Timatic is the IATA database that provides guidance to the airlines). Note I am assuming one transit at HKG only. And you should always check for yourself (which is what you are doing anyway).

"National Nigeria (NG) /Residence New Zealand (NZ)

Embarkation New Zealand (NZ)

Transit Hong Kong (SAR China) (HK)

Destination Nigeria (NG)


Hong Kong (SAR China) (HK)

Visa required, except for Holders of:

- travel documents issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department, endorsed with "Holder's eligibility for Hong Kong (SAR China) Permanent Identity Card verified ; or

- a Hong Kong (SAR China) Permanent Identity Card. Or:

TWOV (Transit Without Visa):

Visa required, except for Those who are in direct (Air to Air or Air to Sea) transit provided holding confirmed onward bookings, continuing their journey within 48 hours and not leaving the transit lounge.


- Visitors not holding return/onward ticket could be refused entry.

- Except when in transit to either mainland China (People's Rep.) or Macao (SAR China);"