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Air Canada Overbooking

Quebec City
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Air Canada Overbooking


And... discuss!

I am curious, though, who would ever think putting house and car keys in checked luggage is a good idea?

Houston, Texas
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1. Re: Air Canada Overbooking

Well I can understand Air Canada's point though to make some profit, but still, can't do this and keep a good reputation.

Calgary, Canada
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2. Re: Air Canada Overbooking

I can forgive Air Canada a lot at the moment because of the efforts they made to get me home from the UK in August, after my daughters boyfriend died suddenly and tragically. So I'm certainly not going to jump on a bashing-AC bandwagon.

The thing with this story is that yes, its annoying to be bumped, yes Air Canada is a bad old greedy airline but sh*t happens, and all the emotive stuff about ferries, lost car keys, poor ickle children and crying mommies just makes my eyes glaze over. I guess I'm a hard-hearted cynic.

Quebec City
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3. Re: Air Canada Overbooking

Africandaisy, that was what I thought as well, was curious to see if others here would see it like that too. They seem to be trying to milk the sympathy cow. Getting bumped does suck, and it does seem that AC do it maybe more than others. But really, the kids were not in any danger, they were with the grandparents. They would not have let the children freeze to death on a door stoop waiting for them (at least I hope not). And the keys. Who in their right mind goes on a trip and puts their only set of keys in their checked luggage? What if (god forbid) they had not been bumped but the luggage lost? What could have made them think this was a safe place for their ONLY set of keys to the car waiting at the airport and their locked house?

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4. Re: Air Canada Overbooking

It was two hours for goodness sake AND they offered one of them a seat on the original flight. If it were that important one of them would have flown home. Codependant much? silly non story on a slow news day.

Oh...and their house lock? It had a keypad option....even less of a story.

Calgary, Canada
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5. Re: Air Canada Overbooking

Exactly Frozenrose....what woman, or man, in 2013 is so helpless that they can only travel with their partner? In a "crisis", you do what you have to do and if that means you do it alone, than you do it alone.

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6. Re: Air Canada Overbooking

Glad to know I'm not the only hard-hearted-Hannah on here. I wondered if the couple spotted the irony of "then bumped more passengers to get the Jesseys out on a full flight two hours later". What if the passengers that were bumped off the later flight also had to get home to children but didn't do the whole 'weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth'?

And talk about emotive language:

"leaving them stranded at the gate and unable to get home to their small children" - this makes it sound like the children were all alone. Also, the couple were not "stranded" there were AC staff there and they put them on the next flight (at the expense of other travellers).

"You don’t understand. We need to get back to our kids." Why? What was going to happen if you weren't home that day? Would the children's grandparents have just left them to fend for themselves?

"she didn’t want to fly without her husband" - most mothers I know would walk over burning coals if they were really concerned for their children (not mine, but most). If she really had to get back to her kids then she would have done whatever it took. So having told the agent this, the agent "took away her seat too — without asking first". Well, she'd told the agent she didn't want to do it. I wonder if she thought the agent would bump someone else and put husband on the flight. Can we assume that if the agent had said "OK, we'll bump you, too" she would have changed her mind?

"we are thinking we can’t overnight in Calgary" - why ever not? What's wrong with Calgary?

As to the keys in the luggage, well that's just silly. Personally I think $200 for some annoyance and a couple of extra hours at the airport is money for jam.

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7. Re: Air Canada Overbooking

I read the story earlier today on CBC.ca.

The keys in the luggage is one thing, the grandparents not having the key(s) to the house in Nanaimo where they were dropping the kids back off to is another. Really. And it turns out that the house has a keypad.

As FrozenRose put it, a non-story. These people have key issues, not AC bumping issues.

Palmetto, Florida
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8. Re: Air Canada Overbooking

>>I am curious, though, who would ever think putting house and car keys in checked luggage is a good idea?<<

No one, but it could have been a senior moment mistake. Do it once, you won't do it again.

This story compels a bit less sympathy from me than the S African lady who got bumped at CDG in recent post. In that one she was involuntarily separated from husband without chance for him to stay back with her, the whole thing happened without much preparation for them or explanation given. And it was a long long way from home.

In this case, it's a domestic flight (2hr?) and the passengers got home the same day. It did come across as too much whining. Nevertheless, involuntary bumps are unpleasant and can cause some to significant hardship to the passengers. We should not become used to it and I hope this is not the trend in flying. Everything in life has a rippled effect.

Grimsby, United...
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9. Re: Air Canada Overbooking

I heard alot of stories of Air Canada overbooking their flights leading upto my flight to Orlando in August so I started to wonder if my flight would be overbooked on our outbound flight from Heathrow to Toronto but it wasn't overbooked because there was roughly 5 seats available free (spread out on different rows).

But coming back, we landed in Toronto from Orlando and got our boarding passes and made our way to the gate and after a few minutes of getting there it started to get a little packed and the screen at the gate with our flight number and destination changed to overbooked but it couldn't have been to overbooked because there was 3 completely empty rows. Still, never had no problems with Air Canada apart from the food inbound and the lady at the gate who felt it was her need to shout on the mic to tell everyone to get out the way and sit down even though there was NO where to move to and most definitely no seat!

Edited: 10:55 pm, October 07, 2013
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10. Re: Air Canada Overbooking

That article is quite something. It only further cements the fact that one needs to do an OLCI as early as possible and show up to the Airport in good time.

The article drops the ball when it comes to explaining how "Lee" was selected to be bumped. Was he the last to check in?Did the Airline ask for volunteers to go on the flight 2 hrs later? Involuntary bumping is not unheard of....but really,.... for a flight two hrs later....and all this fuss....

It's going to be an uphill climb for these folks ....if they don't wake up and start playing it smart (Keys in the checked bags??).....and lose the sense of expectance.