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Booking complex flights from London to New Zealand/Australia

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Booking complex flights from London to New Zealand/Australia


I will be travelling to South Island of New Zealand and the East Coast of Australia for 4 weeks.

Booking flights however seems very complicated - especially as I am able to be flexible with the dates and airports I can use. As a result I am confused as to how I can book these - is it best to use a travel agent? I have always usually booked flights myself but I would be here for hours trawling through the multiple options.

I am looking for the following flights:

Timings: I am flexible with timings for when I can go - I have 4 weeks of annual leave that I can take anytime between 21st October and 12th December.

To see the South island of NZ and East Coast of Australia, I am flexible as to the order in which I see them in based on the price of the flights. I would like to get the cheapest possible flights both in terms of the long haul flight from/to London and the internal flights within Australia and between New Zealand.

I am hence happy to fly from LONDON INTO or OUT OF the following airports:

- Auckland

- Brisbane

- Sydney

- Melbourne

I am hence looking for prices and options based on the above airports based on my timings above.

Internal Flights:

I will also need internal flights based on the below itinerary - ie. to Sydney, to Melbourne, to Brisbane, to Queenstown, etc but this is subject to the long haul flights I book.


- Queenstown

- Franz Josef

- Abel Tasman

- Wellington (can skip this if flights are expensive from here)


- Whitsundays (via flight to Cairns?)

- Fraser Island

- Byron Bay

- Sydney

- Melbourne

Are any of the above places I'd like to see better to fly from one place to the next? Ie. if flights are cheap from Sydney to Queenstown then maybe it's better I fly this route, etc.

If anyone has any tips on this and has done something similar, please let me know!



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1. Re: Booking complex flights from London to New Zealand/Australia

Speak to Trailfinders, they are experts in travel to Australia and New Zealand and will be able to guide and advise you.

Better still as you are in London, call into one of their offices.

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2. Re: Booking complex flights from London to New Zealand/Australia

Great thanks, I'll do that tomorrow!

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3. Re: Booking complex flights from London to New Zealand/Australia

I can't speak for the international legs, but can tell you that Christchurch might be a good choice of destination airport for the South Island of NZ, also flights operate between Wellington and Australia (Melbourne) twice daily.

Internally, there are cheap flights available (they sell out fairly fast) on both Air New Zealand and Jetstar. Jetstar is the more "budget" of the two main airlines. Sometimes fares between Wellington/Auckland/Christchurch can be obtained for as little as NZ$30.

Queenstown is also served by international flights to/from Australia.

You might want to mention this to any travel agent you use. Worth considering.

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4. Re: Booking complex flights from London to New Zealand/Australia


So maybe I find a flight from London to Auckland, then a cheap flight from there to wellington, make my way down to Queenstown, get a flight from Queenstown to Melbourne or Sydney. From there I work myself up and end in Brisbane where I fly back?

That is unless it's much cheaper for a flight to London to any of the other airports?

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5. Re: Booking complex flights from London to New Zealand/Australia

SOmething like that. If the flight you want (or can afford) goes to Auckland rather than Christchurch, well so be it. (Christchurch is a LOT closer to Queenstown). As soon as it's booked, start looking online for cheap airfares to your next destination, with Jetstar or Air New Zealand. (Check out AirNewZealand's "Grabaseat" option.

You will not be able to get a cheap airfare the day you arrive. Normal fare from Auckland to Wellington is around NZ$200, give or take.

There are also flights Wellington, Auckland or Christchurch to Queenstown. It can be cheaper than surface transport, if you get the tickets early enough. Quite a long way to drive it.

I don't know how many daily flights there are out of Queenstown to Sydney, or even if there are any to Melbourne. I know there are quite a few options from Christchurch, and Wellington.

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6. Re: Booking complex flights from London to New Zealand/Australia

I second the recommendation to go and speak with Trailfinders, complex itineraries around Aus/NZ is their core business

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7. Re: Booking complex flights from London to New Zealand/Australia

I would suggest the following itinerary, if you are prepared to cross the Whitsundays off your list of AUSTRALIA.

Fly into Melbourne first. Then get a cheap Virgin, Jetstar or Tiger airways flight to Sydney. From there take a bus up the cost via Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast to Fraser Island. Stay in every place a few days. Noosa is especially nice, if you like National Parks, rivers and low rise buildings. You could even do a day or multi day trip from Noosa to Fraser Island. From Noosa take a bus back to Brisbane Airport and fly to Christchurch (South Island NZ). Hire a cheap car (there are many near the airport for as little as NZ$20 a day) drive to Lake Tekapo first (stay a night). From there continue to Queenstown (at least 3 days there), then via Arrowtown to Wanaka, Franz Josef, Abel Tasman, back to Christchurch. Assuming departing from Christchurch back to the UK might be the most economical? Bon voyage.

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8. Re: Booking complex flights from London to New Zealand/Australia

Flying to OZ is usually cheaper but if you might be able to find some multiple stops by probably making arrangement with travel agents.

Between north and south islands in NZ, it's better fly.

I suppose you just need to find a base and see what options you have from there.

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9. Re: Booking complex flights from London to New Zealand/Australia

You may find it better to look for a fare to Christchurch with an airline that stops in Australia that allows a stopover.

So Qantas or Emirates would be a starting place.

This way you get the extra stop in Australia without having to pay extra for it

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10. Re: Booking complex flights from London to New Zealand/Australia

Thanks all! Sorry for the late reply, I've only just seen the replies. I like the route without the whitsundays but really want to go there and Tue great barrier reef!

I've been in touch with trailfinders who would love to sell me tours ofcourse as well! They are also however trying to convince me to book a long haul flight with internal flights in one package. They said they don't have access to the low cost carriers. I'm also trying the flight centre and Round the world experts. That brings me back to square one to an extent as it means I need to check the low cost internal flight prices. I'm only out there for 4 weeks so happy to stick to an agreed itinerary.

I guess my preference would be to fly into Christchurch and out of Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to where would be a nice place to end? I don't mind really as long as I'm in one place as I do what to relax at the end before going back to work and will be tired by then! Is it nicer and more relaxing in Byron Bay or one of the cities?

I'm a female traveller in my early 30's travelling alone.