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Lufthansa and Credit Card not being charged

Dallas, Texas
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Lufthansa and Credit Card not being charged

I booked a Lufthansa flight online, received my receipt and e-ticket number; but my CC has not been charged. The charge showed as Pending on my CC account for quite sometime but was then removed. My CC company has no record of the charge and Lufthansa says that everything is fine with my reservation. Will Lufthansa eventually charge the card again or will my ticket be revolked? I can't get any rectification from either Lufthansa or my CC company. Thank you.

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1. Re: Lufthansa and Credit Card not being charged

That is normal with Lufthansa. Pending charge will show for some time before it goes away and it may take nearly two weeks before the actual charge appears on your CC. No worries.

Dallas, Texas
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2. Re: Lufthansa and Credit Card not being charged

How long did it take to post on your card?

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3. Re: Lufthansa and Credit Card not being charged

Sorry I don't remember exactly it was a while ago, but Lufthansa can explain it to you if you find a right person to talk to. I have flown from Frankfurt to the US with them many times and never had issues of any kind.

Also check your reservation at www.checkmytrip.com, your tickets should be all set.

How long have you been waiting?

Dallas, Texas
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4. Re: Lufthansa and Credit Card not being charged

I purchased the tickets on10/1/2013. I just don't want to run into trouble at the airport.

New York City, New...
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5. Re: Lufthansa and Credit Card not being charged

The same thing happened to my booking with Airasia X.

My bank told me that some merchants (the airline in this case) can take a longer period than usual to send the billing documentation to the issuing bank. The pending charges are sometimes archived in such cases to free up your credit limit. This way, your card isn't held "hostage" to the delay by the merchant.

If it's any consolation, Lufthansa is a respectable company with a good name and reputation to protect. I wish I could say the same in my case.

Munich, Germany
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6. Re: Lufthansa and Credit Card not being charged

Another scenario could be - and this has happened to me a few times - is that for whatever reason Lufthansa weren't able to get full authorisation from the CC company. All this means is that you'll check in and then be told to go back to ticketing - and then they'll swipe the card again and this is when LH get their money. If you can call LH and they can confirm your booking - and you have the 6-digit locator then your ticket's safe.

Dallas, Texas
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7. Re: Lufthansa and Credit Card not being charged

They already confirmed the booking. They said that there is a ticket for me. They gave me an authorization code as well.

Destination Expert
for Sorrento
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8. Re: Lufthansa and Credit Card not being charged

We are having the same problem with Qantas for some internal flights in Australia that I booked last week. E ticket receipt printed out and booking showing on their system. Only thing is that it will cost us a little bit more when it finally gets through because the UK pound has fallen against the Aussie dollar! Not enough to worry about but it could have been.

Edited: 8:11 pm, October 15, 2013
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9. Re: Lufthansa and Credit Card not being charged

Same thing happened to me now. I booked and reserved some tickets last weekend. The correct amount was reserved from my VISA card and I was happy :) Then yesterday the reservation was gone, and the money is back in my account. The bank can not see anything wrong, just that the reservation is gone.

I got really stressed and nervous about loosing the tickets and being in trouble then we shall check in (this summer).

I have a correct bookingnumber, I also have correctly issued e-ticket numbers. The trip is also CONFIRMED both at Lufthansa webpage ang CheckMyTrip. So I hope we´re good.

I have called LH three times about this, sorry to say I didn´t get an explanation at all; just: "your tickets are fine and everything is correct".

I don´t like this, I don´t want to be forced to keep my balance (on my credit card) so it can cover the tickets, I much rather just be done with it and have the cost withdrawn.

Hope it sorts it self out quickly. Now after Google:ing a bit and reading here and on other places, I guess this is not to uncommon, so I think I´m good.

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10. Re: Lufthansa and Credit Card not being charged

Now it´s sorted, it took an extra week. The funds are now withdrawn as they should.

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