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Yeg to Europe flight advice please!

sherwood park
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Yeg to Europe flight advice please!

Just booked a med cruise for sept 14 and am gathering info on flights. There will be a new option to fly to Iceland and then on to our destination (into Barcelona and out from Venice). I think that there is a flight to Barcelona but not sure if icelandair offers a flight from Venice back to Reykjavik. So with that in mind, this is my question: would it be a better idea to fly to Iceland and add a 2nd leg to our closest cruise port, or to fly edmonton to London (eg air canada through Toronto) and add a Ryanair or easy jet leg to our cruise port destination? Appreciate any feedback and thanks!!

Vancouver, Canada
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1. Re: Yeg to Europe flight advice please!

Before booking with Ryanair or easyJet, make a dummy booking for the *full* cost of the ticket. If you plan to travel with a fairly substantial amount of checked baggage, you will find the low base fares rise quickly as both EZ and FR are strict in terms of weight of checked bags; size and / or weight of hand baggage is strictly adhered to as well.

Whether you choose Icelanadair, AC or one of the low cost carriers, keep in mind that (especially for the latter) schedule changes may play havoc on fiights booked; to that end you may wish to consider flying with AC or BA from Toronto to London and booking through tickets to BCN and from VCE.

Please consider arriving in Barcelona the day before your ship departs; other AT forum visitors have written unhappy posts about delays en route and less than ideal starts to their holidays.

London, United...
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2. Re: Yeg to Europe flight advice please!

I always expect the worst !

On that basis I'd be reluctant to route through Iceland, because if anything did happen to go wrong with either of your flights, then your options would be much more limited than at a major gateway city, or airport. London, for example, has 5 airports with numerous flights, across many airlines, to Barcelona, so in most cases there's a way of salvaging your trip if the worst happens. It probably wouldn't happen but if you have a ship that wont wait then I'd go safety first.

That being said, I'd definitely aim to get to Barcelona the day before your cruise, book 'protected' connecting flights that give you a measure of protection from the risks of building your own itinerary and then discovering your carefully planned connection in London (or elsewhere) is broken when Ryanair or Easyjet change their schedules, and I'd make sure that the various baggage policies (and costs) are ones I'm happy with and intend to comply with (European airlines, especially low costs, are sticklers for compliance with their baggage policies)

Travelling The World
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3. Re: Yeg to Europe flight advice please!

Also if you do add a LCC leg, make sure you leave lots of time, both between your inbound from YEG and your cruise departure. I would leave at least 24 hours in both cases to allow for both the possible schedule changes that have been noted and any other contingencies. Also note that Ryanair in particular don't always fly to the main airports. In London you will need to change airports. "Venice" is Treviso, some way to the north. And while they do fly from Stansted to Barcelona El Prat, they also fly to Reus and Girona, both of which they call Barcelona, so don't get confused.

Have you not considered a Westjet-BA combo? BA flies to both Barcelona and Venice, and you can book everything at ba.com. Having everything on one ticket gives you added protection, and it may not cost more when you add in the extra costs for baggage etc. on the LCCs.

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4. Re: Yeg to Europe flight advice please!

In light of the new Iceland Air flights out of YEG, AC has decided to cancel the direct flights to LHR from YEG, so that will no longer be an option. I think your best bet is to go with AC via Toronto both ways and the prices for Sep/Oct should be fairly decent. Even right now they are only $1400 with tax inc., so you have lots of time to wait for a sale.

Calgary, Canada
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5. Re: Yeg to Europe flight advice please!

I'd go to Frankfurt from Calgary either on AC or Lufthansa, and as everyone says get to Barcelona the day before.

Edit ..... Oh wait - didn't Lufthansa stop its Calgary flights? I believe they did.

Anyway I'd still go to Frankfurt.

Edited: 12:46 pm, October 28, 2013
Newmarket, Canada
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6. Re: Yeg to Europe flight advice please!

I don't think AC cancelled the YEG-LHR non-stop flights, but rather stopped them for the winter between early January and late March. AC898 should be operating for your September cruise should you choose to go that way.

Limerick, Ireland
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7. Re: Yeg to Europe flight advice please!

Avoid busy London airports and fly via Dublin ( AC fly to DUB )

Look at flying with Aerlingus to BCN

Easyjet and Ryanair are both Point to Point airlines

and both do not use Heathrow.

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8. Re: Yeg to Europe flight advice please!

I just heard that they are canceling them in retaliation to the new Iceland Air flights (hopefully punishing the EIA for allowing it). They had a whole segment on it on talk radio on Friday and they will be out of the system soon unless the EIA can convince them to stay. Just politics right now, but I will keep watching as we haven't gotten an "official" memo yet.

Edited: 11:49 pm, October 28, 2013
Travelling The World
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9. Re: Yeg to Europe flight advice please!

The advantage of busy London airports is that there are lots more options if things go wrong. Add to that that Ryanair is the biggest airline out of Dublin and the chances of getting your cruise if you miss your connection are much less - or at least much more expensive as your most likely resort will be walk up tickets with them.

Go with the option that gives you most flexibility.

Bristol, United...
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10. Re: Yeg to Europe flight advice please!

Air Canada definitely fly from Edmonton to London Heathrow then after that you have a wide choice of airlines both low cost and 'full service' i would highly recommend british airways European service . Very comfortable seats but this would mean changing terminals from an air Canada flight to terminal 5 at Heathrow where 90% of ba flights leave from . They have many daily flights from both Barcelona and Venice