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Review on BA Europe Club class

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Review on BA Europe Club class

I cannot find how to post this review below about BA Europe Club class perhaps you can add it to the appropriate section be it somewhere in air travel or on a Marrakech page? Many thanks.

14th September Gatwick to Marrakech BA Flight club class.

The aircraft looked older than me and was in a disgusting condition. I paid an awful lot of money for club class and it was a total rip off and unhygienic to boot. I made the observation to a crew member that the only thing I hoped was that the vintage of the Champagne was as old as the aircraft!

I chose to fly BA because whilst I realise it is a private company it is the national carrier and I do like to support it and also that a lot of the ‘nofrills’ carriers, in economy, are a rip off but at least their aircraft are not ancient and filthy, I have photographs. Filth and dirt that had not just been missed on one clean and ripped seats! BA you should be ashamed.

To my amazement there was zero entertainment as well, when I queried that I was told that flights of five hours do not have entertainment either, that is bad enough but in business class?! So much for the glitzy misleading advertising about Club class currently on our TV’s.

Further I was told that the return flight they often use and even smaller aircraft. Fortunately this was not the case and also this plane was a little cleaner. On the way back when I checked in on line, even though I had paid for business they still wanted an extra £20 to choose a specific seat, isn’t that the type of rip off you accuse no frills carriers of BA? Finally screw top Champagne, never knew it existed until then, made us all feel very special!

BA Europe club, never again. I fly regularly and mostly to the Far East. I stopped using BA business class years ago because it is just too pricey. A friend who returned from Bangkok last year with BA told of similar terrible state of the cabin and I was sceptical but now I have seen it for myself. I will not fly BA again if I can help it until I start hearing reports that things have drastically improved.

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1. Re: Review on BA Europe Club class

Club Europe is a short haul product, even to Marrakech. Did you read up about Club Europe or Club World on BA's site? They're very different indeed.

Yes, some of the aircraft are a bit grimey in places, particularly the older aircraft ex-LGW but I think overall given CE is typically a modest premium over economy it's a well priced product.

Am afraid your wish for vintage wasn't achieved either. Pommery NV in those screw tops! I'm not so bothered by the screw tops. It's the standard of the contents that matters more and whilst Pommery is hardly Krug Clos d'Ambonnay it's alright and worse has been served in the past in CE.

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2. Re: Review on BA Europe Club class

I suggest that next time you do a bit of research prior to booking. Some of your complaints are due to unrealistic expectations that you would not have had had you spend a few minutes looking at the BA website. Short haul business and long haul business are two very different products and sounds to me like you expected them to be similar.

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3. Re: Review on BA Europe Club class

As others have said, I think your expectations were unfortunately too high.

I fly maybe half dozen flights a year on CE, so its not as frequent as the locals, but I think it's a great value product.

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4. Re: Review on BA Europe Club class

G-DOCH is a 22 years old B737... So yes, an old aircraft, on a rather long short haul flight (4 hours). Still better in my view than Easyjet (apparently the only competitor on this route). It remains though a short haul business class. Now of course if the OP was expecting a fully flat bed on a B747, great must have been is disappointment...

All together, the BA Europe business class is great, better that what can be seen with competitors! Hence I am a regular user.

Edited: 11:37 am, October 20, 2013
Worthing, United...
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5. Re: Review on BA Europe Club class

Easyjet, clean new fleet, great ontime performance, friendly helpful crew, brilliant customer service, but you pay for your sandwich and coffee, and there is no business class.

I see nothing to be gained by flying in an old dirty plane with a 'free' bottle of screw top champagne.


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6. Re: Review on BA Europe Club class

As others have pointed out CE and CW are very different.

I am lucky enough to travel CE a few times a year, the lounges (albeit not as good as they once were) are a big plus, and I for one am happy to use all the facilities that a CE ticket entitles me to.

The planes ex LGW are getting old and showing their age. I still find travelling in them a pleasant enough experience and go for the D/F seats.

I have flown CW and yes, it is an entirely different product, but then it IS advertised as a different product.

I am sorry that you found your trip so disappointing.

Putting things into a different perspective, you got flights in the correct cabin, your journey was safe and I am sure that the cabin crew were as professional as all the BA crew I have ever flown with.

Vancouver, Canada
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7. Re: Review on BA Europe Club class

'On the way back when I checked in on line ... they still wanted an extra £20 to choose a specific seat, isn't that the type of rip off you accuse no frills carriers of BA?' There is *no* requirement to pay for seat selection when flying with BA, especially not for a seat in Club Europe. As well, BA are not the only legacy carrier to charge for seat selection in any cabin / class of service.

A lack of IFE on short haul European flights isn't limited to BA either. The last time I flew in Business to HEL, the main cabin screens showed a silent film of bucolic views of the Finnish countryside.

The advantages of Club Europe are on the whole not found in the seat (although the cabin layout is a plus) or meal served on board. The advantages are lounge access (for those who otherwise would not have it), an increased baggage allowance, and more Avios and Tier Points. To that end, the airline delivers what it promises.

Geneva, Switzerland
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8. Re: Review on BA Europe Club class

Well, TP, I do like the salads served in CE, as well as the somewhat larger seat and extra space.

Hong Kong, China
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9. Re: Review on BA Europe Club class

Club Europe is no different from most regional business class products in Europe offered by other airlines. If you were expecting Clubworld-like (flat bed seats, personal TV's with on-demand entertainment, etc), you weren't going to get those. It's a step-up but nothing spectacular. Also, as T-Plus said, a lot of the goodies aren't with the seat itself.

Cambridge, United...
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10. Re: Review on BA Europe Club class

When have short haul routes in Europe ever had entertainment ?

The BA shorthaul fleet of Boeing 737-400's at Gatwick is gradually being replaced by Airbus A319 & A320 aircraft, the 319 is slightly smaller than the Boeing and the 320 slightly larger, still not inflight entertainment though. BA planes as with all airlines have a major overhaul approximately every 6 years, at this time all the interior is taken out and refurbished. Its just a matter of luck as to where in the cycle the plane you travel on is. It may well be that the plane you travelled on is one of those that will leave service in the next few months, they appear to be going when their overhaul date is reached.