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Wearing a face mask on the plane.

Didcot, United...
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Wearing a face mask on the plane.


My wife had a liver transplant last year and we are going on a once in a lifetime holiday to Maui from the UK. As she is on anti rejection drugs she is more likely to catch a cold etc. So the question is would it cause any problems if she was to ware a face mask covering her mouth and nose to try and reduce the risk? She would be using anti back hand gel as well, just don't want to scare the airline staff or other passengers.



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1. Re: Wearing a face mask on the plane.

No problem at all, although she will be asked to remove it at points where she needs to be positively identified, e.g. check in and the gate.

Didcot, United...
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2. Re: Wearing a face mask on the plane.


Thanks thats what I thought.


Worthing, United...
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3. Re: Wearing a face mask on the plane.


I don't see why not. I think she would just have to remove it for passport control.

Have a lovely holiday and stay well.


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4. Re: Wearing a face mask on the plane.

The Japanese often wear face masks in public transport situations.They must know something.

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5. Re: Wearing a face mask on the plane.

Shouldn't be a problem if it is for health reasons. When the flu was going around last year it was no problem.

When I opened this thread the first thing that came to mind was that someone was wanting to imitate Bane in the Dark Knight Rises Movie.

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6. Re: Wearing a face mask on the plane.

I carry them all the time in case a passenger near me wants to cough, sneeze and fling phlegm throughout the flight.

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7. Re: Wearing a face mask on the plane.

It is perfectly acceptable.

It is however not uncommon for those seated around you to perhaps mistakenly assume the person with the mask is wearing it to contain their "germs"......not the other way around(which is your intent.)

Now, while you don't owe anyone seated around you an explanation.....you might elect to discreetly inform them that she is wearing the mask as she is vulnerable to illness due to a medical condition....and wearing it for her own protection. Most would relax with that explanation.

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8. Re: Wearing a face mask on the plane.

I've been sat next to a Japanese girl on a flight who was wearing a nose and mouth mask, she told me she had the Flu and didn't want to pass it on to others so it won't be a problem.

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9. Re: Wearing a face mask on the plane.

Your wife should not worry about wearing a face mask or using hand desinfectant. You dont owe anybody an explanation why you do what you do. I never travel anywhere without having a few face masks with me. I dont like people sneezing or coughing near me. When I have a cold, I wear a mask because I consider it unhygienic to sneeze all over.

You will often see Asian travellers in airports and on planes with masks.

Have a great trip.

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10. Re: Wearing a face mask on the plane.

Do they really make any difference? I'm sure I read that they were a waste of time in a medical column.